Oh No! I switched places with someone and my Mom became a Son-con!


Brought to you from the same degenerate who authored the Son-con fanfic (Anon)


I had a dream where someone from another world asked me to switch places with him:

Him: Please, switch places with me! If you do the most beautiful woman in the world will be completely in love with you!

Me: Most beautiful women? What’s wrong with her? Why would you want to switch if someone so beautiful is in love with you?

Him: Her beauty is wasted on me as I prefer men. Your world allows the love I seek to exist.

Me: Oh… okay let’s switch then.

Him: Thank you! Enjoy your new life, I’ll enjoy yours!

Me: Sure… whatever…

Him: Oh! That woman who’s the most beautiful is now your mom! Take care!

Me: WHAT!?


Author’s Disclaimer: The above doesn’t actually reflect a word exchange that happens within the series. It is just there to make you laugh.

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