Mom-con – Ch. 11

Chapter 11

The next three days went by quickly. After Elder Liu spoke to me, neither she nor mom came to see me. A servant brought food with a key, then locked me back inside again. I was a prisoner. I was literally a prisoner. I had no chance at doing life the way I wanted. I was a child, wasn’t I?

I was powerless like a child. The full moon was coming and I would get the key to lock myself in an hour before sunset. Still, it made no sense. A spirit that was locked out by the special artifact? It made almost no scientific sense. I can’t actually question it though, can I?

Whether spirits existed in my previous world didn’t matter because there were no tools that could prove their existence. Same with this so-called curse. I often found it better simply not to question anything for now. The only thing on my mind was what my mom said.

The door in front of me opened. Elder Liu was there. I had went a bit stir crazy.

“So after tonight mom will take me out then?” I asked.

“Yes,” Elder Liu said. “After tonight’s full moon, you can open the door tomorrow.”

Elder Liu split into a clone, which surprised me.

“This clone of mine will lock the door, then the key will be bound to the ceiling out of your reach. When the sun shines again, you can take the key and open the door in the morning.”

“Why are you doing it this way?” I asked. “Is there a reason my safety is so important?”

“Your safety is important to your mother,” Elder Liu said. “This is a precaution in case you are lulled by the spirit into opening the door. There might be seductive words and the spirit can make any sound and take any voice it wants. Even I can make clones, those who cultivate have abilities mortals could never dream of.”

Oh, it’s like magic then, isn’t it? Just a more complicated magic, but I was still suspicious.

“What happens if I die?”

“Nothing,” Elder Liu said. “Nothing happens if you die, your mother will be sad. That is all.”

That’s a complete lie, isn’t it? Still, I’ll play your game you old hag. I know there is something up with me dying. In these novels if there was a useless piece that was alive, the others in the sect, especially the elders or seniors would conspire to kill that weak link so the leader isn’t compromised.

“I see, so mom must really love me then.”

I accepted as the door was closed and the key attached itself to the high ceiling. There wasn’t enough furniture for me to reach it, and most of it was too heavy for me to throw. A cultivator could probably get it, but I’m still a mortal.

Risless was waiting in her chamber for Elder Liu to arrive. She was nervous about the full moon and everything that might happen now. Elder Liu came to her side to make a report.

“The door is locked and the key won’t drop until the sun rises,” Elder Liu said. “The hallway leading to his room is also completely clear to avoid danger. We are prepared.”

“Thank you,” Risless said.

“It is a pleasure to serve you,” Elder Liu responded. “After the full moon, you will need to show him around the sect.”

“I know,” Risless said. “He is my son, after all. I can’t let him live like a prisoner even if it benefits me.”

Elder Liu thought it would have been better to drug Dong Chen and let him be. If he were drugged, he would still be alive and it wouldn’t affect Risless cultivation, at least until his life span ended. Risless could at least live out her years in peace rather than suffering thinking about a mortal she was tied to by fate.


The solution to it was something she was still somewhat hopeful for, but Risless did not want to force the issue. Still, such a thing would defy the heavens and may bring ruin and shame upon the Sect. It was not something to even be spoken of casually.

“Will you be alright taking care of him that way?” Elder Liu spoke softly.

“I will,” Risless said. “I will take care of my son, even if it means I must suffer.”

The sun set in the horizon and the full moon came into view. The sky darkened, the stars hung themselves in the sky. Yin energy from the moon poured itself outward onto the world.


I was in bed, staring at the dark ceiling. The key was up there, lodged out of reach. I couldn’t even leave this place if I wanted. The curse was supposed to be something scary. It made my spine tingle when I thought about it, but I’d isn’t want to become a superstitious person.

Yes, this was a world of cultivators.

Yes, there are lots of things I have never heard of before that would normally be impossible.

Yes, my mom is hot.

Wait… why am I thinking about how hot she is? I shouldn’t be thinking about that. When she hugged me, her breasts were very large… I suckled on them as a baby, but still she’s my mom, isn’t she?

Maybe this whole aging slower because of being a cultivator thing really changes how everything goes. I mean, if life stages are pronounced between people then those with age gaps… well no… those with age gaps still get together, regardless.

It’s funny, but I keep thinking about what it would be like to have a father-in-law younger than me. I mean, my mom in this world is definitely beautiful and alluring, young men would fall for her, regardless. If one day she remarries even though I can’t, would I have to go home and call someone younger than my father?

Funny thing is, it doesn’t actually bother me considering I could take care of myself. I don’t feel as though I’d need to rely on them to survive in this world. I would just need to get a job, start a business, or find someone to work for with my other worldly knowledge, which is far beyond what this world has.

I guess it would only be weird if that younger father demanded I treat him as if he were older than me. Somehow I don’t think my mother here would do that to me. She seems to be oddly attached to me and treating me like a toddler, and she keeps me in here in fear of my safety.


What was that?


I hear it coming from the door.


The banging suddenly continued crazily, shaking the entire room. It sounded like there was a wild force outside trying to break in.

This was the curse?

No, it couldn’t be?

I went to bed and watched the loud banging on the door. The blanket wrapped around me. I’m shaking. No, this can’t be… no.. why am I so afraid?

“Dooong CHeeeeeN!” A sharp shrieking voice came from the other side. “Dooong Cheeen open… I want youuuuu… I want youuuu!”

What the hell!?

What is this?

This is a bad dream, isn’t it?

It’s sending chills everywhere.

The banging continued harder and harder and the room shook harder and harder. I felt a body crash into the door several times, shifting the room.

“Dooong Cheeen… come out! I’ll treat you nice!”

“Dong Chen! Come out Now! I neeeeeed you!!!”

I close my eyes and cover my ears… the curse.. this is a curse…

I stayed in bed, not moving. Sweat came down… I felt like the night would never end, but eventually the banging stopped and sunlight came from the ceiling and the key dropped.

I can’t open the door, can I?

I can’t… that wasn’t human. Whatever that was, it wasn’t human. The shrieking, the banging, the violent nature… no… I’m not safe here. I’m not safe… I’m not… safe…

I kept panting, and my heartbeat wouldn’t stop.

A knock came on the door.

“Dong Chen, it’s morning now, and the spirit is gone. You can open up now.”

I didn’t respond. How do I know that’s really Elder Liu? Didn’t they say the spirit could take any form? What if the sunlight is fake?

“Dong Chen, are you awake?” Elder Liu called again.

It’s probably Elder Liu. I hope… no, if it isn’t and I die; I don’t care anymore. Better to die than to live in fear like this, right?

“Dong Chen, please open the door.” It was Risless voice this time. “Mommy is sorry, mommy knows you’re scared, but please open the door. Mommy wants to see you’re okay. The key is there son, the key should be there.”

“Sect Master your son is an adult, talking to him this way may no longer be appropriate at his age,” Elder Liu said.

Yes, please tell her Elder Liu.

I felt a bit relieved I wasn’t the only one feeling that way, so I grabbed the key to open the door. Elder Liu stood back while mom burst in and hugged me tightly. It was hopeless to break free; she was a cultivator.

“Son… my son… mommy is sorry you had to go through scary things! Mommy loves you son, you are everything to mommy… mommy hated not being there when you were growing up now mommy wants to make it up to you!”

She lifted me up and brought me to bed.

“Son you look tired, you look so tired… please rest.. Mommy will get your breakfast and feed you… you couldn’t sleep with the noise last night right? That evil spirit is something Mommy can’t kill, but as long as you stay in the room during the full moon, mommy assures the evil spirit won’t get you.”

The evil spirit.. that was frightening last night.

“If you’re scared, you can come and sleep with mommy tonight, mommy doesn’t mind. Mommy will hold you tight so you can relax and sleep… sleeping in mommy’s arms like you did when you were first born. Mommy… is… mommy is..”

She stopped and stared at me with another strange gaze. I felt mom’s hands on my back and now going down to my butt. Wait! What are you doing, mom?

I grab her hand, and she suddenly snapped back.

“Sorry, son… Mommy was just checking to see you weren’t injured. Mommy is worried. Rest today, son. Mommy will take you around the sect tomorrow. Remember, you can’t leave this room without mommy around. You can’t touch anyone but mommy.”

With that, a servant brought in a tasty breakfast and the door was once again locked. I’m really in here like it’s a prison and there’s nothing I can do about it.

I’m so tired… I’ll just eat and sleep today…


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