Mom-con – Ch. 53

Chapter 53

A few moments earlier, HouXiang had just left the room and went down the hallway. She found Elder Liu preparing the breakfast for Dong Chen, but waiting for her to leave so as not to walk in on something that might be embarrassing.

“You are very considerate,” HouXiang said.

“I must be, and it is what I should do as the caretaker of the Sect,” Elder Liu said.

“I can’t easily read the thoughts of someone at your level,” HouXiang said. “Caretaker Liu, please tell me what you think about everything that has happened since Risless went down into the chamber. I can see you are having a hard time accepting everything.”

Elder Liu had a sigh before she spoke.

“Grand Sect Master HouXiang, it is as you say,” Elder Liu remarked. “There has been so much that has happened since Dong Chen has come here from the failed ritual. I had believed that he would have married a mortal, and then he and his father would live out the rest of their days while I maintained my care of Risless as she takes to rule for her Era before yours would come again.”

Elder Liu took a sigh in between.

“Now all those expectations are gone. Instead of a peaceful life, there is nothing but secrecy things are taboo. Risless will need to have a child with her own son, and all of you, including that child’s great grandmother want to dual cultivate with him.”

“This makes you uncomfortable?”

“Yes,” Elder Liu said.

“I intend to take him as my husband, after Risless I will become the second wife,” HouXiang declared. “I have already become more powerful since doing one small thing with him last night, so it’s obvious he is the perfect husband for all of us. Make sure you show him respect.”

Elder Liu could not contain her shock as HouXiang smiled and unleashed a pressure she felt was unreal. It was a shock, as Elder Liu had never heard of power like that being anywhere on the continent. With this they could have no fear of others.

“Grand Sect Master… but…”

“We all are going to become his wives in the future and will also bear him daughters,” HouXiang interrupted. “If he can produce children who can cultivate, and they can also dual cultivate with him, then the taboos will not matter because we will be the most powerful sect. Those who have the power, will make the rules, that is the law of our world.”

HouXiang smiled, then went off to teach the disciples while Elder Liu stood there with a meal tray in her hand. She processed those thoughts, then made her way to Dong Chen’s room.

“You are telling me they’re all going to try to marry me?” I was a bit confused here. “Well… in that case I don’t have a choice, do I? But Elder Liu, you don’t have to be so formal with me.”

More like I’ve already settled in my mind that if the world wants to give me a beautiful woman, it doesn’t matter how old she is. I’m going to bone her.

“It is proper to do this,” Elder Liu said.

“Then it is also proper for me to refuse you doing this.”

I really don’t know what to think here. All six of them as my wives. So far I’ve only met a dragon woman, then there is my mom, then there is also Hou Jian… though I’m not sure about Hou Jian since she wanted to help me. For all I know, she might not really be interested in me that way.

Then there are the future daughters. Could I really do that, though?

I want to keep an open mind, but everything here is so awkward and strange. I mean, taking over the continent by having baby girls who grow up into cultivators then dual cultivating with them… and by dual cultivation it means putting my ‘yang stick’ as HouXiang calls it into their holes.

“It’s hard for me to imagine myself doing what Grand Sect Master HouXiang is talking about,” I tell Elder Liu. “Helping my mom is one thing since she is my parent and as a child I have filial duty to do whatever I can to honor her. Even if it means having a child with her.”

This is my justification, even though it’s weak and I kind of just want to bone my mom. I mean seriously, have you seen how hot my mom is? Even with the mask, I’m already attracted to her.

Actually, doing it with HouXiang probably would be good too. I don’t know why I keep wanting to play these word games. It’s like I’m trying to make up some sort of justification, like I don’t have a choice but to do this. When I read these stories online about a main character who goes to some world and gets a harem but is obstinate and does whatever he can to avoid the harem until some situation makes his feelings clear, I get so frustrated.

I’m especially frustrated when the characters are always interrupted whenever something good is about to happen. There was one character who became some sort of armored red dragon and the story had gone on for so long, yet he’s still a virgin and every time something good is about to happen he gets interrupted.

“No… I want to have a child with her,” I said. “It’s the best for everyone here and it’s better I get on with it than act like an idiot.”

Elder Liu stared at me for a few moments. The breakfast was on the table and I ate.

“I see,” Elder Liu said. “It seems we could have avoided all these difficulties if Sect Master Risless and I told you the truth as soon as you arrived here.”

“Probably,” I said. “I wasn’t raised by her so even though she is my mother, there is an attraction that goes beyond that. Perhaps that’s why we are not to have contact with her growing up. Imprints like that make things difficult if the ritual went wrong.”

Elder Liu’s eyes widened in realization.

“You mean… the founder planned for this?” Elder Liu said.

There was clear shock in Elder Liu’s voice. She never would have guessed it would ever be like this.

“How would I know?”

“Did she tell you?”

“No, she didn’t. I was just speculating because it seems like everything here fits into place.”

Really, I was just speculating.

“I understand, then if it has come to this perhaps the world will indeed belong to our Sect in the future. This might be the greatest time in our storied history.”

Elder Liu was rambling about something I don’t really care too much about. Well, at least she was happy about something and I learned something about HouXiang’s plans for me. I’m supposed to be a husband to all six of them.

“I understand,” I say. “I’ll try not to disappoint anyone.”

Elder Liu bowed and then walked off. I still couldn’t leave this room without a Sect Master’s escort because touching anyone except those with the specified fate would make mom go crazy and want to kill them.

Well, it isn’t as if I can do anything but sit around and wait for HouXiang to come and get me. When Elder Liu walks out, I call Jordan once more.

“Hey sorry about the way our last conversation ended but I can talk now, Charles went to sleep so I took a stroll outside.”

Charles went to sleep and so he took a stroll outside?

“How long has it been since we last talked?”

“How long? It’s only been a few hours what are talking about?”

“Few hours? It’s been a lot longer than a few hours here.”

Jordan’s apparition changed a bit.


“How was it when we first started talking?”

This is a bit of a strange mechanic.

“Well, I was waiting for Charles to get out of the bathroom and wondered if I could actually talk to you,” Jordan said. “I had been thinking of the life I was living and wondering how you were doing. After that, I realized I could call you whenever I wanted.”

“Oh… then that makes sense, but it seems the timelines in both our worlds don’t coincide,” I said. “How long has it been since you’ve been in that world?”

“Over a year before I tried calling you,” Jordan answered.

Then it seems like as long as there is a future moment where we want to talk, we can always communicate with each other. This means if I never answer or want to call him… well, that would be interesting. Jordan will eventually die since he is a mortal and now that my body is changing, I will definitely outlive him.

“I’ve only been here for about 3-6 months, I lost track of time after being trapped in a room so long,” I said.

“Well, then I guess the time passes differently,” Jordan said. “so if time passes differently, I want to know what’s happened and what you’ve been up to with my original body and name.”

“Well… mom assaulted me sexually,” I told him. “She finally did it and now the Grand Sect Master HouXiang wants to have my children. That’s pretty much what’s been happening.”

“What? Are you sure? Wow… I’m glad I’m not you anymore!”

Well, I’m still confused about whether I’m happy to be me as well. HouXiang is hot, she has a smoking body with really deep curves even though she’s over a million years old. It’s like an age gap that may never be surpassed with rationality.

“Well, I’m glad I’m not you! No way I would want to be with Charles!”

I’m a little indignant.

“Oh, Charles is going to marry me. I’m so happy! I have to say, if I never switched with you, I’d never have had this.”

“Yeah, you take care of Charles, I’ll take care of your former mother, we’ll be having a child together.”

Jordan’s apparition shudders as I say that to him.

“I don’t understand how you can do that knowing she’s your blood mother,” Jordan said. “I don’t even think relationships like that are approved in this world from what I can see from your memories, I just remember you going on some website and reading a story about a man who transmigrated and had two big boobed moms who fought over him.”

Jordan’s eyes suddenly lit up in realization.

“Wait! Did you switch with me to go after my mom? You did, didn’t you? Your eyes were always on that kind of relationship?”


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