Mom-con – Ch. 03

Chapter 03

It was strange. Dong Chen was so excited about being able to be with men I wasn’t sure if he made the correct decision. I suppose if he could make Charles fall head over heels for him then everything would work out and he’d live a very comfortable life. He’ll get to enjoy all the entertainment in that world as well, which his world didn’t seem to develop very much of.

Whatever he goes through is his problem now. The switch is irreversible. From now on, my name is Dong Chen. I look the same as I did before, but my body is slightly different. I can get used to this.

It was morning when I woke up. The maids were around coming to help me dress. I wasn’t used to being naked in front of the opposite sex so I got a little excited, but instead of being repulsed the head maid seemed to smile.

“Oh, young master finally has eyes for women?” she said. “This is good news. Let Master Dong Che know!”

One maid ran out excitedly as I got dressed, somewhat perplexed. I had Dong Chen’s memories, but I didn’t have much time to analyze everything. Still, pretty maids dressing me every morning was definitely nice. Thumbs up to my new life! Pretty maids are always nice!

Dong Che was eating breakfast in the morning. He had a grim face as he continued to think about the dowry he paid for the girl he wanted to become Dong Chen’s bride. The sect had also been pushing it but they hadn’t pushed him very hard like he had heard of other sects bullying mortals into submission so he still had his businesses.

A maid suddenly burst in, and Dong Che turned to look.

“Young Master is aroused by women!” she exclaimed. “This morning as we were changing him, he became aroused after looking at us! Maybe his phase is over!?”

Dong Che suddenly sprung up. “Is this true, is he finally interested in women? That boy, such a late bloomer. My son will finally get married and fulfill what he needs?”

Dong Che immediately made his way over to the room. It had been frustrating presenting his son with a beautiful girl after beautiful girl, only for him to find reasons to reject each one of them. Every time he proposed an engagement he had to pay a dowry, then Dong Chen would find a way to offend them so the other family could withdraw while keeping that dowry.

While it didn’t affect him as the richest man in the city, there were rumors of families giving up their daughters easily, knowing they could keep the dowry and have them engage with others. This made everything difficult, especially since he had to keep looking for more engagement partners and pay the break off fee. It was not something he enjoyed but his son needed to marry and consummate.

Going to Dong Chen’s room, he was already dressed and smiling while flirting with the maids.

“Son, come to breakfast with me!”

I went down to breakfast with my new father. He was warm to me and seemed to be in a great mood. It was nice to see a smiling parent after I had lost mine. This was someone who cared deeply for me, and it went beyond feelings. It was by blood.

“My son, the maid tells me you were aroused by one of them this morning,” he said.

Wait, what? Is this the conversation I want to have with my father? It’s kind of embarrassing. I mean, I understand Dong Chen before shutting himself away from women, but isn’t this response a bit over-exaggerated?

“Uh… yes… dad… the maids are very beautiful.”

“You only noticed now? I suppose you did mature later than expected, but now I’m happy son. Listen, if one of the maids is someone you prefer, you don’t have to marry Jade. Jade is a girl very beautiful to everyone else, but if you prefer a maid, she can be your wife too son. I just want you to get married, you turned down and offended so many other ladies that I’ll settle for anyone son. If the maid aroused you, then I don’t mind at all son. Marry one of them, and if you want more, you can have all of them. No one will blame you or accuse of being shameless, just please son, just agree to a marriage and try to have a child soon.”

Dad is really that desperate? Then that’s great. I can play around and do whatever I want. Also, Jade is gorgeous. I really want her more than any of the maids, even though the maids are cute. I’ll go for Jade.

“Father, you’ve already paid the Dowry for Jade, my Fiance, I will take her. She is a beautiful girl and there is no reason to turn down the engagement. Let me marry her!”

Dong Che had tears in his eyes. Was he really that moved?

“I was afraid, son,” Dong Che said. “I was afraid you had been affected by your mother’s beauty and could no longer love anyone else. You have to know in this world there is no woman like your mother, and she always wears her mask in order to prevent unfortunate events. I’m glad you like Jade son, I’m glad. We will send them the letter saying the engagement is continued and you will be married by next week!”

Dong Che went to his small office where he did his business paperwork. He was in a happy and joyous mood that this son was finally getting married. A woman from the sect wearing robes with embroidered flowers entered unnoticed.

“I heard the news,” she said. “It was later than expected, but at least he is going to get married now.”

Dong Che had some sweat on his forehead when seeing this woman from the sect. The cultivators were mysterious and often after a certain point their age could not be told by their appearance. This girl looked young but spoke with the air of someone much older and more powerful. As a middle-aged man, he was most likely her junior.

“Senior,” Dong Che said. “I apologize for how long it has taken, but in my letters I explained to the Sect Master everything that has happened with Dong Chen and all the issues he had with the women. I was worried her visits with him might have affected him on his birthdays.”

The woman looked at him expressionlessly and took several breaths. She stepped back and said nothing about his protest or excuse. There was no reason to say anything to a mere mortal. His job was to have his son get married. There was nothing else beyond that.

“I will alert his mother,” the woman said. “She will come visit the day after his wedding night.”

The woman then disappears seemingly into thin air. Some mysterious cultivation technique according to Dong Che, but he was happy to see the mother of his son again. She only came on his son’s birthday. At birth she held Dong Chen for a few months, feeding him before passing him over to be cared for as a mortal.

Dong Che knew Risless loved his son. At the same time, never having seen her face or kissing her, he still couldn’t forget her and often suffered in silence due to that. It wasn’t the best of circumstances for him, at the very least he still loved his son and did not want him to suffer. With his wealth he could easily remarry, but no woman would measure up to the one he conceived a child with.


It was a happy time for me. I ate nice food every day without suffering and Jade my fiance was beyond gorgeous. It was as if I died and went to heaven. Even after I married Jade, the culture here allowed for more than one wife. I could have a nice harem as long as I had money, and with the Blossoming Flowers Sect, the one my mom was the master of as my backing, I would always have money.

Mortals don’t normally know much about the cultivation world, but everyone knew about the Blossoming Flowers. It was one of the five strongest sects in the entire world. I don’t mean world as in… oh let’s go further into the continent and find that there are more people stronger… I mean world as in the entire existence here.

Sitting down and laying my head on the lap of a beautiful maid, the other one fed me grapes. It’s such a cliche scene, but this world allowed for it.

“Young Master, would you like more fruit?” The cute young maid gave a smile.

“Please get me more,” I said.

This was quite a spectacular world. The architecture was like classical China, even if I don’t exactly know what Classical China is I get the eastern motif. The buildings and set up are similar in that way. There is a King, his court, and most lords had multiple wives.

“Young Master, what are you thinking of?” The maid I was using as a lap pillow asked.

“Oh, nothing,” I said. “Maybe I’m just admiring the beauty of everyone around me. It’s such a pleasant place to be, and I’ve only realized this now.”

The Maid chuckled. “Oh young master, if you wish me to serve you at night I can only do so after your wedding.”

“I’ll wait for that then.” I can’t help but smile when things are this easy.

The trade was a great one. Dong Chen, or should I say Jordan, I hope you have luck with Charles and enjoy yourself because I’m enjoying myself here. You can’t imagine how happy I am with all of these arrangements.

More fruit came, and the other maid with a blush began to feed it to me as well. Whether it was an actor they actually liked me, I don’t really care. My father in this world was so happy I actually liked women he will send as many beautiful maids as I want.


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