Mom-con – Ch. 58

Chapter 58

What did she mean exactly? Every female cultivator will bow down to me and I am needed to cultivate with other partners before Hou Jiang?

“I’m not understanding, what does me not helping Hou Jian have to do with other cultivators?”

“I told you before that her level of cultivation is too low. Once you’ve dual cultivated with her then those of a higher cultivation, those who can actually sense you as the ‘perfect partner’ who are near the pinnacle but need something to break through the bottleneck will no longer have that sense. Let your existence seduce the three women at the head of each of these sects who are on the cusps of a breakthrough.”

“I have to? Wait, what? What women are they?”

“Oh, you needn’t worry, even if they’re beauty isn’t the same as ours, each of them is far prettier than Hou Jian whom you’re so taken by.”

“How old are they?” I ask.

“Oh, worried about their age? They’re each younger than me!” HouXiang winked. “Does someone older than you really bother you?”

“I mean, it’s hard when I think about when my first time is going to be,” I say. “With mom, it’ll be her second time and with you… you’ve had so many lovers before, you’ve also had a child before.”

“Why does our experience matter, all you have to do is take on many lovers and you’ll eventually have as much experience as all of us combined,” HouXiang said. “You men and your obsession with virgins is funny. When I was living among mortals an ungodly amount of time ago, men would complain that a woman would be soiled because another man had spoiled her and yet would go to brothels seeking the courtesans. They’d take multiple wives and each of their wives had to be pure before them… then they’d complain about how boring they are.”

“I’m not those men and I still feel the way I feel,” I said. “I only wanted one genuine love.”

“Our guards said you were going to play with the maids despite being married to a mortal named Jade. Do not lie to me about your hypocrisy!”

HouXiang looked scary as her voice was raised.

“I’m sorry!” I apologize.

A dragon woman is terrifying if she gets angry. I could feel the entire room quake and despite my body being stronger, I could still tell that she was a higher life form than myself.

A smile came on her face.

“Good,” she said. “I won’t tell you about the three you need to come across because we aren’t there yet. For now, you need to concentrate on not being anxious with each of us. We’re going to be playing with your body and examine every inch of it, and it’s something you have to be comfortable with.”

“Yes… ma’am…”

HouXiang smiled and licked me all over. I felt sensations all over my body but concentrated on my yang stick. I don’t even know why I think of it as my yang stick now. It felt like my body didn’t belong to myself, but I was her property. She was almost ten feet tall…

HouXiang continued ‘training’ Dong Chen throughout the week as Elder Liu kept tabs on the progress. There was plenty going on and she was keeping the sect in line as well. The end of the week was near and HouXiang was going to switch out with Sana.

In the evening Elder Liu served HouXiang tea as the moon rose into the night sky. She had spoken with HouXiang in the chamber several times, but her personality when able to interact with others had become far different.

“I’m tired with the thought of going back into hibernation,” HouXiang said. “I’ve been in and out of it tens of thousands of years at a time and this break from being in there the last six thousand years is nice, especially since my power grew.”

“Will all of you be free of this hibernation phase?” Elder Liu asked.

“Only once we each become pregnant,” HouXiang said. “Once we’re pregnant, we’ll be free from it forever and can help run the Sect, however it would be better if we kept it quiet for now as the other three big sects would see us as an immediate threat. I’ll have to talk to Risless about sending Dong Chen on a journey after she is pregnant. She will be clear thinking again without her obsession over Dong Chen.”

“I see,” Elder Liu said. “What if harm comes to him?”

“He won’t be connected to Risless anymore,” HouXiang said. “Besides, harm will come to all of us if he fails in that mission and continues to live with others trying to find the taboo on our sect. Every child has to go on their own journey to discover themselves, and Dong Chen is no different simply because he was born to Risless.”

“Grand Sect Master is wise,” Elder Liu said with a faint smile.

While HouXiang had only been out for a week, the multitude of wisdom she gave to Elder Liu was monumental for her to continue gathering her understanding of the world and the position of the Blossoming Flowers. The other Sect Masters would not be as wise or as caring for the sect as the Progenitor who founded it all.

“I’ll be returning tonight, and tomorrow Sana will come out to train Dong Chen in her own way. Her method will be different. I think Dong Chen would prefer her size to mine, where it is difficult for him to be anything but a child in my hands.”

“I think he will miss you Grand Sect Master,” Elder Liu said. “I will miss you until you’re able to walk freely among us once more.”

HouXiang smiled then proceeded back to the underground chamber where Risless was in silent hibernation and Hou Jian was in an encasing that suspended time for her until Dong Chen was ready. It awakened the other four sect masters as HouXiang goes in and Sana came out and brought her body towards her normal size once more.

“My turn to train the boy,” Sana said, waiving her silver hair around. “I will make him unable to resist.”

The last day with HouXiang was quite saddening to me. While I wasn’t a match for her physically or even experience wise, I found I longed for her in the morning. We trained throughout the week and I no longer felt uncomfortable giving my body over to her. She touched and licked me everywhere and saw everything.

I couldn’t hide anything from her and she memorized things about my body instinctively, such as where I liked to be touched, what was pleasant. It got to a point where simply touching me made me eject everything out.

She told me the next person who would train me was Sana. It would be the same thing where she would dual cultivate only using her mouth since that’s the restriction. Another strange woman I have to let swallow my private fluids.

Elder Liu came with breakfast.

“Good morning, Elder Liu,” I said.

“Good morning, Dong Chen, how was your training with the Grand Sect Master?”

I couldn’t answer honestly. “It uh… it went okay…”

“I understand it’s not something easy to talk about,” Elder Liu said. “Although compared to HouXiang, I’m very young even if I look as an old woman. It’s too bad, as I would have liked to dual cultivate as well.”

I felt very uncomfortable with this before Elder Liu started laughing.

“You value looks too much,” she laughed. “I will not be requesting dual cultivation with you, as I am only in the middle stages and too far from the pinnacle. Only when you can maintain a natural youthful appearance, can improvement continue. Old age is a situation in which our meridians have hardened and can no longer expand.”

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“There is no reason to be sorry,” Elder Liu said. “You’re going to be the hope of our Sect, and the future can only be grander because of you.”

Elder Liu left me with food as I sat on the bed and an elf woman comes in. She had green hair, and I assumed her name was Sana because she also wore a mask to hide the full effect of her beauty from those around her.

“Dong Chen, I am Sana,” she said. “I am an elf, though of a different tribe than the girl you love I have a similar body and I can do similar things.”

“Uh… I see…”

A new woman I’m unfamiliar with makes me nervous, but she comes over and grabs both of my arms to pull me up.

“Will you hug me?” she asks.


I put my arms around her and press her up to me. She’s shorter than me, kind of like the average woman. I suppose Hou Jian would be about the same height as her. She’s petite and despite knowing she was a powerful cultivator, it felt nice to hold a delicate woman in my arms.

Sana rested her head on my shoulder, which felt nice even though her long ears poked a bit into my cheek.

“I just feel so comfortable with you, Dong Chen, so comfortable.”


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