Mom-con – Ch. 16

Chapter 16

I followed mom involuntarily all day. This was the fate of a mortal who was controlled by a cultivator. That any individual would have this much control over another is absurd. If there were a sufficiently perverted male cultivator, he could have his way with all mortal women however he wanted and there would be no one among the mortals that could stop him.

She made me walk with her to look at nature, then she would talk about what it made her feel and I would involuntarily tell her how thoughtful she was.

I was indeed, as Elder Liu stated, nothing more than a puppet. I felt hollow inside without the ability to make my own decisions. I began to hate my mom. Even if she didn’t understand what she was doing, this was taking it much too far.

After following her for a day, we went to the room and there was a bath there.

“Now mommy is going to give you a bath,” she said.

Give me a bath? I’m a grown man… and mom… even with your mask on you’re a very… beautiful… woman.. no, this can’t end well.

“Take off your clothes for mommy,” she said.

“Yes, mommy,” I answered.

No, this is wrong! Stop mom… please don’t make me do this! I’m a man, a beautiful woman like you will force a reaction out of me. This is wrong!

A son can’t have thoughts for his mother, which is why I don’t hug you, don’t you understand?

Apparently she didn’t understand because I was taking off my clothes, then my undergarments, and I was completely naked in front of her. Mom increased her height and size once more. She then carried me into the large tub where she sat on the side and washed me using her now much longer arms.

Her now much larger hands washed my back, washed under my arms and slowly moved around. I felt every gentle wipe and mom had that smile on her face as she continued. I couldn’t control my body, it went along with everything mom wanted.

No mom, please… no please…

Her long fingers reached for my lower abdomen where the low hanging fruit was. I felt the fingers even in the warm water applying a firm tug back and forth.

“Oh, my son needs to wash where he’s dirty, but don’t worry! Mommy would do this for you. Mommy loves you after all, so mommy will always keep you clean.”

This is pathetic. You say you love me yet you’re my mother and I’m a grown man and your hands are in my sacred place. If I was a child, this would be fine, as a child doesn’t know better. This is wrong, mom. I can wash myself, and yet you insist on taking away my privacy when I wasn’t willing to give any of this to you.

“Son, you have anger towards mommy right now, but that anger is misplaced. You are mommy’s precious boy, so mommy will wash you and take care of you. You only need to be a child in mommy’s arms and mommy will always look after you. You don’t need to do anything else son, even when you’re an old man and your body can’t move on its own anymore mommy will still look after you the same way.”

A horrible image came to my mind over this. I had to think of myself as an old man being bathed by mom who wouldn’t be that old…

No! What am I thinking about my mom?!?

That’s not right at all! I can’t accept this!

The touching ends and the washing of the rest of my body does as well, good thing even though I can feel it I can’t react to it. I’m lifted by my armpits to Mom’s eye level. She stares at what’s in between my legs for a few moments. That same strange gaze.

Why? Why does she always have that strange gaze? There has to be something wrong with her, I don’t know. Something is going on and someone isn’t telling me everything!

“After the bath mommy will have you sleep in her arms tonight,” she whispered. “You don’t have any clothing to sleep with, but that’s fine because babies don’t need clothes when they sleep with mommy.”

This is so wrong… this is so wrong…

I was taken to bed by Mom, who kept herself covered because of the possible influence her beauty would have on my mind. I mean, she’s my mom, so while I don’t believe that beauty would affect me the thing about stories like this is that you never know the actual effects. That’s just how life goes.

I was like a naked baby in the arms of his mother. This was stupid. I’m a grown man. Not to mention she took me to the toilet when I had to go, but it seemed she even planned to use diapers on me… as a grown man.


This isn’t right.

Mom is Beautiful… but beauty doesn’t mean someone is right when they do something to you. People are more lenient towards beautiful people.

“Yes, mommy,” I involuntarily say. “I’ll sleep now.”

“Good son.”

Her arms wrap around me. Mom must have some sort of sickness somewhere. I felt her hand going to the place between my legs and I did nothing to resist it. Her eyes met mine and her gaze became even stranger once more. I can’t even tell what she’s thinking, not that I would understand the thoughts of a cultivator who was powerful enough to kill millions by herself.

“Mommy knows you’re grown up,” she says. “Mommy knows you have certain desires, even some for mommy.”

It’s not my fault, okay! You keep putting me in these compromising positions. What do you expect me to do? Even with the mask on, you’re beautiful.

“Mommy can always sense the state of your body, and mommy knows the blood rushes there when mommy is close,” she said. “So mommy is telling you know you are mommy’s son. As my son, you must act as one. You can’t lust after mommy. You can’t have thoughts like that after mommy, you are mommy’s child.”

You’re touching me there and you’re telling me not to lust after you! Don’t you see how your actions don’t seem to agree with your own words!?

Her hand moves around my second self and I feel her fingers rubbing it. I don’t have control over my body so even if I feel the touch; it doesn’t rise. My body is literally in her full control despite me knowing everything that’s happening.

“You are mommy’s child, mommy’s son…” she whispered.

I felt my face being pulled in between her large mounds and realize how big and soft they were. If she weren’t my mom… This… this isn’t right… why is she like this? Seriously, what is she doing with me?

“As mommy’s child, mommy will always spoil you and bring you close to her.” She plants a kiss on my forehead. “You have nothing to worry about, son. Mommy will always take care of you. Mommy will always love you. Even if you hate mommy, I will still love you.”

Her words made me think a bit. I mean… did I force her to behave this way towards me? I was unruly; I kept demanding she tell me the truth. Maybe the truth about the curse was something she just wasn’t ready to tell me?

Her arms came around me and pulled me tighter into her embrace. It was comfortable, and I felt the stress relieve myself.

Perhaps she truly did love me, but just couldn’t express it properly. She was a woman who had to hide behind a mask. She couldn’t relax around others and maybe I was the only she thought she could bring close because I was blood related to her.

I stared into her eyes as she looked down at my face, which was lodged in between the two breasts of hers.

She had some sad eyes on her, as though reminiscing about a happier and simpler time. If I weren’t being controlled so much like this involuntarily, then maybe I would feel like she was a loving mother. Perhaps she’s just misguided and needs me to communicate a bit with her… maybe I should be patient.

She’s supposed to be a Sect Master. I’ll admit there are many things that I can’t understand.

“Mommy knows you’ve wanted to get married, that you liked your maids,” she said. “The guards said you finally learned to want someone to be with and you were happy to be married to Jade, but it didn’t turn out well and now you’re cursed to only touch me. Mommy is sorry she didn’t protect you well enough.”

Her head came down to mine in a hug.

“Mommy promises to make it up to you… maybe one day those things you wished to do with a wife mommy can also do with you—”

Hold up!


Did I just hear something strange?

Mom seems to realize what she said. She waved her hand, and I lost consciousness.


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