Mom-con – Ch. 94

Chapter 94

I stood in front of Madam Etero as she spread her legs and opened her hole. It was wide enough for me to go inside. The view made me hesitant, but I knew I couldn’t mate with her the normal way since I was much smaller than her. HouXiang was probably the largest I could make love too normally with.

HouXiang had explained it to me before. The Eternals were a race that preceded the continent. They were a race of giants who looked down upon the mortals and cultivators that lived here. Unfortunately, there was a disease that spread among them as the continent became smaller and all the males died. All that was left were the females.

The Eternals were a race that could mate with the mortals and male cultivators of the continent, but because of the size difference there was only one way to mate. I had thought I was done with all the crazy surprises that this world offered. Believing that I had many women under my belt and a high body count, I had thought this was all there was to see.

My experience with the beast woman Iora and the different men she brought back let me see what other males on the continent offered. The way they enveloped me in between the soft mounds HouXiang had as well as the gracefulness of Sana. I had even done it with my mother and great grandmother who are both pregnant with my child.

The varied races of the disciples in my Sect showed me many feelings in many fresh holes… but this… this… I can’t even…

“Go inside,” Madam Etero said. “I’ll do as you say, and an umbilical cord will latch onto you once you enter. You know, because of our size difference, this is the only way we can mate with the males from the continent.”

Unbirthing was something I thought only the very niche would know about. Only the darkest of the dark places on the internet would entertain such an idea.

“Are you sure you want to do this, son?” Mom asked. “You know, you don’t have too. Now that you’ve come here, you can just order Madam Etero to kill herself. You don’t have to enter her.”

“Little Risless, let little Dong do what he needs to,” Grandma Xi said. “Perhaps you’re only feeling this way because he came out of you and you can’t bear to see him enter another woman.”

“I…” Mom was quiet.

“Mom, no matter where I go, I was still conceived from you,” I said. “You don’t have to worry because you’ll always be my mom.”

Mom nodded and smiled. “I understand, son.”

There was no use thinking about it anymore. I stripped myself completely, and I walked up to Madam Etero, and I pushed myself in as the warm and slippery walls closed in around me. I had to bare with the thought she looked like an old lady still, but if the dual cultivation works, then she will be young when I come out again.

It was dark inside and I couldn’t see anything, but I felt a cord connect to my abdomen and I could feel the oxygen and nutrients coming to me. The walls rubbed against me and I felt my arousal coming out. I couldn’t see anything but it was like I was in a chamber with slippery warm and wet walls that closed in on me and tried to give me pleasurable sensations all over my body.

Madam Etero was squirming within the small chamber under the artifact that slowed time down for her. As she felt Dong Chen inside her, she continued to grow younger with each passing moment. The wrinkles went away and the youthful exuberance she once had returned bit by bit as her hair turned black and her skin fair.

“It seems little Dong also works on Eternals,” Xisleth said. “I’m amazed.”

“Shut… your… mouth… ahh!” Madam Etero tried to talk while squirming.

Risless pouted as she watched. She didn’t like the idea that her son was inside another woman’s womb and connected to her as he had been to her. It felt like a violation of her right as a mother that a surrogate could take her place. She thought of enlarging herself when Dong Chen came out and putting him inside herself once again, but remembered there was still a baby girl in development. She was going to be a mother again, but with another child.

“Your youth is returning,” Xisleth said. “Think about it. Dong Chen didn’t want to kill you. Little Dong is a kind and soft-spoken boy who doesn’t enjoy killing and doesn’t want to rule over others. Even if he has the power to order HouXiang around, he still defers to her and lets her run the Blossoming Flowers. He would have no problem leaving you alone as long as you don’t harm him, and if you want to regain your youth again, he can help you. There are many benefits and very few losses.”

Madam Etero heard those words in between the bouts of spasms that Dong Chen was giving her as he squirmed around inside her. She had never been pregnant before, and while the youthfulness was invigorating for her, there was the matter of pride that she had a hard time getting over.

“If you could set aside your differences, Little Dong will be more than willing to come and be with you from time to time,” Xisleth said. “The issue is that he simply doesn’t like to fight.”

“I don’t want to be ruled by anyone,” Madam Etero said. “Especially not someone I’m more than a billion years older than!”

“That’s your hypocrisy!” Xisleth said. “You want to rule over others with your power, but when people do the same to you, it is wrong? Moral code is established so that when someone takes power they do not go too far in harming those who are now under them. That is the way it has always been throughout history for both mortals and cultivators. Playing by the rules meant when one loses power, there is still a path of survival for them. If you want to rule over others, you kill them and manipulate their lives, there will always be those who will do it back to you. You are getting what you deserve in this case.”

Madam Etero was angry, but she hadn’t been able to refute those words. One reason was because she knew that an argument from authority wouldn’t work on Xisleth, and the other was because of the intense pleasure she was getting from Dong Chen, whose entire body was in her womb. The young man was squirming around and she could feel that he was constantly seeding her as the walls of her womb closed in around him to stimulate.

This was how an Eternal mates with a race that isn’t their own. The coursing pleasure went back and forth inside, and the yang that mixed with her yin continued to push her towards the pinnacle and her prime. It was a marvelous experience she had never had before in all her life.

It wouldn’t be so bad if Dong Chen were my husband…

A few hours went by and Madam Etero became exhausted. She… gave birth to Dong Chen, who came out with his own white stuff all around. The hours had mostly been of her screaming and gasping out of the pleasure that the Dual Cultivation offered her.

Dong Chen was also exhausted.

“Please, clean him,” Madam Etero said softly. “I swear I will not scheme against your sect again, we can become allies. I am now pregnant with a child… a daughter. I will raise her instead.”

I just don’t know anymore

Madam Etero was at a loss, and Risless and Xisleth could tell there was a sudden change in her attitude. There was a distinct amount of sadness in her eyes, and Risless could tell what was going on. Madam Etero had become like a surrogate mother to Dong Chen.

Risless summoned water to wash him, then put his clothing back on before carrying him.

“Can I… come and visit him in the future?” Madam Etero asked.

“Sure,” Risless said. “Only remember one thing. I’m his true mother and will forever be his true mother. You can be his lover, but you can’t be his mother.”

Carrying Dong Chen, they left. Everything had been quickly resolved and there was no need for long drawn out fight scenes and people getting angry at each other over stupid offenses just to keep the story interesting. There was no rehashing of story or plot points where the power creep would constantly be there, and new realms of cultivation had to be broken in.

No… this was Dong Chen’s story, and it was uneventfully over. He entered the oldest p***y in the world and came out of it after planting his seeds.


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