Mom-con – Ch. 32

Chapter 32

If there were indeed another solution besides that which was taboo, Risless wanted to know it. She had felt like her overwhelming emotions towards her son were perhaps something that was artificially planted into her by the Yin energy that overflowed and its desire to merge once more with the Yang that matured within Dong Chen as he grew. If he had consummated his marriage, the discharge of Yang into a vessel that did not absorb it, whether mortal or cultivator would have completely nullified his base provided Dong Chen’s father who was the conduit was still alive and had that spiritual connection with both the mother and the son.

Unfortunately, the conduit was gone, and the Yang energy had no spiritual conduit that could change it. It was a spiritual technique that seemed to be based on a type of karma that was within the air. It was mysterious in ways the heavens continued to demand a specific way of acting.

Risless and Elder Liu once again walked down the path of the caverns, this time Elder Liu would accompany her to the small room where the tiny figures of the previous Sect Masters were encased within crystal boxes.

They walked along the hallway once again, a hallway lit with crystal lights.

“You seem nervous,” Elder Liu said.

“I’m nervous,” Risless responded. “I’m supposed to be going out with my son but instead I will see him tonight because of this meeting. I received a spiritual calling from them but I don’t know why.”

They reached the chamber, and the door opened where the other previous five sect master were awake and had their masks on. They were as listed:

HouXiong, the Dragon Woman with purple skin that had a scaling effect and green hair. She was the progenitor. She founded the Blossoming Flowers and discovered the secret to her Fate of Extreme Beauty. This was owing to the naturally long life span of dragons and their natural curiosity about things related to themselves. HouXiong was the first dragon with the fate of extreme beauty and had noticed a trend of the women of other races who had become cultivators being sought after and abused for their beauty.

She found that the Fate itself had been tied to certain Heavenly Daos that would instantly grant those with such a fate a greatness should they extract out their Yang.

After that there was Sana. Sana was an elven woman with red hair. Sana was not the next generation, but several generations later. There was one who was born with the fate of Extreme Beauty in each generation until the total of six is accrued. As such, the ones in between HouXiong and Sana were abused until HouXiang founded the Sect. Sana was HouXiong’s disciple, who also bowed within her crystal box towards her.

Next was Iora, a wolf woman. She was of the beast tribes and born with white fur. Behind her mask were clear yellow eyes that seemed like bright beautiful moons that would shine through clouds no matter how many there were in the sky. Iora was the most quiet, but the most animalistic of them.

The Fourth was a demon woman named Gora, as the Fate of Extreme Beauty could be found amongst all the myriad races, while the last was Risless own grandmother Xisleth, the youngest looking of them all.

“Greetings Progenitor,” Risless stated.

Elder Liu and Risless both bowed their heads to the ground.

“Rise,” HouXiong said. “You needn’t bow to me in the future. We are peers. All who have cultivated the Fate of Extreme Beauty to the same level are my peers.”

“I cannot do that,” Sana said. “You are my master and the one who raised me and saved my life from a cruel fate.”

“You saved yourself,” HouXiong said to her. “You cultivated the technique and followed my instructions, you also bore a child with a mortal and followed the ritual, however I’ve called you all awake while still in a state of half-hibernation because I have sensed a strange disturbance and come up with a new calculation.”

“A new calculation?” Gora was interested. “Is this new calculation something we can all benefit from?”

The other four previous Sect Masters were excited, even Xisleth, who looked at Risless’ troubled face.

“Our fate prevents us from aging, as you know,” HouXiang said. “We remain beautiful, but living for a certain number of years, fate forces us into hibernation as each one of us awakens our power. Now that there are six of us, we would normally trade places and rotate the duties of leading the sect every ten thousand years. I was to be. Next if Risless had continued that cycle, but there has been a problem with her ritual.”

“Risless, tell me what happened, grandma needs to know,” Xisleth said. “Are you suffering my dear granddaughter?”

“I…” Risless couldn’t find the words to speak.

“She did not complete the ritual and her son is alive and within the Sect,” HouXiong said. “His father is dead meaning the conduit is no longer there and the pure Yin within Risless is longing for the matured Yang now in her son’s body. She will long to dual cultivate with him.”

“This is unheard of!” Sana said in shock. “If I hadn’t completed the ritual, would this also have happened to me?”

“Yes,” HouXiong stated. “It would have happened to every one of us. The price for being able to skip all the hard years of cultivating and to understand the crux of the Dao that can make others powerful and give pointer is the curse. There is no free lunch in this world, but only calculated risk and reward.”

“Then my granddaughter is lusting after her own great grandson?” Xisleth now asked. “This is… this is too cruel a fate!”

“You might think it is cruel, but the reason I have gathered you here all now is because I believe this is really an opportunity,” HouXiong said. “I have done the calculations sensing the spiritual connections and the foundation for which we base our Cultivation Technique on. If the father of the child each of us had born in the past had remarried and consummated, then it would have had the same effect as completing the ritual. After the father had been with each of us, however, they could not see other women the same way.”

“That’s the fate of extreme beauty, is it not?” Gora asked.

Iora was silent as the rest of them spoke. Her yellow eyes looked back and forth between the others as she contemplated what was being said. She was the most quiet of them, and Risless had felt the most wary of her each time she had come here.

“That is the Fate that anyone, man or woman who looks at our face or engages in amorous behavior will never want another,” HouXiong said. “That is why we try to have the son marry with brief contact with us once he is married the fate is gone and he won’t be comparing every woman to his mother.”

“Then what if the son dies instead of the father?” Sana was now questioning and curious.

“If any of our sons died,” HouXiong said. “Then the same way Risless is tied to her son, we would be tied to the father, but that is no longer freedom but a desire for his Yang. When you conceived your son, the Yang in your body is separated from you. Half will go to the father and the other half to your son. As long as one exists the Yang energy will never be made whole, it is only when it is made whole that it becomes a problem for your Yin.”

“Then if the father had the whole Yang because of the death of the son…” Xisleth thought.

“He would control your emotions similarly the Dong Chen is now controlling Risless,” Elder Liu said.

“That is the case,” HouXiong said. “That is why we never tell the father that the death of the son will cause that because if he knows which one of your conceiving partners would have raised their son to full age?”

Risless thought about how horrible this curse truly was. It sought to pit father’s against their sons, and since the father would wish to be with the woman, he conceived his child with, he might kill his own flesh and blood to meet that lust.

“There is one advantage of the whole Yang being taken by the son,” HouXiang. “In this case, the son Dong Chen has now taken the entire Yang. Since his body has some of Risless genetics, the Yang is not foreign to him so he can dual cultivate with any of us who has the Fate of Extreme Beauty. It will empower him and may push us over our current limits, and it might allow us to break this curse of only one of us being out of hibernation at a time.”

When HouXiong said that, the others in the crystals all suddenly awakened with excitement. Even Xisleth did not seem to mind the thought of dual cultivating with her own great grandson.


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