Mom-con – Ch. 39

Chapter 39

I had been stuck in the room for several days with nothing to do. Mom, not coming out of seclusion seemed to make everything boring, or at least it would have been boring if I didn’t realize my new physical strength.

Despite the room being small, I could dart around faster than I ever thought possible. I could jump and touchy the ceiling of which I estimated was ten meters high. It was an incredible feeling. I was stronger than I was before and faster than I was before.

I was still nothing, but a wimp compared to the disciples who cultivated, and I couldn’t get stronger unless I… do it… with mom…

I’m open to the idea, but I’m not sure my feelings are there yet. I mean, the thought of getting naked in front of her still terrifies me. I don’t know what’s going through her head… the idea that a mom would want to do something like that with her son is still beyond my comprehension.

The only reason I’m open to doing it with mom is because I’m not Dong Chen in spirit… my mom already died technically… yet I felt as though she is my mom when she hugs me and takes care of me. I mean, there are a lot of complicated feelings.

I remember a time when I would read comments of people reading these doujinshis or adult comics where such relations between brother and sister or a mother and son were involved. Most of the people who got off on it probably didn’t like the idea of incest in real life, did they? I mean, I’m guessing most of them hated their parents but ended up wishing their parent loved them to where they’d do anything for them.

It’s hard to wrap my head around that psychology, around that. If I were back in my body I’d never consider doing it with my original mother… but my original mother wasn’t a young-looking cultivator who was beautiful to where she had to wear a mask to prevent people from lusting after her.

I could totally do my mom in this world… after preparing my heart of course… maybe… okay, I don’t know. I mean, she already blew me… she also swallowed…

I find my face getting warm and when I look in the mirror I’m turning red at the thought. There is tent being pitched in my pants.

I guess I’m ridiculous when everything is broken down.

It was morning again, and Elder Liu came in once again with breakfast.

“Any sign of her coming out?”

“No,” Elder Liu said. “She has a more powerful aura.”

A more powerful aura?

“So you’re telling me she benefited from the exchange? The Dual cultivation… that she… did with me that night?”

“Yes,” Elder Liu said. “You both benefited. When she comes out and hears that you are willing, it might be easier to move it along. For now, do not tell anyone about this secret. Remember, such a thing is taboo with everyone in this world and the enemies of this sect will always look for a reason to come together and eliminate us.”

“Eliminate us?”

“The Blossoming Flowers Sect has stood at the top of the cultivation world for millennia,” Elder Liu explained. “Those at the top always have many who are jealous and want to steal our prestige and reputation for their own. They always look for reasons to try and force us to give up resources or have others attack us. They are what we call instigators.”

Sounds like cultivation world stereotypes to me.

“Then if this is a top Sect why don’t you just crush them?”

Elder Liu laughed at my suggestion.

“There is much you don’t know about the world of cultivators. Even if we are the most powerful Sect, we still can’t fight off the next two most powerful sects by ourselves. What keeps us at equilibrium is that these sects are unwilling to attack us and risk their own destruction as they are also rivals amongst each other. Fighting and dying weakens their own foundation.”

“I see… so there are just too many sects to crush all at once, then.”

“The Sect Master isn’t the only individual at the pinnacle of cultivation,” Elder Liu said. “We are the largest sect with the most cultivators. As a female only sect, it is a place where all the top female cultivators come so that they are not harassed by the males. It is due to this that other Sects look at us with disdain as we also protect them from the eyes of others.”

I mean.. I understand the logic, but I don’t like it.

“So because they hate men they come here then? I guess that’s why I’m the only male here.”

“Not that they hate men but that they wish to focus on cultivation. To be born with a fate to cultivate is a blessing and if they were to focus on love, many of them would falter along the road.”

“Fate to cultivate, but wasn’t I born without a fate?”

There are exceptions to everything, even in this world.

“You were born to be a mortal,” Elder Liu said. “With the compatibility with the Sect Master however, you were given a different fate but that fate itself is undefined and even I can’t recognize it. Perhaps it’s a new fate that comes with the forbidden relationship you will be having.”

That I will have…. She said…

I guess Elder Liu already concludes I’m going to be doing it with my mom. Intercourse. Still feels weird but… like they say in fiction… keep reading something you find weird and eventually it won’t be weird anymore once you’re desensitized.

“So this Sect is powerful because it’s a safe place for female cultivators and instantly appeals to women who don’t want to be bothered by men,” I ask.

“Male Cultivators are not allowed on our grounds,” Elder Liu said. “Mortals men are allowed because a mortal could never fight against a cultivator.”

“So then if I dual cultivate would I end up having to leave this Sect as well?”

“There might come a time where the Elder’s Council will want you out, but the Sect Master’s orders are absolute. Not only that, but she is still your mother and wouldn’t want you to leave. If there is an exception to be made, it will probably be for you. Even the previous Sect Masters have great interest in you.”

“Previous Sect Masters?”

Why is there always information I don’t know about? Elder Liu’s eyes did not look at mine as she spoke her next words.

“Among them is your great grandmother, or the Current Sect Master’s grandmother. Do not think of her as a normal grandmother, despite being older than I am she still looks very young.”

Uh… why is this… some strange vibes I’m getting here? I don’t want to say it, but I’m getting a strange feeling from this.

“It is nothing to talk about now,” Elder Liu said. “Rather, I shouldn’t talk about it now. If you’re willing to dual cultivate with your mother, then what comes next should be taken a day at a time. I only ask you one thing, do not go ravenous for the girls in this sect if you become stronger.”

“You think I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off them?”

The words stunned me a little. Did she think that low of me?

“Do you not have eyes for them? If you are interested once this curse is over you can tell me or the Sect Master and we can ask the girl if she has any interest in you. If she does not, we will not force her, but the status you have in the Sect will be special.”

“I don’t like using my status to win people like that,” I said. “Especially not my mom’s status. Still, I’m disappointed that this was the way you thought about me. My mom is supposed to be the most beautiful in the world and even after you’ve told me what to do with her, I’m still not burning to go after her.”

“This is true.”

Elder Liu looked like she was pondering.

“I’m not an animal,” I said. “Even if mortals give themselves to animalistic instincts, I am not the kind to do that.”

I even refused helping a girl who was extremely hot because I knew what I could get. Being honest with myself, Dong Chen isn’t that good looking and I doubt any of the girls in the Sect care about me for any other reason that I’m the Sect Master’s son. If not for that, I doubt any of them would even be attracted to me.

The fact my mom is attracted to me could be attributed mostly to the fact we are blood related and there is this curse going on.

“Even if I was an animal, I wouldn’t be insolent in a Sect that can kill me easily.”

“Very well, I will bring you your meals as before and will alert you when the Sect Master comes out of Seclusion.”


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