Mom-con – Ch. 74

Chapter 74

In a small room, she told me what was going to come.

“Little Dong, when your mom awakens, HouXiang is going to open a gateway for you to go in with her. We connect the gateway to the underground passage. There are several things I want you to do, do you understand?”

“Yes, Grandma Xi,” I answered.

“Good. The first thing you need to know is this realm is where Risless will have to stay continuously. She cannot leave this realm until we are prepared to go to war with the rest of the world.”

“Prepared for war?” I guess it’s that serious. “You mean to say that we should prepare for other Sects realizing what is happening and then attacking us because of the taboo?”

“You learn quickly, Little Dong,” Grandma said with a smile. “There is a strong suspicion among us that the hit on you and your father was to expose us, the Fate of Extreme Beauty being unstable. If you had died, then Risless would have gone insane and attacked her own Sect, and if only your father died then Risless would lust after you more and more and I’m sure you’ve already experienced that.”

Yes… it was definitely weird at first, but I’m coming into the understanding that it is going to be a required part of my life. I needed to mate with my mother, my great grandmother, and every other woman in the Sect that is a cultivator that will benefit us.

“Yes, I have.”

“There is one more issue that needs to be brought up,” Grandma Xi said. “When a cultivator gets pregnant, their power is severely limited to about 70%. So if you impregnate your mother, it’s not likely she will fight against Iora easily.”

“What? There’s such an issue?”

“The body of a mother will go into strict defense mode when a child is in her belly, that is why it’s also the most vulnerable time for the Sect, the reason many do not attack is that of the safe room that was made by HouXiang.”

“The safe room? You mean pregnant Sect Masters spent their time there?”

“Yes,” Grandma Xi said. “My best friend spent thousands of years at only 70% of her full strength when carrying your grandfather’s conception within her. She suffered so much.”

Layer upon layer of recent revelations. I guess I should expect these sudden plot twists coming out of nowhere. This is a world of cultivators, after all. These worlds always had the author pulling crap out of his a** every time he needed to move the plot forward. Anything shouldn’t surprise me.

“So you need to go into that hidden realm and stay in there until we’re ready to fight the world,” Grandma Xi said.

“Then what is going to happen with the Sect Leader position?”

“HouXiang will be out of hibernation during that time,” Grandma Xi said. “She will decide for the Sect. Dragons can hide their pregnancy better than the other races since they lay eggs. She will lay her egg in the other realm and her power will gradually return to her.”

Egg? What the heck? Can I really impregnate a dragon woman to lay an egg? Well, Grandma Xi said it so it must be true. It’s hard to think otherwise.

“So she doesn’t actually get pregnant then?”

“No, she doesn’t,” Grandma Xi said. “One of the many unfair advantages the Dragon Race has over all of us.”

“What about the bird race then?”

“Bird race?”

“I read it in a book, don’t they also lay eggs and sometimes have cultivators? They’re different from the beast race like Iora.”

“I suppose so,” Grandma Xi said. “Grandma might have lived a long time, but Grandma doesn’t know everything. Anyway, let grandma finish giving the rest of the information. Grandma will try to be the first to come out of hibernation, but if Iora comes out first, you need to try to shield Risless and maybe also impregnate her as well. Once she is pregnant, she will be weakened and an easy kill when the next one of us comes out.”

Wait… but then, wouldn’t I also be killing my child that I just conceived? There has to be another way, right? No, I will not question it. I don’t want to be an idiot who tries to find a better way and hopes everything works out. There are too many scenarios I’ve read about where someone in this situation insists they know what the right way is or know what’s better and ends up just doing something stupid. Might make for a more interesting plot, but in reality a boring life is better than a fascinating one where I would have to suffer more.

“I guess I’ll have to kill a child of mine then,” I said. “I don’t like the idea of that, but do I have a choice?”

“No… not really,” Grandma Xi said. “If Risless can break through a new realm, then maybe it would be possible, but physically this world cannot handle an individual past a specific amount of cultivation. We are all at the pinnacle or nearing the pinnacle of potential on this continent for the amount of spiritual Qi that one individual can have, Iora and other races who are not human like us have racial advantages that we won’t. HouXiang for instance will be the strongest among us because she is a dragon.”

“Wait a moment, that makes little sense then,” I had to interrupt. “I heard from HouXiang that she was getting more and more powerful from dual cultivating with me and how she wanted to dual cultivate more after. Why is what she said and what you’re saying now so different?”

“She was getting more powerful,” Grandma Xi said. “She reached the pinnacle first, while the rest of us have some way to go. While the top Sects have powerful leaders in the last stage of cultivation, there is still a great divide between the power of those at the top and the others. Iora is the second strongest after HouXiang, and she has the best instincts beyond just her cultivation.”

“So you’re saying that the cultivator’s skill in fighting is also important.”

“Yes,” Grandma Xi said. “So Risless who hasn’t had many battles and relies mostly on brute force would have a hard time fighting against Iora no matter what. Getting her to the pinnacle gives her a chance, but it’s still not the best solution unless you can just go with Iora and impregnate her.”

“I understand,” I said. “I will do that.”

I will kill my child before he or she is born because their mother is a crazy bitch who will not relent on what she wants. I don’t like it, but sometimes that’s really the only option.

“You really surprise me, you know,” Grandma Xi said. “I know you’re willing to do what it takes, but sometimes I wish you were the innocent boy who hated death and had such luscious feelings.”

“I’m sorry Grandma Xi, but after putting my little dong in your mouth and spewing it all onto your tongue, I don’t think I can be considered that innocent anymore. Also, after seeing what kind of male organs an octopus man has… and how stretched out Iora could be I don’t think I care about the sweet and fluffy feelings as much.”

“Such things do age a man,” Grandma Xi sighed. “I wish I could have seen you grow up as a sweet boy who sits on my lap.”

“Sorry for not being able to see you in my childhood then,” I said. “At least you will bear my child and you can raise that child.”

“But it won’t be a boy.”

“Beggars can’t be choosers,” I said. “You can always divorce me after and just find some other man to have a child with you if you want a son. I don’t want sons because I’m going to dual cultivate with my daughters.”

I know… that’s a horribly perverted thing to say, but if dual cultivating can make someone younger again, then it’s something I have to do to prevent them from aging. As a parent, I wouldn’t want to see my children grow older than me. This whole fate of Extreme Beauty thing actually gave me too many advantages. It’s like the entire world is going to be thrown off balance because of my existence here.

“I… see… to think you’d be so bold…” Grandma Xi giggled. “Let me have one more helping before we go back.”

My pants are undone, and her mouth performs like a vacuum on me. With the increased libido, I had no more shame when I was completely exposed. I felt like I’d grown used to all of this far too easily.


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