Mom-con – Ch. 55

Chapter 55

I remained in her hands for several hours as her tongue licked every part of my body. I was in HouXiang’s arms as her forked tongue pressure rubbed against my skin. Despite its thin size, the dexterity of that tongue was beyond belief. My body continued trembling.

“You still can’t get comfortable around me?” HouXiang asked. “Dong Chen, what is it that makes you uncomfortable despite reaching climax?”

“It’s because I’m still a virgin,” I told her. “I have little if any experience…”

I really didn’t. Prior to mom I hadn’t even kissed anyone yet, but the first woman who is touching me sexually is a milf over a million years old.

“I have more than enough of that for both of us,” HouXiang said coyly. “Let’s see… I think I’ve been with over a hundred thousand partners throughout my lifetime. Men just couldn’t resist me.”

HouXiang chuckled as she told me that, but if she’s been with over a hundred thousand, then I’m just a number to her. I mean, how do I compare to the others? I’m sure she probably thinks that some guy was better looking than me, or some other guy was bigger than me. If she’s been with others from the dragon race… I feel like I lost something, but maybe it’s because she’s the first woman who is actively toying with my private parts.

“You seem disappointed,” she said. “I know, it’s because you haven’t saw a woman naked before, right?”

I watched adult videos in my previous life, so that wasn’t true.

“No, it’s because I always felt that doing something like this should be special, like on a wedding night. Now it’s like I’m just a number to you. I don’t stand out. If I’m going to be a universal dual cultivator, then intercourse is my job, but I feel like I’ll lose that connection with others.”

“Then don’t do it with others and be very selective,” HouXiang said. “I know I’ve seen all different kinds of love. My thoughts on love are different from what you young kids think about. Dong Chen, even if my thoughts are different I still can love you, you know.”

“You can?”

“Love at it’s most base interpretation is the decision to value someone else, the stronger that love the more you value them. The more you value them, the more you’d give up for them if needed.”

HouXiang’s explanation of love differed greatly from what I’d call the modern definition. The modern way people talked about love is more selfish, that is, it promoted self love and self care and the desire to NOT do things for others but to live separately.

“Dong Chen, I would give up the world for you and for this Sect. That is how much I value you. I would also do anything you want in bed once it’s available to me.”

I take a deep breath.

“It still feels like I’m just a means to an end for you,” I said. “If it weren’t for me being the child of Risless, and it weren’t for my current dual cultivation ability, you wouldn’t care for me.”

“This is true, I wouldn’t spare you a look,” HouXiang said. “If I were born ugly and horrible looking, or if I were an old woman, would you spare me a look? It’s the same thing, isn’t it? We are fated to be together now on the bed, and I can give you sensations you could never experience if you were someone else. Why not enjoy it?”

She has a point. I shouldn’t be so closed minded if what I can have in front of me is here. Why think of the hypothetical when the actual is here.

“When I bear you children, they’ll all be daughters,” HouXiang said. “They’ll have nice breasts as big as mine and they’ll be able to smother you from head to toe. Think about it, the seeds you plant in my womb will come out and become more flesh for you to play with.”

The thought turned me on. It was so wrong… so forbidden… I mean… it’s one thing if I’m the one doing it with mom… it’s another thing if I’m doing it with my daughters who were supposed to trust me growing up. I don’t think it is right on any level.

“Ho ho ho,” HouXiang chuckled. “You really like that idea, I can see! Tonight we’ll practice something you may never have experienced before. We’ll practice building your stamina and lasting through multiple climaxes.”

“Wait… what?”

“It’s what it sounds like Dong Chen, since my mouth is all I can use, I’ll be making you climax multiple times. I’ll squeeze every bit out of you, and tomorrow you’ll be able to go on longer. The fewer qualms and restraint you have from giving in to pleasure, the easier it will be for you to commit that taboo with Risless.”

“I’m… sorry, I’m still so nervous,” I said.

I really was.

HouXiang is basically a seductive witch who could give me an experience that no one back in my old world could ever experience. I felt like it wasn’t right to let it happen, but I wanted it.

She laid me on the bed as I sat on a pillow. Her long arms came around my back as she looked into my lower abdomen, which was nothing but a spike pointed at the heavens. The fork tongue came out and moved around, and the blood rushed there even harder.

“Dong Chen… you’re so adorable… that look of anxiety and fear in your eyes. I want to eat you all up!”

I started breathing harder as that tongue wrapped around completely covering my other self, then it slithered back and forth giving a corkscrew friction and feeling. It wasn’t something my hands could do on their own as her dragon eyes stared into mine.

The sun was setting, and the soft rays gave her blue hair a slight shine.

“Dong Chen, after the first one starts, I’ll keep going. I’ve sealed the room so you can scream as loud as you want. I’m going to go until you pass out.”

“Until I pass out? I… I don’t know if… I’m—”

I let out a moan; it took the breath from my throat. It hit every sensitive spot … I couldn’t stop as I felt myself abruptly pushing Seminole fluids into her mouth uncontrollably.

After a few moments it stopped and I got tired, but when I looked into her eyes, she smiled with that fork tongue still wrapped around and it began slithering once more.

The second wave of sensations was too much.

I had realized this before when I experimented on myself. I think most men know this as well. After the first release, the head becomes extremely sensitive. Sensitive to where the sensation goes from being pleasurable to unbearable.

That tongue kept slithering.


I couldn’t hold it. I kept screaming.


It was… it was…

My mind was going blank… I couldn’t… keep this up… I felt my prostate undulating over and over… involuntarily as more and more came out of the… yang… stick…

Dong Chen passed out as HouXiang continued for a few moments. When she was certain that the young man was no longer conscious, she stopped a few seconds later before using her tongue to clean up everything that came out of him.

“This boy is such an adorable boy,” HouXiang said. “I’d tell him he is definitely my favorite of everyone I’ve been with, but I don’t want him getting full of himself. He still has a lot to learn… hehe…”

HouXiang laid him down, then dried him off before covering his naked body. Dragons were much taller than humans and so he wasn’t the largest one she had seen. In fact even among humans Dong Chen couldn’t be said to have been anything but below average. The difference in the enjoyment came from the power she seemed to receive each time she received his fluid.

Sitting there in silence, she went under the covers and stared at his rod which had now shrunk to an unaroused state. This pair had a peculiar aura around them that was different because it provided power nothing else would. This was a pair that could rule the world if used correctly.

After covering him, she left the chamber where Elder Liu was outside and handed her a new key. Elder Liu took the key and bowed in thanks.

“That should allow him to use the room again if he wants to have peace,” HouXiang said. “I’ve only realized now, but when his dual cultivation ability becomes used, there will be female cultivators bothering him constantly or even trying to sneak into his bed. He’ll need the room if he wants to rest.”

“I understand,” Elder Liu said.

“I’m being serious, caretaker. I’m having trouble holding myself back from squeezing more out of him, even if it’s just with my mouth.”

Elder Liu nodded with a hint of a mocking smile. HouXiang understood it was not disrespect, but the fact she was incredulous over it.

“If you tried him too, you’d understand,” HouXiang said.

“No, I will never try him. Even if I am nothing but a small sprout compared to you who is a large tree, my body has aged, and it’s improper for me. Let the young girls have a chance, I’m content to live out the rest of my life serving and caring for Risless.”

“I see…” HouXiang said. “I will respect your wishes.”


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