Mom-con – Ch. 45

Chapter 45

Elder Liu kept watch over the seclusion chamber. After the full moon, Risless had come out and tried to get to Dong Chen. After that, she went back into the chamber. The morning she saw her running Elder Liu called to her, but Risless said nothing and avoided her without a glance.

Inside the chamber, Risless remained quiet. She had found that her cultivation had improved by an enormous amount.

Was it because I’m compatible with Dong Chen?

A voice came to her. It was the Progenitor.

“You can’t keep hiding in there forever,” HouXiang said. “You need to talk with Dong Chen.”

“I… I can’t…” Risless said in protest.

“You’re the most powerful Sect Leader in the world and you’re too embarrassed to talk to your own son.” HouXiang had a laugh. “A mere mortal has made you unable to do anything because you are afraid you might have hurt him. It’s unbelievable. The reason cultivators choose not to have family ties is also because of this. Having blood ties drives a different instinct that adopted ties do not. It is a strange thing about how human relationships form.”

“Senior… are you implying that the blood ties to my son are the reason I feel so much guilt?”

“It is not just your blood ties,” HouXiang said. “It’s a mixture of many things. I’ve already explained it to you why your body currently craves him. After watching him for several more days however I believe if you combine and have a love child with him, he will possess a universal body for dual cultivating.”

“Universal? What do you mean?” Risless was perplexed. “Are you saying that not only will you take your turns with him, but that every disciple in the sect should as well in order to gain power?”

“Yes.” HouXiang’s transparent apparition smiled. “If you can have a love child with him, then the curse should go away and he should have a long life of blissful encounters. I also want a piece of him.”

“You’re over a million years old!” Risless screamed.

“Ho ho ho, someone is jealous!” HouXiang floated and made a seductive pose. “Even if I’m much older, I am still beautiful. I am also not his mother, so marriage with him would not be difficult. So hurry my junior. Make that love child so I can come out and play! I’ll teach him the experience of a million years.”

The Dragon woman winked at Risless, which only made her more unsettled.

“You mean… you had more relations after having your son?”

“Of course! Otherwise, wouldn’t this beauty go to waste?” HouXiang teased. “The Blossoming Flowers became a powerful sect at the beginning because I could bring in powerful allies by pacifying their manly natures. No one can resist the charms of those with the Fate of Extreme Beauty. If you wish for Dong Chen to become yours, then remove your mask and he will be yours.”

Risless thought about it for a moment. That would indeed be a simple thing to do. Anyone who sees the face of her or any of her predecessors would go wild with lust. Even their own family members.

“It wouldn’t be love then,” Risless said. “If the only thing that brings him to have intercourse with me is my face, then it won’t be the love that’s needed.”

“Loves is sometimes born out of lust,” HouXiang spoke matter-of-factly. “Lust is the desire, and when a man desires a woman and the woman lets him have it, she is nurturing that desire into attachment. Every man who is pampered by a woman he finds attractive can never let go of her.”

“So I need to let him ravage me?”

Hearing this Risless only had more questions. She had only been alive for approximately forty years, and during that time she only had intercourse to conceive. After conception she had never touched another man except for her son. It was not something that gave her much interest.

“Yes… give in and let him ravage you,” HouXiang said. “To be ravaged by a man is something every woman must experience once. A man who completely desires you… a man who enters your womb… a man who can’t stop touching every part of your body. Who better to do this than the man who once lived within you?”

There was something so twisted about HouXiang’s words that made Risless question everything they had taught her about relationships between mother and son. The taboo was something that if written in a book would be burned immediately.

“Once you’ve conceived, I would like to have my fun with him too,” HouXiang said. “Perhaps I can grow bigger and have him enter my womb for a few days so I can experience being with a man who came out of me as well… maybe I’ll make myself smaller instead and enter the tube where his fluids of conception come out from. I could enter the sac and live there for months absorbing the Yang energy from the source! Of course you need not worry, I’ll make it painless for him. All he will experience is pleasure as I squirm from within the soft walls that hold his family jewels.”

The more Risless heard, the more she felt like a large nail was piercing through her. How could the progenitor be so lewd? A woman with over a million years of sexual experience… is this the woman she is?

Over one million years of life and the thoughts that go through the senior’s mind are nothing but degeneracy… and degeneracy for my son Dong Chen!

“I will never forgive you!” Risless scolded. “If you do that to him, I will never forgive you?”

“What if he wants me to do that with him? Are you going to be angry if it is something Dong Chen wants to enjoy? Why would a mother prevent her son from experiencing the sensations of life, the intense feeling of pleasure?”

“It’s not right! You are my senior! My senior can’t be with my son!”

“Why not?” HouXiang would not let it go. “It isn’t as if I will age, and when Dong Chen becomes an old man, wouldn’t it be nice for an older woman to take care of him while understanding his needs? I’ve had many lovers, and I never abandoned them even as the entered old age.”

Upon hearing this, Risless wasn’t sure about how she felt. There was the fear that after Dong Chen had a child with her that he might leave. She didn’t want him to leave. He was her son, yet there were so many feelings she had trouble sorting out.

“You’re avoiding him now, so it’s not like you’d be losing much? You can keep the Sect and you will never have to be embarrassed looking at him again. Also, knowing me you can entrust him to my care and I will make sure he lives not only a comfortable life, but one full of love and many different experiences.”

It was true… she was avoiding him now.

How can I face him… after assaulting him…

“If you’re really so afraid to face him, then there is nothing else you can do about it,” HouXiang said. “I believe he can love you, I believe he will love you, but it’s whether you can accept what he wants as well. He was born to serve your cultivation, nothing more, but the attachment you have to him has created a new situation. Weigh everything carefully, Risless. You can’t run away forever.”

“I know!” Risless screamed. “I know I can’t run away forever! I know! I’m afraid of losing control of myself. I’m afraid of the lust I have for my son. In every text and every study when we studied the relationship between parent and child, marrying and conceiving children with the parent has always been taboo. Even if I will be shameless and force Dong Chen to marry his own mother, what about him? What about his reputation? How is he going to live in mortal society, having been ravaged by his own mother? Every child that comes out isn’t just his son or daughter, it is also his brother or sister!”

Risless concerns were of propriety. Who would get what title? What would be told to those who were not in the family? Also, if Dong Chen will go through with it, then who would take the title of father in the family?

“Also… if it were you! If you were in my position… or if you had known about universal compatibility, would you have had a child with your own son? What about my other Seniors, would they all have done the same?”

HouXiang listened some more.

“I think I’ll have a talk with the others then.” HouXiang disappeared.

Risless felt her heart thumping from the conversation. She didn’t imagine that the Progenitor would be so aggressive after learning of the benefits of taking in the sun after finishing the cultivation.


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