Mom-con – Ch. 90

Chapter 90

Madam Etero heard the news and angrily slammed her hand down on the assistant who gave it to her. The assistant was now nothing more than a bloody puddle staining the floor to her luxurious room with her divine treasures all around. Madam Etero never valued the life of others more than herself.

Another assistant immediately took the place of the first and bowed before Madam Etero.

“Fablio is a fool who can’t keep those under him in line!” Madam Etero raged. “Assign the next in line to take over the Sect. Tell Fablio instead of charging in to accuse Dong Chen of having incestuous relations with his mother. At the very least he would need to show the corpse of Risless to prove his own innocence or we will accuse him of being guilty.”

“Yes, instructions will be given to Fablio,” the assistant said before leaving.

The instructions were simple, try to guilt Dong Chen and the rest of the Blossoming Flowers into turning on them and in the meantime try to have an assassin go in and kill him. One plan was to disguise a male cultivator as a female in order to get close to him and then strike him down before he has a chance. As a universal dual cultivator, Dong Chen was still very weak if left on his own, and any male cultivator of even the middle grade should be able to easily kill him.

The letter reached Fablio in his Sect as he gathered the two other Sect Leaders that just replaced Sunder and Yamato who had left. They were a step below in cultivation, and nothing more than puppets who would do whatever Fablio ordered of them. The change in leadership within the two Sects caused a shakeup and many in each Sect also left, causing the other two Sects to become a shell of their former selves.

As such, Fablio had no choice but to merge them both into Space River. The stronger disciples were all loyal to Sunder and Yamato, who left a letter for him:

“The Cloud Glacier and Harsh Wave sects may have been founded with the help of Madam Etero, but none of the work which made them what it is today was by her. The previous founders had to come up with new cultivation techniques, find treasures, and do many other things. As such, it is without a guilty conscience that we leave. Farewell Fablio, good luck.”

Fablio angrily tore the pages to pieces.

“I swear I will hunt them down and kill them after we take care of Dong Chen!”

Dong Chen was busy dual cultivating day and night. The amount of female cultivators that came to his room daily asking for more was growing. Even if they knew he could control them by ordering them, they still did not mind as growing in power meant that they could improve their lifespan and their lives. Also, none of them found Dong Chen repulsive, and he ordered none of them to do anything except to not harm him or the Sect while they were visiting.

Many found him amicable and relished their time spent dual cultivating where he thrusted into them and filling them with energy. Most did not want to get pregnant, but those who did mostly had daughters as secretly they wanted Dong Chen to also dual cultivate with them someday, though they kept quiet about such a taboo.

At night, Risless pulled Dong Chen into a private chamber.

“You’ve spent all that time with them now it’s time for some mother and son bonding,” Risless said as she pulled Dong Chen close.

Dong Chen tried to oblige her and did the best he can but after a full day of being sucked dry by others, he was tired. Risless could only cradle him and shake her head at it.

“Mommy knows you’re doing this for the sect,” she said. “Your sister… er… daughter will also need your attention when she’s born too you know… you have to set more boundaries.”

“I’m…. Sorry mom,” Dong Chen said quietly. “It’s just I feel as though there is a threat coming to us we have to deal with, so having more powerful allies would be better. After taking care of the leaders of the various sects, I started dual cultivating with our most outstanding disciples according to HouXiang, and you can’t leave this realm until everything is ready so it’s been a lot.”

“Shh…” Risless said. “Mommy understands… let mommy take care of you tonight. Rest in mommy’s arms and sleep in mommy’s breasts. You are mommy’s boy.”

Risless had tapped into more of her motherly instinct she she had become pregnant. The daughter would be born soon as the children of cultivators develop, depending on how much Qi is transferred to them at birth. The development however would not normally make a child a cultivator, but since it was Dong Chen’s children they would receive the fate needed.

Dong Chen closed his eyes and slept as the next day he would have to dual cultivate once again.

Fablio came to the Blossoming Flowers as a guest with the other two puppet sect masters with him. As he arrived, his esteemed status required HouXiang to greet him personally. The Dragon woman came down with full splendor and her racial advantages were seen in full when she reached Fablio, who could only stare.

“Greetings Sect Master Fablio,” HouXiang said. “To what do I owe a visit from you? Is your master well?”

It surprised Fablio that HouXiang knew about his master but said nothing else.

“Oh, is Madam Etero dead then?” HouXiang asked.

“Who are you referring too?” Fablio asked. “I am here with an accusation against your Sect that a member within it has committed the ultimate taboo under heaven and must be trialed accordingly.”

“Trialed? Taboo?” HouXiang asked. “So you have spies within our Sect that are making false accusations? It’s a pity, but we have already found all the spies out and will not testify.”

There were only female spies within the Sect after all, and there was no one who could testify if Dong Chen forced them not too. HouXiang knew these things as she spoke to Fablio, but Fablio had his orders and continued to press.

“If Dong Chen is indeed innocent, then he should stand trial without your protection,” Fablio said.

“You wish to force us into complying?”

“No, we are not forcing you, but if there is a great taboo that had been committed then there is need to trial those who are involved,” Fablio said. “According to what has been said from the Sect, Risless is injured and does not have life in her, but the curse of the Fate of Extreme Beauty means that she will lust after her son. Despite Risless being injured we have not seen her corpse nor have we seen any evidence that suggests a burial. For you to step in as the…”

“Who makes those rules? Where are you getting your information from?” HouXiang demanded. “How would you know more about the Fate of Extreme Beauty than I? I am HouXiang, the progenitor of this Sect. Over one million years ago, I founded this sect and blossomed it into what it is today. I carefully figured out the theory behind our cultivation and pulled it forward, despite many enemies seeking to destroy me and my disciples. Who are you to ask for evidence and say you know about the Fate of Extreme Beauty?”

Fablio kept quiet.

“As for your charges, we’ve already solved lust between the mother and son,” HouXiang said. “There is no more lust.”

Madam Etero had once said that the lust was something that couldn’t be solved. Fablio remembered her letter and in it he was told that circumstances for that to happen required a Universal Dual Cultivator, which could only come into existence by completing the incestuous act between the parent and child where the mother had the Fate of Extreme Beauty.

“I have sources that are a bigger authority than you,” Fablio said.

“Oh, then tell us all who that source is?” HouXiang asked with a sweet voice. “Tell us who is older than I am, tell us who has more experience and knowledge about the cultivation that I designed based on experimenting with my body.”

“We only have a larger authority and that is all that is needed,” Fablio said.

“No, I must know to whom I have to give up my authority too,” HouXiang said. “If there is one who has a higher seniority than I then I must know who they are. Otherwise, how can I simply take the word of a junior overstepping his bounds in accusations that could turn the world against us? Where is your evidence?”

It struck Fablio silent. Madam Etero had forcefully made herself unknown and did not want the continent to know about her. Keeping power while remaining in the shadows as an eternal was her plan for the rest of her existence. If the continent knew the eternal grew older, they would box her in even though she aged much slower than all the mortal races did.


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