Mom-con – Ch. 96

Chapter 96

“Yes father, I’ll do it,” Madam Otium said. “I have to see grandmother first, however, so please let me meet her.”

Dong Chen smiled, “Yes.”

Risless was called over and arrived meeting her granddaughter, and how beautiful Madam Otium struck her was as an eternal. She was so tall and beautiful.

“My… you’re certainly the most beautiful of my grandchildren,” Risless said. “I’m glad you finally came to visit.”

“Grandmother Risless, I am happy to meet you. Besides, its time father fulfilled his promise of dual cultivating with me and he needs to do it for one year,” Madam Otium said.

“One year?” Risless was surprised. “One entire year? You mean I won’t be able to see him for an entire year? No, that’s not right.”

Risless sat down pouting while Dong Chen tried to calm her down.

“Mom, it’ll be okay,” Dong Chen said. “A year will go by quickly. It won’t last long, besides it’s not like we age anymore. We can just make up for it later.”

“Son, do you understand? Before, mommy was the only person you stayed inside before coming into this world. Now not only have you been inside Madam Etero, but you’re also going inside her? She’s your daughter, you know, if you’re going to be inside her then she has you all to herself for a year. Mommy can’t even have you for a year!”

Dong Chen was at a loss for what to say as Risless continued to pout. After a few moments, the pouting of Risless went away.

“I know, let Mommy stay inside with you for a year!” Risless said.

Madam Otium winced at the suggestion, then immediately accepted.

“It would be my honor,” Madam Otium said. “Both of you can stay inside me together.”

“What? No! That’s!” Dong Chen was looking for words to argue.

Risless finger went to Dong Chen’s mouth.

“We can have a brief vacation with each other,” Risless said. “A nice family vacation. Come, let’s go inside now. I’ll leave a note for everyone. Where will you be staying while we’re inside?”

“I’ll be returning to mother,” Madam Otium said. “I’ll relax there. You can tell me if you need me to change the conditions inside as well.”

“Very good!” Risless said. “Come son, let’s go in. Go inside with mommy!”

Risless stripped down both herself and Dong Chen in a private area and went inside. Dong Chen was shocked at the turn of events as he was squished inside together with his mom. Two umbilical cords attached to each one as Risless kissed Dong Chen on the inside. The walls came in and pushed a calm sensation into both of them.

Madam Otium looked down at her bulge. It was as though she was pregnant and could only smile.

“You’re alright in there?” she sent them messages telepathically.

“It’s nice and comfortable,” Risless said. “I’ve already left a note for the rest of them that Dong Chen and I are going to helping you for a year. He is not to see anyone.”

“Then I can return home?”

“Yes,” Risless said.

Dong Chen felt like he forgot the reason he wanted to marry in the first place. Children surrounded him and yet he preferred to stay inside… with his mother…

HouXiang and the others found the note left behind by Risless explaining all the details. They read it over several times before deciding to laugh over it. In the end, if Dong Chen wanted to go they wouldn’t be able to stop him. Also, helping the eternals produce more children was a good thing, as they would only be daughters who can cultivate with him on the side.

“Well, let’s draw lots on who gets the next eternal in twenty years,” Sana said. “I really think spending a year inside like that would be very nice!”

“Drawing lots it is then,” Gora said. “Just think about them making love inside the womb of his daughter. It’s quite romantic if you ask me.”

“I want inside too,” Iora said.

HouXiang sighed… “More than a million years of living and there are still new things that surprise me. Let’s draw those lots!”

There would likely be more and more degenerate adventures as time went on. There might even be things that were unimaginable, but Dong Chen would not grow old and his descendants would spread across the world.

As eons went by, degeneracy became the new normal, and they all lived degenerately ever after.


Author’s Note

Hello there and thank you for reading this work of fiction. I am not proud of it, and I feel ashamed that my mind could come up with such things. If you enjoyed it, I’m happy you did. If you used it as fap material… well… no comment.

I’ve learned a lot from writing this, and this is my last work of fiction that has a focus on Adult Content.

  1. It’s very difficult to keep a consistent story with characters if you can’t go back and edit. I know I mentioned this in the comments. I saw a lot of criticisms of multiple web novels where they say characters are not consistent or the world isn’t consistent. Well, if you paid attention to the details, I’ve noticed that I’ve also made some inconsistencies here and there for world building. Do I want to go back and fix it? Not really… I want to move on to the next project.
  2. I’ve also learned that comments influence the direction of the story. At least for me anyway, I found that comments made me want to meet expectations of readers. The story went the route it did because I was the writer of Son-Con FanFiction. If you’ve read it, you know how deep that rabbit hole goes, and so this had to be on par or further in otherwise those expecting something at the end would have likely left disappointed.
  3. The artwork was made by some guy in Lithuania. He has no idea that the characters he drew are “mother and son.” He charges extra for NSFW and weird stuff… so he might have charged extra if he knew. Good thing he didn’t know.
  4. I made an effort to completely avoid fight scenes and focus on interaction and sex scenes. There are several reasons for this. The first being that fight scenes often get repetitive. If you’ve read a Xanxia novel you’ll notice that characters begin fighting then slowly pull out one card after the other and often take several chapters of cliffhangers before it reaches the end. I always find writing like that annoying, but I know a lot of people enjoy it. When I do my actual novel work (won’t be a webnovel format like this) I’ll also make an effort to limit fight scenes.
  5. I am working on another novel to be released on the Web, however I’m planning on writing the whole thing out, editing it before releasing any of it so it’s a project that might be months to years away.
  6. Thanks for reading this work and please support the website host. If the website goes down, I’m not planning on posting this anywhere else. It can go ahead and fade into non-existence because I want to remain anonymous and don’t want it associated with me if I ever become a famous writer. However, I’ll give full permission to Wu Jizun to authorize it being posted anywhere else if someone wants to preserve it for whatever reason.
  7. Yes… I need seven points because in America 7 is a lucky number. Take care all!

– Anon2021


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