Mom-con – Ch. 65

Chapter 65

I woke up alone that morning, and the sun was already high in the sky. Iora disappeared once again, and so did all the lovers she brought back with her. That night was horrible. I remember it all. It was an orgy of giant naked males trying to satisfy a small beast woman. Rather than stretching her out, however, the small size and tightness of hers instead constricted their members and caused chafing. The difference in constitution because of cultivation was clear.

Seeing where they put it in her… that image of what I’m supposed to do to impregnate her was not something I wanted. If I was going to be a father than I would at least want the mother of my children to not be the kind who brings back strange males all the time. In the past, societies valued a woman’s physical loyalty more than a man’s physical loyalty. Although it wasn’t fair, the reasoning was simple.

If a woman got pregnant, there was no doubt she was the mother… unless of course it was a surrogate implantation… but that’s a different story. Anyway, even if she knew she was the mother, the question of who the father was would always be an issue. Consider the fact that there were no DNA tests in the past. Establishing who the father was would always be a difficult thing.

That was also why there were Eunuchs. Men that underwent castration looked after the women. Without testosterone their drive would be less, and without production of reproductive material they could not make women pregnant. There would be no question who the child belongs too since succession was something that was important to lineage.

None of that mattered to me, though.

The only thing I cared about was that I didn’t want my yang stick in the fluids of another males. If Iora was a lustful wench all the damn time, then there is a high likelihood that such a thing would happen.

Can she even go a week without doing it?

I don’t even think it’s possible with the way they disappointed her last night with that octopus man or whatever he was. An octopus has doesn’t have eight arms, or legs… he has eight… I just can’t help but wonder what an octopus woman looks like in this world.

Things don’t look like how they should… everything from wingless flying lizards… I’m still not over that. Sometimes I wonder if some idiot just wrote this for the website after writing that fan fiction and somehow it sparked a chain reaction causing this messed up world to exist. Like who comes up with this stuff? What kind of degenerate would enjoy reading this sort of thing?

I pulled myself out of bed, got dressed and went to see Elder Liu. Either Iora stops this or I am going to leave the Sect, hide or do something because she can involuntarily control me. Not only that, but her threat against my resistance was to force me to satisfy one of her male toys.

Screw that! I’d rather die!

I immediately go out and find Elder Liu once again. She was in her study near my room.

“Elder Liu! I can’t take this anymore. I’m going to do something drastic if I have to spend another night with that foul woman!”

“I understand,” Elder Liu said. “Here is the key HouXiang made for the room. If you lock yourself in there, she is the only one who can make a key to bring you back out. HouXiang destroyed the other key when she made this one, so even with her acute sense of smell there won’t be a chance that Sect Master Iora will find it and open the door.”

Wow… that was quick.

“Thank you, Elder Liu.”

I give her a respectful bow and I go back to the room I stayed in for so long when I first came here. It had only been about two weeks, but it felt like ages ago. The water source was still there, and the key was with me. Now

Elder Liu watched as Dong Chen left. She brought him a week’s supply of food so he could spend his time away from Iora. There were so many mysteries to the previous Sect Masters that even if she wanted to know about them, there was too much history and many lifetimes worth of experience for each one. Iora however gained most of her sexual experience from bringing home new male partners each night.

The evening came and Iora returned once more, this time with even more males than before.

“Sect Master Iora,” Elder Liu bowed.

“Carry on,” Iora said, going to the chamber with the group.

A few moments later Iora returned to find Elder Liu going about her duties looking over the Sect and handling various affairs.

“Where is Dong Chen?” Iora asked.

“He’s locked himself in the safe room,” Elder Liu said. “There is no way I can get him out.”

“Why has he locked?”

“He does not want to be controlled by you anymore is what he said.”

Iora glared at Elder Liu as though she was ready to rip her apart. The aura around Iora had grown much stronger than it had been before. The dual cultivation was working, and it sent a chill down her spine. She was already two realms higher than her, and it seemed her cultivation was still growing.

“You didn’t stop him?” Iora asked. “You should stop him. I needed to cultivate with him again tonight. I have only one week. Time is precious.”

“HouXiang did it, not me,” Elder Liu said.

Iora’s hand went to Elder Liu’s throat as she pinned her against a wall, choking her. The wall had cracks in it as Iora had anger in her eyes.

“You had the key, and you gave it to him,” Iora said. “You are at fault.”

“I did as Grand Sect Master instructed. If you kill me, you will have to answer to her.”

Iora held Elder Liu up, still glaring, then she put her down and left. Iora walked into the chamber where her male partners for the night were awaiting her and mesmerized by the beauty they detected under her mask.

Elder Liu grasped her neck. There were red marks where the beast woman had choked her. A few moments later she heard cries and screams coming from the chamber where all the male species had followed her.

“We did as you asked! We came here because you told us you wanted to mate!”


Blood-curdling screams came out, and the noise was chilling. Wails came out as a few of them tried to fight back.

“We have to fight, kill her before she kills us!”

“She’s too high of a cultivator!”

“She killed him just like that! I can’t break her defense!”


Elder Liu walked over and witnessed a scene with blood all over the wall. The entrails and head of each of the males she brought in with her were detached as she was chewing on the head of one of them.

“You killed them all?”

“No mood for sex, felt like eating one, but they all attacked,” Iora said.

Elder Liu walked back to her study and avoided Iora. This crazy woman was too much and only thought about what she wanted in the moment. There was a reason everyone considered her the most dangerous Sect Master and someone that could not be trifled with. Expelling those males she brought would be easy and asking the Sect to prepare a meal for her would only take a few moments.

The reason she killed them wasn’t because she was hungry, and the reason she felt like eating one was mostly due to anger. This was a base emotion that Elder Liu understood. Instinctually she needed to vent after not getting her way.

While killing males she brought back was not against Sect rules, it was simply the fact she saw those whom she could mate with as food. The backing of HouXiang from before didn’t seem to matter.

“I am going to get Dong Chen,” Iora said. “I will break that door.”

She had left the room with blood all over her face and robes from eating. She had a shaft in her hand of which she was chewing, a large one that was almost the size of a human baby. It looked more like what would belong to a horse with the way it was shaped. A beast woman would like the shape and look of a beast more than a human, wouldn’t she?

“Very well,” Elder Liu said.

Iora left toward the safe room. While she didn’t growl or there was an icy glint of anger in her eyes. Elder Liu sighed.

“This crazy bitch of a Sect Master. What am I going to do?”

She walked over to observe Iora’s actions before planning a report for the underground chamber.


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