Mom-con – Ch. 75

Chapter 75

We walked down to the underground chamber. It was Xisleth, Elder Liu, and yours truly. I was holding hands with Grandma Xi as her small hand grabbed my finger and it felt like I was walking with a child. It was my first time going down into the chamber and I was going to have a conversation with them. Grandma Xi said that even though there was a plan in place for Iora, there was still a chance to try to talk her out of it. We had to see what she was going to be like, though hibernation could have also changed her thinking.

Grandma Xi was going to be miniaturized once more, like how she was when she hugged my shaft. I don’t think I can ever get used to something like that. The power of cultivators are ridiculous and there is nothing that a mortal can do against them. They’re literally the equivalent of gods compared to others, and the more powerful ones look down on the weaker ones as though they are ants.

“I’ll see you soon, Grandma?” I said.

“Yes, you will, Little Dong.” Grandma Xi smiled. “I don’t think it’ll be that long once everything has been taken care of. You’ll be gone after I make certain arrangements.”

“Yeah… I believe I agreed to go to another Sect for Sana and there are two more after that I need to seduce.”

Grandma Xi laughed.

“Seduce? Little Dong, do you even know how to seduce? It’s not seduction, but attraction. That is the emanating Yang that will come out of you will be attractive to cultivators within one stage of the pinnacle and those who are in bottle necks. There is no need for you to act embarrassing as those men have tried to seduce your grandmother in the past. If those women know what’s good for them, then they will naturally come after you. You might have trouble fending them off yourself.”

The thought of a mature woman coming after me or chasing me around reminds me of when there was an eight foot tall vampire lady in some game and lots of people wanted her to chase them. I didn’t get the appeal of that. Who would want to switch places with me and have to marry and impregnate all these women who are older than my oldest ancestors in my previous life?

Elder Liu was walking off to the side, keeping silent. The chamber door came in sight and she opened them for the two of us to walk into a room where there were several glass boxes with the small miniature bodies of the previous Sect Masters. Hou Jian was off to the side in a large box, I suppose her cultivation didn’t allow her to change or alter her body size at this point.

“It’s you again,” HouXiang said. “Your mother Risless will awaken soon and the portal is behind the door in the chamber. When she is awake, take her there with you and stay there until you’re ready to conceive a child with her.”

“Wait? That’s all you’re going to say to me?”

“What, did you want me to say I am now totally in love with you and only you?” Sana interjected.

I was talking to HouXiang but sure, I’d like to hear that from you Sana. You’re the one I want even more than Hou Jian… I’m not even sure Hou Jian was anything more than someone I felt sorry for because of her unfortunate circumstances.

“You’re so sweet,” Sana said.

“You’ll make the rest of us jealous with that sweet talk to only one,” Gora said. “After all that effort I made for you over the week?”

“Effort? You were just trying to cultivate,” I said to Gora’s transparent apparition.

“No… Little Dong prefers to keep it in the family, so Risless and I will be the ones who serve him the most. The rest of you can forget about him once you’ve had a child with him to break free of the shackles of hibernation.”

“Dong Chen is mine,” an angry voice came.

It was Iora. She was alive and hibernating. I could sense the anger coming out of her apparition as she hovered over in a menacing way. There was nothing to be said for her except for the fact I still hated her from all the things I had seen previously, which were forced upon me.

“I hate you,” I said to Iora.

The others seemed to react differently.

“Dong Chen, you shouldn’t say that to others,” HouXiang reprimanded. “Even if you have a dislike for someone, saying it in public like that prevents any reconciliation.”

“Like I care about reconciliation! Someone so selfish and awful as her who only cares about her own base desires without thought of how it affects others… you think I want to be associated with her in any way? I don’t! I don’t want to see her ever again.”

“You will see me,” she said. “You will break my shackles.”

Forceful as always, but there is no point in arguing with a beast. Is there anyway to get through to some people in this world? The only thing people like her would understand is violence. Unless the same language is spoken, then getting a point across is almost impossible. I gathered myself out and ignored her.

“When will my mother awaken?” I asked.

“She will awaken soon,” Grandma Xi said, handing me a stone. “This stone will wake her up and I will go into hibernation since it’s her turn to be out. Once she awakens, go with her to the other realm and work on what you need to do.”

Grandma Xi winked.

Again… I don’t even know how to process all of this. I want to say it doesn’t bother me but feelings don’t work that way. Still, there was one thing I thought would be important to say.

“I know we’re all going to be very intimate with each other later on, but I want to make one thing clear,” I said. “There will absolutely be no pegging. It’s an exit, not an entrance.”

They all looked confused. I guess the word ‘pegging’ isn’t something that they understand. That’s good, though. Previous Dong Chen, or I should call him Jordan, said the author who wrote the ‘fan fiction’ of that other novel where mothers went after their son was the same author who was writing the story that I’m currently in. So if the degenerate author has some sort of connection, I’m afraid he’s going to write something like that from now on.

So I in order to prevent that from happening I have to be proactive. I don’t like the idea that one of them will… forget it!

“I just felt I needed to say that,” was all I said after.

Confused still they said nothing. I went up to mom’s body and placed the stone there, which helped her awaken. There were lights in the room that pushed Grandma Xi into the box she occupied before. Her body shrunk down to the size of a small figurine.

The room begin to stir and mom woke up. Her eyes opened and closed like how one would after a long sleep as she looked at me.

“Mom, how are you feeling?” I asked.

The glass box around her faded and her body grew to her original as I carried her in my arms. It would take longer for her to wake up, so I walked her to the portal so that her power fluctuations wouldn’t be detected if she lost control or got startled.

“Take care of her,” HouXiang said.

“We’re counting on you,” Sana’s words came out teasingly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.” I walked with her in my arms. “It’s time to put the plans in place.”

I walked through the portal and came out on the other side. It was a plain world with mostly grass and things to eat. The sky was bright, but there was no sun. The clouds… there were none. It was just a plain blue sky and a bunch of grass. I guess I’m supposed to do something with mom on the grass then.

Mom was still recovering her energy, so I looked around at the crops that were growing in the grass. There was spiritual energy coming from everything in this world. It’s amazing something like this could exist, but it makes sense why the laws of physics and other things rarely make sense. Majority of things I’ve seen since coming here make little sense on either the physical or scientific realm.

Maybe it’s just because I’m not used to how this world functions and there was a great mystery to everything here. Laying in the grass next to mom I waited for her to wake up. Thinking about what was to come next made me nervous.


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