About His Majesty

I’m the reflection of perfection, the man that gets all the attention, and the man with the greatest charm, the highlight reel and the people’s favorite, Wu Jizun.

I used to translate Mangas, Manhuas and Manhwas but I’m getting bored of it like I get bored of cake after 5 minutes, so I decided to move onto novels, especially these two I’m picking up because I like the genres and because I can. And, I’ll assume I’ll see talk with some remote form of thought.

I’m aussie, so deal with the way I spell.

Qualifications & Accolades (not including all the wushu, thai boxing… etc. ’cause I’ll need a national library for them)

  • HSK & HSKK Lvl 6
  • 2014 Hanyu Qiao (汉语桥) Finalist in Australia; for the record, I still hold the record for two first places, and one third (read 1st place), in other words, placing in every category imaginable
  • 2nd Place 2014 Chinese Language Star Writing Competition (Australia)
  • Double Masters in Dominance & Modesty

Stuff I do in my spare time: Write songs, get high on hypertrophy, translate more stuff and look good.

TL;DR = I’m the greatest translator, don’t ask your dad for permission, don’t ask your mom for permission, sit down and just read my stuff. Read my translations and your thought patterns will start being more like mine. Not that I blame you, I’m very pleased with the way I think.

If you’re reading this, it means you want to be more like me. If somebody sent you here, it means that someone close to you wishes you were more like me, and that he or she found a perfect way to both give you a present and send you a message.

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Email (Strictly business only/仅用于工作上的联系): 1523818988@qq.com 
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lordwujizun/

Wu Jizun is a legally registered Australian individual/sole trader business.

ABN: 59 247 046 218