Mom-con – Ch. 66

Chapter 66

In the room, I ate my food and passed the time reading books. There were five days left and if I go by Iora’s patterns she should be back by now and either looking for me or being happy with the monsters, she brought back and forgetting all about me. I really hope it’s the latter. I have no interest in a woman who acts more like a beast than a sapient individual who can reason.

Well, she could reason… she reasoned she had power and could get whatever she wanted.

Mom was pretty bad at first like that too… but she was my mom and I was her son, so I had to forgive her. Iora has no blood ties with me, and so I will not relent on this. I want nothing to do with her, and I will not have a child with her. The other Sect Master’s can’t force me.

Since I’m going to be a universal dual cultivator, my status should be of utmost importance. That important status means I should have some power and influence over what I want to do as long as I am providing the Blossoming Flowers with a service that they can’t get from anywhere else. That service is them getting stronger by taking my seeds into their body… or a yang stick, as HouXiang calls it.

I want to do it with Sana… I just can’t stop thinking about her. HouXiang is nice too… but Sana… that slim body… those feminine eyes and long ears. I can’t wait to get her pregnant.


A loud hit on the door.


“Open!” a loud growling voice came.

It was Iora; it was definitely Iora. I can’t believe that bitch… like I’m going to open it and let you control me again!

“Go away,” I said. “I’m not interested in what you’re trying to sell me.”

“Open and give me seed,” Iora yelled. “Do as I say and I won’t scratch or bite you!”

I ignore it. I don’t want to waste time arguing with her.

“I said open!”

More banging. The hits on the door vibrated the entire room like an earthquake. If she wanted to kill me I wouldn’t survive. Animals tend to intimidate other animals to establish dominance. Iora here was doing the same. She’s lived for thousands of years this way. Changing her habits was something I couldn’t ask for or expect. I just wanted her gone and out of my life.

I don’t want to see a man with eight… no more… get that out of my mind…

She kept banging unrelentingly, and I kept thinking about how to get rid of her. Once I impregnate the others… I don’t want her as my wife… I don’t want her at all. I can’t even leave this room because of her.

Why do these things keep happening?

I felt anxious again. It’s like my life will have one controlling woman after another trying to force me to do or see things I don’t want. After this I’m also supposed to see three women who are in other Sects and entice them to come into this one?

Josephina is pretty attractive for a middle-aged looking woman, but what about the other two? One of them better not be a beast woman. I’m going to make it a rule… if anyone wants to dual cultivate with me, they have to abstain from intercourse and touching other males for a month. After the month is over, I’ll be willing to dual cultivate. I don’t want to be touching any juices or leftovers from another male.

That’s just the bottom line.


It just wouldn’t stop would it.

“Open!” Iora’s loud shrieking voice came out.

She sounded just like mom when she was in her ravaging state, wanting to force herself on me. This world is full of sick and crazy women doing sick and crazy things. I just don’t know where to go next. What was I supposed to do with all of this?

“I’m not opening up, screw you!” I yelled back, “I am not going to dual cultivate with you ever again! I’d rather die.”


The loudest and most powerful hit shook the room, and I felt it dislodge and move back.


Another hit and the room started tilting… this place was going to fall over, wasn’t it?


No, the room is definitely tilting.

“Last chance, come out or fall with the room!” Iora screamed.

“I said I’d rather die!”

The room felt as if it were being lifted into the air. It tilted and then I felt weightless, as if falling. The motion caused me to go upwards toward the ceiling as the translucent ceiling had a silhouette that seemed to show it was Iora.


Iora hit the ceiling with tremendous force. My body was in the air as I hit the sides of the room constantly. I could tell I was falling. The room that was lifted into the air was now going towards the ground. I couldn’t look out and couldn’t see a thing.

For several moments the sensation of falling only filled me with more and more anxiety about what was going to happen. Would I die?

I kept darting across the room by kicking the wall, trying to think of a way to survive the coming impact. I couldn’t tell what was happening outside, only that I was like a bug being shaken inside a jar.

Everything in the room flew around.


Elder Liu had heard a loud banging sound, but she could not do anything about it as she was not powerful enough to stand up to Iora. There was a saying amongst cultivators that challenging those one realm higher was foolish, challenging those two realms higher was suicide. Iora was two realms higher and had dual cultivated. All she could do is hope that the room could withstand the force.

Only as she watched Iora bang on the room, she hit it so hard it dislodged from the palace and smashed it upward high into the air. The room flew, spinning and rotating in every direction, and reached a height where it was nothing more than a dot in the sky. Elder Liu’s cultivation however allowed her to see clearly as Iora smashed it down towards the ground.

That woman has gone mad! I have to inform the others.

The room itself crashed into the Sect, causing a shock wave where there were many destroyed buildings and homes. Elder Liu flew over there to see the room still in pristine condition while there were many injured everywhere. There were many injured cultivators but no deaths as most of them had left the point of direct impact. The third Elder was there.

“Elder Liu, what is all this?”

“It’s Sect Master Iora,” Elder Liu said.

“Sect Master Iora?” the Third Elder was surprised. “The most warmongering of all the Sect Masters in the past? The one who carved a trail of blood along the continent to satiate her own desire for battle?”

It was known through the Sect History that the Blossoming Flowers had always been a Sect that preferred peace. The founder HouXiang had started this and moved along through the generations. Only one Sect Master wouldn’t follow it. That was Iora, a woman who joined the Sect because one elder found her many years after Sana went into hibernation.

She was in a weak beastman family and the Sect Elders at the time tried to raise her and taught her etiquette, but her unruly bestial nature could not be contained. Only trained, but those who had trained her were no longer here and she listened to no one but her instincts.

Now this was far too much. Iora continued to pound on the boxed room while it was on her ground while screaming.


There was no reasoning with her. The only way to tame a beast was to overpower her, but there was no one in the Sect who could do so currently. The mask over her face was still there as it was part of her training growing up by those who had tamed her.


Iora struck the room again causing a shock wave and Elder Liu rushed over to prevent her from doing more damage to the Sect.

“Stop!” Elder Liu yelled. “You are going to destroy the Sect. If you do that, no one can live here anymore. No one, and you won’t have a place to come back too anymore!”

Iora stared at Elder Liu.

“I must dual cultivate, and he won’t dual cultivate with me,” Iora said. “If he won’t then I must break him out and make him.”

“That’s not how this works,” Elder Liu said. “If he doesn’t want to then you can’t force him.”

The women around overhearing this recognized that Iora was a previous Sect Master and were now gossipping about her wanting to dual cultivate. What kind of man could resist the beauty of such a goddess? The man in that room? Wasn’t that room the one where the current Sect Leader’s son stayed?


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