Mom-con – Ch. 70

Chapter 70

Demons had that sort of position?

“That’s when one of us lies on top of the other and our mouths go where our organs between our legs are. It trains stamina because you learn to focus with another part of your body while being forced to endure stimulation.”

I don’t even know if something like that was true back home, but Gora seems convinced about it.

“I guess we can practice that once we’re able too,” I said. “I still don’t know how I’m going to react when I see mom’s face, but if I can take that then there won’t be anymore need for masks or clothing around me. Won’t have to do it in the dark either.”

“Yes, after Xisleth, that’s the plan. There are many things we’ll be asking you to do for the Sect, but you’re also allowed to refuse.”

“I’m allowed to refuse?” I was a bit surprised at this.

“You’ll be allowed to refuse because we won’t force you to do everything. We agreed upon that after everything that happened with Iora,” Gora said. “None of us want you to be unhappy.”

That was good to know. Then I won’t have to deal with going to Josephine. I’m not even sure I want to get tangled up with her who has so many children already. I mean I get that having a lot of children for some of them might be a pleasant thing but when they have children older than you it makes it awkward doesn’t it?

All of them had children older than me.

“Gora, can I ask you about the son you had when you did your ritual?”

“My son?” Gora’s voice trailed off. “My son…”

“Is it a sensitive subject you don’t want to remember?”

“For all of us except Iora, it is a sensitive subject we don’t want to remember,” Gora said. “Those of us born with the Fate of Extreme beauty remain beautiful forever. So in that beauty we don’t die of old age. We can only die if we kill ourselves or if someone kills us. As such, we are always going to outlive our children.”

“I… see…”

When I think about mom, she is probably going to be sad about it. I know she had wronged me, but I can still tell she has an intense love for me. She doesn’t want to lose me. Parents burying their children is a situation that is far worse than the other way around in a world where expectations are not always reality.

“You don’t have to worry though,” Gora said. “According to all our calculations, anyone you dual cultivate with will return to a point in time where they are beautiful again.”


That’s a surprise.

I’m always getting surprised.


“Anyone older than middle age will return to middle age,” Gora said. “Those younger will maintain their youth as long as you continue to dual cultivate with them once every few years. This is from the influence you have from being compatible with us as it returns women to beauty.”

Wait, does that mean I could also restore Elder Liu to a more… middle aged appearance? Then at least she won’t be old… and she will live longer… but what kind of power is this exactly? It’s like I’m the fountain of youth…

“What about my age? Am I going to age?”

“HouXiang said you stopped aging ever since your mother ate some of your Yang,” Gora chuckled. “To think… your own biological mother isn’t spared from this curse of beauty. I can’t wait until it’s Xisleth’s turn with you next. I want to hear how you managed with her. That woman is very fiery and seems to take pride in a certain part of her body more so than any other.”

What’s with these weird nuances for these women? I can’t imagine all the things that are happening around me all the time. They’ve all got these weird ideas and desires. I mean Sana wants to drink milk from a middle-aged looking woman… and HouXiang wants me to impregnate her then dual cultivation with our own daughters.

Now Gora… likes it when I grab her horns and face f*** her… and she is telling me that my powers will keep female cultivators young? It will help make older cultivators younger… and I won’t age anymore and it starts with me?

It’s like… I’m going to have godlike sex abilities, yet I’m still a virgin because I have to lose it to my mom who is out of commission… would Hou Jian accept this sort of arrangement? It’s like all the conditions of a true harem ending are here, but there are so many things that have to happen first.

“With you, eventually our Sect will become a dominating world power, as HouXiang suggested, but in order to do that you have to spread your Yang freely among everyone. You can’t keep it to only a few and it’s better to do it more with those who are blood related.”

You mean incest. It’s better to commit incest…

“Why blood related?”

“Your own children are less likely to betray you if you raised them well and give them territory where they can be independent,” Gora said. “Something demons learn and something we do for our offsprings. Let them be free and support them and they will respect you. Dual cultivating with your daughters will also give you that intimate father and daughter bond.”

Intimate father and daughter… I don’t think that’s the bond a father and daughter are supposed to have. I don’t know… it feels like all my morals are being sapped away from me. I can’t approach this world the same as I did in the past.

“The problem though is that most powers in this world can’t accept the idea of blood related relationships like that, so until you have the power it is best not to tell anyone else about what we will do until we have enough power. The more women you dual cultivate with the more power we’ll have to enforce our own cultures and rules, and such relationships will be considered honorable and beautiful instead of taboo.”

It’s like the saying goes… he who controls the power controls the rules.

The only reason modern politicians can’t control all the rules because they have to continue to use their rules to pacify the masses. If the masses aren’t pacified, then the leader has no powers, so lying and tricking them into thinking they have it nice or good is the best way to continue to centralize their power… except in my case the power will be different.

I’ll be powerful because I’m mooching off the strength that women will get from me dual cultivating with them.

“I guess I can see the plan clearly now,” I said. “I think I know what will have to happen.”

“That’s good, then I can rest easy and relax and enjoy the rest of the week with you,” Gora said. “Remember, the endgame is important because once the continent is in our grasps, with how everything has aligned we can control everything forever… or rather if you’re smart enough it’s you who can control everything forever.”

The week ended and Elder Liu found that Gora’s turn was quiet and pleasant. She was looking forward to Xisleth’s return because she hadn’t seen Xisleth in her true form for thousands of years. The gap between generations of Xisleth to Risless was the second shortest in the history of the Sect Master transitions.

Gora came to see her before going in.

“Xisleth is the most important one,” Gora said. “Of the previous Sect Masters she is the only one with a blood relation to Dong Chen so if she can get him to get rid of his inhibitions then going with Risless is all but guaranteed.”

“That is worrisome,” Elder Liu said. “Xisleth was also known as being the one who bedded only one man, which gave her only child. Most of us in the Blossoming Flowers do not sleep with any man during our lifetime because of her. Her peer was the one who married and bedded her son in order to make sure he was taken care of and held Risless in her belly until Xisleth’s time to hibernate. She was an old woman when she gave birth.”

“I didn’t know that history since I was in hibernation,” Gora said. “Risless mother seems to have died right after she was born and so you raised her. You’ve been the caretaker for two generations of Sect Masters, and that’s an accomplishment in it of itself. I can tell you were a beauty in your own right all the way through middle age. It’s unfortunate Risless only saw you as an old woman, but perhaps that could change one day.”

“Don’t give me hope that might not come,” Elder Liu said. “Such a thing in life is impossible.”

“It might not be, but I am now going to call Xisleth out. I hope you can have a delightful conversation with her.”

“Thank you, Sect Master Gora.”


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