Mom-con – Ch. 86

Chapter 86

“You love me?” I had to confirm. “Um… thanks?”

This isn’t something a woman with so much experience would say. Shouldn’t she be far more cynical after such a night spent with me? I wasn’t sure what to say to her. Did such a response offender her? Not that she isn’t a beautiful woman.

“Such a cool response,” Josephine said. “I really don’t understand you at all.”

“It’s not that I don’t like you,” I said. “I think you’re beautiful. I simply don’t know how much it is I like you. I wouldn’t leave my Sect for you, and I could say that I love my duty as a member of the Blossoming Flowers more than I love you.”

In stories I hate when character say they love someone or have feelings for someone then choose not to be with them. Then there is this whole duty idea that they have to fulfill and they can’t have love. What that actually means is the character doesn’t value love in the first place, or they’re stupid and can’t acknowledge that love is actually important.

In reality, though, feelings don’t run that deep. Stories always have ways of embellishing that feeling of love, and I think that’s also the case here.

“That seems more appropriate,” Josephine said. “I have feelings of love towards you, more so than any of my husbands previously, but if I’m being honest… I’d kill any of my husbands in a heartbeat if they threatened any of my children. The same could be said for you as well.”

“So you love me, but you still love your children more than me,” I said.

“Yes,” Josephine said.

“That’s fair then, but I know that you’ve reached your apex you won’t need me anymore,” I said. “I hope you’re willing to support us in whatever comes next.”

Josephine smiles.

“I’m going to need you for more than that,” she said. “In order to return to my youthful appearance in the future, I’ll have to dual cultivate with you again. I can tell that my body feels much younger after everything we did together.”

Josephine kisses me.

“Stay with me a few more days before you return,” she said. “I don’t want to lose this feeling.”

“I will.”

After days of making love with Josephine and enjoying every part of her body, I finally returned to the Blossoming Flowers Sect. I was growing weary of all the female attention, and I wanted to bring back Hou Jian finally. It hadn’t been long since she was put in stasis, but I still felt guilty over her predicament.

HouXiang was the first to greet me as I returned. She brought me to the bedchamber.

“Dong Chen, you’re back!” she said. “Good, let’s make love first, then I’ll tell you your next task.”

She said it so casually as she stripped the both of us. I went to bed with her thrusting as hard as I could despite having my entire body being buried in between those gigantic mountains of adipose tissue. It’s remarkable how large she really was, so large I don’t think she could exist in the world I originally came from.

With her hands she literally thrusted me back and forth in her as though I were a toy that could satisfy her but when the white stuff came out, I could tell she felt the jolt of energy that improved her immediate condition.

“I can never tire of this,” HouXiang said. “When our girls hatch, what names should we give them?”

“I’m bad at giving names,” I said. “I’m fine with any name.”

HouXiang smiled.

“Well, there is the next task of yours that is going to take place,” she said. “Instead of having you go to the other two Sects like you did with Josephine, I’ve instead invited them here, let’s get dressed and go.”

HouXiang gets me dressed and then takes me for a walk into a courtyard where there are many women with higher cultivation standing in front of me. I could tell they were all women of authority and power, as the aura they gave was one that showed the imposing attitude.

“You need to help all of them dual cultivate,” HouXiang said. “Once you’ve done that there are a few more disciples within our Sect to work on and then we should be ready.”

“Ready to face the world?” I asked.

“Yes,” HouXiang said. “It’ll be at least 9 months, so all the Sect Masters will be ready to go as well. Also, you will need to take on some of our more loyal disciples.”

I stared at HouXiang.

“Hou Jian first,” I said. “Let me revive Hou Jian first, then I’ll do everything else.”

“Very well,” HouXiang said. “Ladies, enjoy your stay for another afternoon. Dong Chen will be ready for you later.”

I saw the mass of women grown in disappointment, but they didn’t fight. The power of the Blossoming Flowers was something that they couldn’t fight against, but the disappointment from their eyes stems from the fact they all wanted a piece of me.

HouXiang brought me down to the chamber where I saw Hou Jian’s body in hibernation. I felt somewhat sorry about it even though I know what happened was my fault, but she was a young girl even younger than I was. She wasn’t an old woman like the ones I’ve been doing it with and so I felt a little more sorry for her because of that. More sorry than I probably should.

“I’ll lift the hibernation from her and as soon as that happens you have to thrust into her without hesitation,” HouXiang said. “Inject the Yang into her and try to dispel the poison with it. Your body isn’t that of a cultivator, but it’s a special body.”

I know it’s special. I’m not even sure about how special it is. I can make older women into young curvy ones and help those with bottlenecks breakthrough. To be honest, it’s completely ridiculous the advantages I was given. If anyone wrote a story of this, the readers would accuse the author of wish fulfillment and just wanting to make whatever he wants happen.

I really can’t complain, but I hope Hou Jian doesn’t get upset at this.

“I’m ready,” I said to HouXiang.

“Then let’s start.”

HouXiang lifted the hibernation, and I immediately rammed it into her unconscious body. The ethics should be damned when it comes to making sure she can survive, right? Most disciples in this Sect never get married anyway, so it’s not like I’m stealing this from the one she loves. She said she loved me.

“Stop thinking about such useless things,” HouXiang said. “Concentrate on burning the Yang deep inside her so that it expelled the poison. If you don’t do that, then the results might not be what you want.”

I let go of all those thoughts and focus on my sabre. It isn’t the biggest, but it’s a potent one with a sharpness that pushes special energy into others and can strengthen them. It only works on women and when I order women to do something, I feel the power flowing out of it. Like a magic wand, it can force others to bow down to me.

I push it in harder and deeper, feeling everything that wraps around it. Hou Jian stirs and groans from the poison as I continue pushing it in. With each successive thrust, she seems to be less and less uncomfortable. Concentrating hard, I try to expel the energy I have stored and I can feel the poison leaving her body.

“You’re doing well, Dong Chen,” HouXiang said. “It’s too bad your mother wouldn’t let me be your concubine, but I still want you to come visit me at least once a month. I believe as the Grand Sect Master I should deserve that much.”

I ignore her as I kept concentrating. HouXiang can tease me as much as she wants later. I won’t stop her because I enjoy being teased by her, but she’s watching as I thrust into HouXiang and I’m not sure why, but I enjoy being watched. It’s sort of bringing out another part in me that shouldn’t be there.

“The way you move your hips… I want to see you do that with me next time,” HouXiang said. “I love the way you wiggle. It’s so… smoothe…”

This old perverted woman! Seriously! She’s embarrassing me! How am I supposed to take it? It’s supposed to be a compliment? I keep focus and thrust like my life depended on it and slowly Hou Jian regained consciousness.

Hou Jian’s eyes opened slowly and her Elven ears perked a bit as she looked at me and slowly realized what was going on. Looking at my thrusting abdomen then looking at my face, she went back and forth several times.

Then she screamed.



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