Young Girls, Their Guns and Commander



Short Title: YGTGC

Based on Girls’ Frontline game.

Original Synopsis:

When humanoids were abandoned during the apocalypse, some insisted on protecting humanity’s initial benevolence and loyalty. What makes a human a human? What makes a humanoid a humanoid? Sometimes, nobody can definitively define either of them…

Translator Synopsis:

It’s the end of the world as humanity knew it.

It’s a time where humans and humanoids co-existed.

A group of elite “phantoms”, the elite among the elite, are sent out on a retrieval mission. The team is tasked with retrieving a stolen parcel. The team with a 100% success rate easily retrieves their mission and completes their mission, or did they…?

Insentient humanoids are humanity’s creation. Their task is to obey humanity’s commands. Humans no longer need to shed blood on the battlefield henceforward. Humanoids took their place on the brutal battlefield. Humans were safe in the rear, or were they…?

Tags: Humans, Sci-fi, Romantic Subplot, Action, Military, Discrimination, Soldiers, War, Caring Protagonist, Futuristic Setting, Apocalypse, Conspiracy

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