Mom-con – Ch. 84

Chapter 84

I did nothing with my body guards last night because I needed to put up a distinct impression while I’m here in the Sect. I’m playing a sad boy who lost his mother. Going around and doing it with my body guards… well, I guess I could pass it off as it takes the pain away, but then Josephine might not be the one who wants to get in my pants.

In the morning she came to the door and it opened. She was there, standing much taller than me. My head was up to her breasts and she was letting it all hang out. I mean, she was more covered up yesterday, so… is the allure working?

“Dong Chen, I will be your guide today,” Josephine said.

“You? You’re the matriarch, aren’t you? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to have someone lower give me a tour?”

“Is there something wrong with me giving you a tour?” Josephine asked with a slightly seductive smile.

Okay, I know for a fact she is really taking the bait now. So I just have to play along, right? Do things that will make her want to come after me. I don’t even know how. I’ll just play around.

“No, no, there isn’t!” I blurt.

“Take my hand then,” she said.

“Take your hand?”

“Didn’t you want the comfort of a mother?” she asks. “You came here because your mother died and I have plenty of experience being a mother. All young boys want to hold their mother’s hands.”

This again? I barely escaped being treated like a child… okay I was still being treated like a child, but at least I was a child that had intercourse. I didn’t want to refuse her though since Josephine was an exquisite woman, even when all things were considered.

Jordan… Don’t make waves.

No, I mean… Dong Chen… damn it… ugh…

“That… would be nice,” I said softly and took her hand.

Josephine pulls me over to her and puts her arm around me as we walk. She pressed the side of one of her large mounds up against my face as we walk. The stares from the others on the clan grounds seem to be one of interest, as though they’re glad to see it. Honestly, I found the entire atmosphere strange.

Josephine showed me around her lands, everything from the schools and economy. The army, the places where her children were growing up. I saw everything. I wasn’t even sure anymore what most of it was. I was only sure that Josephine was leading me and her breast that was pressed against my cheek the whole time was very soft.

It’s always an older woman and never one of my age. If I told someone from the modern world that most of my sexual partners would be women older than my mother, I wonder what they would think? Not only that, but they were beautiful as well… heh… I can’t say anything else.

“Dong Chen, do you like being close to me like this?” Josephine asks. “You can see and feel a lot more tonight if you want to sleep in the same bed as me and allow me to comfort you?”


“I would like that,” I said.

Might as well let it happen. It’s funny because if this were some full-blown adult novel I would go in and out and things would happened as though they were forced… well maybe this seems forced… but if this were some regular novel I’d be protesting and delay the inevitable. I mean, I know for a fact I’m going to be pounding her and sucking the milk out of her. There’s no doubt that’s going to happen, so why am I going to keep up the tension and holding out?

Josephine is a beautiful middle-aged woman.

“Then after you’ve had your bath, I’ll come visit you in your room,” Josephine said with a smile.

“Thanks… mom,” I say to her.

“Oh, you want to call me mom too? I don’t know if that’s the right name, but I’ll accept that for now,” Josephine said.

We went through the rest of the day slowly. She held my hand and rubbed me into her body constantly. It was like she was putting out every sign she could that touching her beyond that was okay. HouXiang said she has to make the first move… so doesn’t that mean I have to entice her?

I’m not sure I know how to do that. Even if I had enough sexual activity to last several lifetimes in the last five weeks, they forced it on me. I didn’t really earn it, and by earning it I mean actually enticing or seducing a woman. They all wanted me with little effort and even wanted to force me into it.

I went to take my bath after dinner.

Josephine went back to her room for a quick break. She had spent the entire day escorting Dong Chen around and was tired of putting up her face. Throughout the entire time she was with him, she kept holding herself back.

Her most loyal assistant came into her room.

“How was your day with the young man?” the Assistant asked.

“It’s hard to hold back,” Josephine said. “I can’t tell exactly what it is, but my entire body wants to f*** him. I want to f*** him so badly my mind is going crazy. Didn’t you see how I pressed him into me? The entire clan already knows I have a desire for him now, but he seems to be so dense. Why won’t he make his move?”

“Perhaps he truly is an innocent young man who hasn’t had proper relations with women?” the Assistant said. “His father died before he married, and the background on him suggests that he even avoided women. Perhaps he’s shy and you’re coming on quite strong on him, which makes him afraid.”

Josephine shook her head.

He made me feel like my womanly charms had grown old instead. Such a young man, so much younger than what I’m used to going for.

“Do none in the clan have an opinion against it?”

“No,” the assistant said. “Rather, they think it would help you improve relations with the Blossoming Flowers Sect if you can charm him with your maturity.”

“The Blossoming flowers were clear in the letter he was looking for a mother’s comfort,” Josephine said. “There is nothing about him wanting more than that. Perhaps his lack of movement towards me is because that is all he is looking for.”

“Tonight when you go to bed with him, check to see if he has any reaction to you.”

Josephine glared at the assistant for a moment.

“It was simply a suggestion, Matriarch!”

“Kyla, you’re a young woman and should not be saying such things so casually!” Josephine scolded. “If anyone were to hear you, there might be consequences.”

Honestly, I’m just a little embarrassed she said that. This entire conversation had been one that no one else should hear.

“I apologize, Matriarch,” Kyla said.

Josephine nodded at that, then dismissed her to retire for the night. She then went to bathe as she had become tired from walking with Dong Chen all day. The bath was quickly prepared, and she put in several medicines into the water. The servants would prepare this for her so she could keep her youthful looks as she was nearing the third half of her life in cultivation and everything about her would deteriorate quickly once she went over the hill.

Oh, the things I do to keep myself young looking.

The water circled Josephine’s body as the medicine caused her skin to shine. With such careful treatment and use of medicines, her body remained its youthful vibrance while her face had the glow of a more mature woman. The luxuries afforded her were mostly because of her power and her Clan would stand prosperous as long as she backed them up from unscrupulous mortals.

Still, Josephine thought about her instincts towards Dong Chen.

I can feel that he can produce a successor for me, and I can feel he will make me even more powerful if I tried to dual cultivate with him even though he is not a cultivator. I don’t understand it, but he feels compatible. What should I do? What excuses can I use to try to seduce him?

He’s so young… but… I want him… inside me…

Why am I thinking this! Why do I keep having thoughts of… am I falling in love with him?

In the water, ripples formed around her breasts and the surface as she slowly trembled at the realization.


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