Mom-con – Ch. 87

Chapter 87

“Why are you doing this to me?” Hou Jian screamed. “We hardly know each other and I don’t even know you! You haven’t even asked me to marry you and this is what you’re doing to me?”

“I’m sorry!” I said.

I pull out, but the poison hadn’t all been dispersed, and she burned inside. Hou Jian screams.

“Quickly, go back inside her!” HouXiang orders.

HouXiang restrains Hou Jian as my dragon returns to the wet and slimy cave, and I go in and out repeatedly until all the poison is gone. Hou Jian continues to scream back at me as this happens.

“How dare you!” She yells.

“This is to save you,” HouXiang says. “If not for this, the poison would have you die. Isn’t it better to live rather than to die?”

“To live like this?” Hou Jian screamed.

“I thought you liked Dong Chen,” HouXiang was a bit confused. “There is a mental block in your mind that prevents me from reading it, but there seems to be something you are hiding.”

“I’m an elf and I came to the Sect to take after Sana, whom I idolized,” Hou Jian said. “I wanted to save Dong Chen because he was important to the Sect, I did not want him to touch me.”

Wait a minute. The way she behaved and did things before were vastly different from what she is saying now. The poison was gone and Hou Jian got up to leave. She glared at me.

“You know I only wanted you as my friend I prefer women,” Hou Jian said as she stormed off. “I’m going on a journey to clear my head. I ask permission to be granted.”

HouXiang nods as Hou Jian leaves.

I’m sitting there stunned. There were very few words that could describe what I was thinking, and HouXiang stood over me.

“We should kill her,” HouXiang said. “She’s probably a traitor who wants to use the information she gained. When she was in hibernation, she might not have been able to talk or do anything, but there is no guarantee that she couldn’t see or hear what was going on within the chamber. Hibernation stops the body from acting but doesn’t force the spirit to sleep.”

“You mean she could have talked to us while she was in hibernation?” I asked.

“It’s possible she could have been just like how we were and it’s possible we could have completely shut her out. Hibernation affects people differently, and someone who has a low level of cultivation like hers would have unpredictable effects since Sects will rarely hibernate someone who isn’t a pillar for them.”

“I see.” Then Hou Jian could really be a spy… “I don’t want to believe that she did all this and everything was an act.”

“You need to believe it,” HouXiang said.

“Well, it doesn’t matter if she is or not because I can order her to do whatever I want, can’t I?”

“That might be true,” HouXiang said. “Perhaps letting her go might be for the best. Anyway, it’s time to visit your mom who wants to see you again. Let’s go to the other realm. Elder Liu has been spending nights there.”

“Elder Liu… but I thought she didn’t need to hide?”

“Oh… they’re all spending their nights there,” HouXiang said. “They leave me to watch over the Sect by myself and I feel so lonely. You see Dong Chen, there was one other effect that your dual cultivation seems to have that is unintended.”

“Another effect? You know what… stop being so cryptic and just tell me. I’ve been surprised enough and since I’ve come to this status as a dual cultivator, it’s just been one crazy thing after another.”

Just how many effects does this have? It’s like every time it’s mentioned some additional effect happens. I’m betting this additional effect is going to be equally ridiculous. It’s like there is nothing I can do to stop it. I wonder how others would react to it.

HouXiang smiles.

“You’ll see once we go to the other realm.”

We step through and out on the grassy fields there are naked women crawling over each other and making love to each other. Among them were all the elders of the Sect that I had helped regain their youth… and all the previous Sect Leaders. It was like an orgy of…

“What the heck? Why do they have that between their legs?”

No… this is a nightmare!

“Oh? Don’t worry, those aren’t real,” HouXiang said. “They’re formed temporarily with spiritual Qi and will go away once the Qi is no longer applied. It’s the same as increasing or decreasing their natural height like how your grandma Xisleth shrunk herself to wrap around your most important stick.”

“I don’t like it!”

“Well, you weren’t here, and we had to satisfy ourselves. This was one way to do it since your Yang circulates through each of us. By circulating it between ourselves it helps us refine and we are addicted to the feeling for each other.”

HouXiang smiles as mom spots me, she had nothing in between her legs as it was the Fourth Elder who had been pounding her but she comes to up to me and hugs me pressing my face in between.

“Dong Chen, you’re back! Come! Come inside mommy!” Risless smiled. “Dong Chen, we’ve been doing a new technique to help ease ourselves in your absence. I was wondering if you’d like to try it? I know you’re a male, but Sana said even men can enjoy it if something enters them from behind.”

“No! Nope… no! I’m not interested! Nope!” I say as I back off.

If there were an animated gif of a badger running away… that’d be me. I left for the exit immediately. I’m also not looking back.

Risless followed me and grabbed my shoulder.

“Son, is there something wrong with what mommy said?”

“Mom, I want nothing going inside me, okay? I’m the man. The man is supposed to put it inside the other person. The man does not get penetrated.”

I could order them to make sure this never happens, I could also order them to stop playing with each other this way. Somehow though they seemed to enjoy it and perhaps there would be a day where there were too many to do it with so this might be their only option.

Mom giggled.

“Son, you really are squeamish about this. Mommy can’t imagine you after shamelessly sticking your yang stick into so many of us that there would be something you were afraid of. Mommy won’t do that though because mommy can’t help being your mom.”

“Little Dong, you won’t let Grandma return the favor?” Grandma Xi came over.

They had their clothes on in a flash. It’s like they can take off or put on their clothing in an instant by thinking about it. It’s so convenient, and come to think about it, I saw none of them take time in the morning to get ready like normal females would. They were ready as soon as they wanted to be.

“You can do it with each other, but I’m always going to be the man when dual cultivating.” I had to be firm about this. “I would also prefer not seeing this type of thing going on in front of me. It makes me feel uncomfortable.”

“I guess we can stop doing it in front of him,” Sana said. “I have to tell you, Dong Chen, we have lusted after those who have dual cultivated with you before. This means you should be careful who you want us sleeping with in the future.”

I can’t help but just stare at them, thinking about what my responsibilities are now. I know I’m going to be dual cultivating… but doesn’t that mean Josephine will come here too as well? I told her I was only there to make her an ally but went under the guise of wanting comfort because I didn’t want the enemy sects to know about me… but now…

“Yes, Josephine might visit often,” HouXiang said. “It’ll make Sana thrilled.”

Of course it’ll make Sana happy. I don’t know why this bothers me so much, but I have to accept this. Forget it, just forget everything and pound away.

In a hidden sect far away from the Blossoming flowers, there is an old woman who has many servants. In her chamber a thick amount of Qi and power rotates by her along with hundreds of divine items at her beck and call. She sits there sensing the ebb and flow of the world.

There was something wrong with the world, and she could tell that there was a threat to her power. This old woman had been controlling three of the four major sects, and only the Blossoming Flowers wasn’t under her finger. The Fate of Extreme Beauty had always been something mysterious to her, yet she had never moved to stomp them out as she had hoped to instead bring them to follow her.

She believed herself to be the most powerful being on the continent during her prime, and currently there were few who could match her. She was of a race long forgotten.

“Madam Etero,” her servants called to her and bowed. “The spy sent to the Blossoming Flowers has returned. She wishes to give her report.”

“Send her in,” Madam Etero said.

A lone figure walked in and bowed down with her face to the floor towards Madam Etero. Taking a deep breath, the young woman trembled in her presence. There was a certain pressure that exuded from her which made all around her fear her existence.

“Madam Etero,” the young woman bowed.

“Identify yourself,” Madam Etero said.

The woman took off her headcloth and scar, revealing blue hair and ears. The surrounding power brimmed higher than before she had found it difficult to handle her sudden surge in cultivation.

“I am Hou Jian,” the young woman said. “I have information about the Blossoming Flowers that could cause issue for you.”

Madam Etero sat there contemplating the fluctuations in the world she had noticed over the last several months. There was indeed a disappearance of the hibernating Sect Leaders who defied their age, but that disappearance she suspected was because of hiding in a pocket realm or dimension.

“Report,” Madam Etero said, not wasting any words.

Hou Jian began her report.


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