Mom-con – Ch. 81

Chapter 81

With everyone now knocked up, I felt it was time to talk about the next destination. HouXiang was going to set me up to go to visit the Venezuela Clan. Josephine was the matriarch and the woman I was supposed to win over. While I was over there, HouXiang would pull in the female masters of various sects and I would be the stud that helps them all power up.

Yes, I’ve been effectively reduced to nothing but a stud. I guess the tastes of women in this world is towards whoever can help them and make them more powerful. I will not act like an idiot, though.

In the small world within the portal, mom held my hand and took me to bed. It was like she couldn’t stop making love to me since her mask came off. There were no more repressed feelings, and she seemed to have a certain possessiveness of me.

“You can make love to others, but you have to remember mommy is your number one even when Hou Jian comes back. It doesn’t matter if she becomes your wife.”

“Mom, I thought you were all going to marry me,” I said.

“No, we discussed this without you,” Mom said. “Except for Grandma, they’re all going to be your Aunt’s so they’ll be family, but I am your only mom from now on. No one else can be your mom. Also, HouXiang saying she is going to be your wife? Hah! She’s older than our ancestors! How could such an old woman want to be my son’s wife? Pathetic! She can be your aunt and have your children, but that’s the extent. Hou Jian can be your wife, but only because you like her, but she must be able to allow me to have my nights with you!”

Mom… why has your personality changed again?

She pushed me onto the bed and ground my sword with her entry point. The feeling was ridiculously stimulating as the soft and slippery friction caused my mind to be blown out. Mom became more and more wild as she panted.

“I always wanted this… even from the moment you were born, I wanted you to grow up so I can savor you!” Mom said.

She kept bouncing in and out until we both climaxed, screaming out together. There were ears at the door.

“Stop making me jealous!” Sana’s voice was heard.

“He’s my son so I should have first rights to him at all times!” Mom yelled back. “Now give us our privacy!”

Mom locked the room with an even tighter force field as mom asserted her domineering and possessive traits.

“I’m going to make it so you can never see another woman the same way as me,” Mom said with a devious smile. “You can never let me go. Mommy is going to spoil you for others!”

HouXiang gathered the others and near a table in their small realm. The grass glistened in the artificial breeze and she sat there feeling superior to the others because of her enormous assets. Even Iora was now subservient since she had been ordered too by Dong Chen.

“So we are now going to move onto phase two, I’m glad Iora has reached an understanding,” HouXiang said. “Dong Chen shouldn’t bring back Hou Jian until after he completes the next phase. I believe he will agree to that based on his current temperament.”

“Then the next will be Josephine Venezuela?” Sana has a bright smile on her face as some drool came down her mouth. “I want to meet her so badly after seeing her come visit… being in hibernation is terrible that way.”

“You peeked at her?” Gora asked.

“You peak at all the nice ladies, do you remember how much you peaked at Risless as she grew up?” Xisleth said. “You want my granddaughter that badly? You also peaked at Elder Liu when she was younger too!”

“I mean… I can’t help it when they’re large and round!” Sana said. “I just want to drink it all! It’s too bad you won’t let me peak at you, HouXiang. You even made sure your first time with Dong Chen was in the other realm.”

“Sana, if you wanted to be with me, you only need ask. We can have our privacy later.”

Hearing HouXiang say this, Sana immediately slinked down, almost unable to bear it. Her drool dropped to the floor as the others could tell she really wanted it. Having the ability to walk out freely into the world once more made everything different.

“I’ll send Dong Chen over to her as a visitor instead of the marriage proposal that Sana talked about before,” HouXiang said. “We’ll say that Risless had an unfortunate accident and I am now the Sect Master of the Blossoming Flowers. Since our Sects are on different levels, it is unlikely that she would refuse to take him for a few weeks. While he is there, it should be easy for her to tell the benefits of being with him.”

“I disagree with this plan, I want Dong Chen to myself,” Iora said. “I need more of him.”

“You’re already pregnant with his child!” Xisleth said. “I’m his great grandmother and Risless is his mother, so by rights she has more claim to him.”

“It’s no use arguing,” Gora said. “Dong Chen can have what he wants now that he can order us around. That universal ability to control women however makes us have less worry about his safety since all female cultivators will naturally bow to him and do as he asks.”

“Then we will give him a few days’ rest while I write and send the letter to Josephine,” HouXiang said.

Screams were heard coming from the building Risless and Dong Chen were in. Hearing those screams made the five women tremble with jealousy, but they kept their mouths shut. They each had to wait their turn.

“Thank you, Xisleth,” Gora said.

“What are you thanking me for?” Xisleth asked.

“You improved his libido with that technique, otherwise there wouldn’t be enough of him to go around.”

Several days go by and I spent the more time with Mom than I did with the others. I got my reps in with them as well because they were all quite demanding. It was just one request after the other, but with the libido I had… I couldn’t say no. I wasn’t mesmerized by their beauty like others would be. It was strange because while I had a constant desire for intercourse… the instinctive desire was less about control and more about me wanting to pump it out.

HouXiang came to talk to me once I left the small realm where all of them would stay.

“You gave the order for Iora to play nice, right?” HouXiang asked.


“Good,” HouXiang said. “Dong Chen, Josephine has responded to your letter, and she is the ally we need the most in all of this. She has a large Sect that is only one step below the four great sects, and the only reason for them being a step below is the fact she has not broken through to the pinnacle realm of cultivation. She doesn’t know you or your abilities, but I know she will sense you because of her high level. Bring her to our level and we’ll have a great ally when we face the rest of the world.”

“HouXiang, I want you to clarify what you mean by facing the rest of the world.”

“Well, Dong Chen. You see. You committed a grave Taboo by impregnating your mother and also your Great Grandmother.” There was a teasing smile on her face. “You also impregnated me and I’ve laid my eggs. When we face the world, we need to have enough allies and power to do so or they will wipe us out. That’s the law of the world, the strong make the rules. It doesn’t matter what is fair, the virtuous are those with the power to back up their positions and it has always been that way.”

HouXiang was right, and this was true even in the modern world I came from. Who was good wasn’t based on their morality, but by how well they manipulated the masses. The difference is here it’s based on martial might since the ability to kill another measured power. This world was less complicated than the modern world, but its essence is the same.

So I’m going to be a gigolo…

“So I am to seduce her?”

“No, don’t do that,” HouXiang said. “If you seduce her, she might use that to her advantage and try to force you into staying with her. While she can’t physically assault you because you can order her to stop, the ability you have to order women stops at physical movement and you still can’t control her thoughts or what she says.”


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