Mom-con – Ch. 40

Chapter 40

The next morning Hou Jian went out and performed as usual under the tutelage of the Third Elder. The training was more strict, and they were taught more combat styles and stealth. Qin Zheng as usual excelled in such a style as she and Hou Jian moved side by side.

“Let me show you,” Qin Zheng said.

She repeated a mantra and her body became invisible to where Hou Jian couldn’t even detect her. When the breeze blew by, Hou Jian could see it even blew through where Qin Zheng’s body should be.

“This… this isn’t the technique that is taught by this Sect,” Hou Jian exclaimed.

“Oh this? This is a secret technique the Third Elder taught me and told me to impart it to someone who might be worthy. They are thinking of making me an instructor in the future, so they want me to train those who might learn it. I’m just starting with you.”

“Thank you! Thank you so much!”

Hou Jian hugged Qin Zheng tightly. Her longer Elven arms easily enveloped the smaller frame of the dwarf.

“Stop that!” Qin Zheng said. “You’re merely the first I’m teaching, not the last, and I was instructed to do this.”

“Okay, okay!”

Hou Jian was happy. She sat down as Qin Zheng instructed her and practiced the invisibility technique. They practiced until night time and try as she might she was not able to master it in one day.

“I’m sorry!” Hou Jian said. “I’m sorry I couldn’t get past this level. I couldn’t learn it.”

“We will continue tomorrow,” Qin Zheng said. “You’re already doing well enough, there is no need to fret. Go back tonight. Sleep, sometimes sleeping can help you reset the ability to learn something and you can be fresh in the morning.”

“Really is that true?”

“Of course it is? Would big sister lie to you?”

“Okay thank you big sis!”

Hou Jian went back to clean herself, eat and then go to bed. Qin Zheng stood there watching the back of the young elven girl. As a dwarf, she had some envy for that figure of hers.

Already calling me big sis…

The night went by and the sun rose once more. Qin Zheng and Hou Jian met again after their daily instruction and practice the invisibility technique much more. With more practice, Hou Jian could grasp it easier.

“This is good, I’m sure you can sneak around the Sect now, especially at night,” Qin Zheng said. “Try doing some practice, if you don’t get caught then it’s a success. Try sneaking into the inner court in that area over there tonight without getting caught as training.”

Sneak into the inner court? Hou Jian had some excitement in her eyes. If she could sneak past them, then it would mean she was good enough to join a scouting squad or something higher up.

“Yes, Big Sis! I’ll do that!”

The days went by slowly. Even as I read the books from morning to night, the fact was they bore me staying inside. I played with my new powers, darting from wall to wall around the inside of the room. There were a lot of things to think about as I did that, including what I was going to do the next day.

Morning became night and night became morning. The cycle continued onward despite me sitting there doing nothing. Mom was in seclusion. Seclusion is usually where cultivators make breakthroughs, if all my Xanxia knowledge is to be correct. If mom takes decades, that would totally suck.

I wonder what Dong Chen is doing… I wish I could take a peak into his life.

An apparition suddenly appeared… it was the old me. Wait… the old me?

“Oh, you’re able to summon me?”

I guess I should refer to him as Jordan from now on since he is technically me now. I mean

“I guess so,” I answer. “I don’t even know why you seem to be here.”

“When I got the artifact from the market, it said that we could always communicate with each other as long as the other side wanted to take a peak at the life of the other person,” Jordan said. “Now that I’m here and I’m Jordan, I have to say I’ve been really enjoying it. I came out of the closet as they say over here, Charles is going to marry me soon and Liz is my dear sister-in-law who is very cute. We are going to attend her and Henson’s wedding soon. Your reputation here is good, don’t worry though I was sad to find out that your parents here were dead.”

“Dong… I mean Jordan… do you love your previous father at all?”

“Oh, you mean Dong Che? The man whom I called father for two decades? The man who wanted me to get married despite my protests? I do not prefer women! He wouldn’t listen, nor would he understand. I hope you can get along with him. I presume you must have married Jade by now, I remember you were into her looks like I was into Charles’ beauty. I hope your life is as happy as mine now!”

“It isn’t,” I said. “Your father… or rather my father now is dead. Dong Che died on the wedding night and Jade tried to kill me. I only survived because your mother Risless came to save me and killed Jade. From what I understand, she killed everyone on the grounds.”

“Everyone? That’s bloody. Jade, though… I thought she was a kind woman.”

“She wanted to take the dowry and have you reject her again! You know that, right? You rejected so many fiances before this happened that they were taking you and Dong Che for granted!”

“I’m sorry… okay I’m sorry… but we can’t switch back now… it’s a one-time thing… besides if you enjoy love with women it’s impossible for you to enjoy my life now without breaking Charles’ heart. I won’t let you hurt my man! Not after those beautiful nights we’ve had together!”

This guy… seriously…

“Well, I’m going to be doing it with Risless your previous mom. I’ve decided after everything is said and done she is the most beautiful and I will make her my bride instead of anyone else.”

Jordan suddenly changed his expression of happiness to shock.

“You can’t do it with my mom in my old body!” he blurted. “You can’t… that’s not right! What about my reputation?”

“You mean my reputation? Or is it the reputation of Dong Chen? I’m Dong Chen right now… or have you forgotten? I’m no longer Jordan Lin and you are no longer Dong Chen. We are now the other’s identity, right?”

“Still… doing it with mother… it’s considered bad even in your own world, so how can you do it in my old world?” Jordan seemed frantic.

“You didn’t tell me you were under a curse,” I said. “The curse was because of cultivation apparently and because you didn’t get married and consummate that marriage, and you left be with a dud of a fiance who tried to kill me and got Dong Che killed… I’m not stuck in a position where the only woman I can touch is my mom. So now that I can only touch my mom if I wanted to lose my virginity, then I have to do it with her right? I mean… you did it with Charles with my old body so I get to do it with your old mom in your old body.”

I felt happy seeing Jordan’s anguished and disgusted expression. Honestly, he deserved it. If Jade married me and I could have been with her, then my life would indeed have been perfect. Not only that, I would have been able to play with more maids, gotten more concubines… I mean I wanted a family, but having a larger family by marrying more was the dream I had.

With the backing of the Sect, I would have been able to live an enjoyable life full of playing while spending all my days raising children. Mom would have watched over me from the Sect and sent her experts to protect me.

“Still… with mother…” Jordan was shuddering. “I can’t accept that!”

“Then is there a way to completely cut ties so that we can’t speak with each other anymore?”

“No,” Jordan said. “As long as we both exist we can see what the other is doing if we wish to summon them in a conversation. Though you look like a ghost being projected into my room… look, I have to go… Charles is looking at me as if I’m strange for talking to myself. I’m going to ignore you now.”

“Fine, fine, whatever!”

I let him go since there wasn’t much else to say. The bastard is having fun with his yaoi relationship. Images of my old body and Charles in bed flooded my mind… my goodness…

I want to do it with someone… but why is it that all my opportunities in either life are so complicated.



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