Mom-con – Ch. 35

Chapter 35

The following was the sound of swallowing. Even though mentally I felt horrible, physically I felt better than I ever had before. Still… this is too much. I… my mother.

Mom was smiling.

“This is incredible!” Her voice with high spirits. “Dong Chen, let’s continue! Let’s go all the way tonight. You will get to see mommy’s face and if you can’t control yourself, there is no need to hold back! Mommy will be your woman tonight. If you want, we can have a child too!”

No… This… No!

“I can’t go further mom!”

I struggle and fight the urge. I back off. Mom looks at me with some disappointment. I can’t do this… she’s mom right? I can’t do this with my mother. In fantasy and in stories sure… fantasizing is fine… in dreams sure… but in actual life? No! This isn’t something I can do in real life!

“No mom! No, I can’t!”

Even if I say that, I can’t stop her. Mom suddenly had me laying on the bed completely naked. She continued to wear her robes, but she straddled me, rubbing her robes where I’m most sensitive. After losing a load, the dragon is usually oversensitive and more stimulation often isn’t comfortable.

“Mom! Mom! Stop it mom!”

I’m literally getting assaulted by my mother.

“Dong Chen! After we’ve come this far, you’re wanting to stop now? Didn’t mommy give you satisfaction just now? Isn’t it time you returned some of it? Mommy’s mind is calmer now that it’s happen. Mommy feels… better… mommy is… mommy is… assaulting you…”

As soon as she said those words, she immediately backed off. I was there, still in shock and unable to process everything that just happened. Mom wanted me that way? I guess I should have paid more attention to the signs, but I kept thinking it might be some weird custom in this world.

She hated when other females approached.

She was possessive and wanted to see me naked.

Even if she said it was a joke, she still had taken off my zipper and pants when I tried to suggest I wanted her to have my children. Mom really wanted to give me children…

“Dong Chen… I’m sorry… what have I done… I was overwhelmed… I couldn’t stop myself… I…”

“Mom… you… we…”

I ran out of the room. What was I going to say? I couldn’t say anything. I didn’t stop. I went back to my room. The prison I was in. I shut the door but didn’t have the key. I lay there in bed. I didn’t want to leave anymore.

With my mom… my own mom… she’s hot, but… she’s my mom…

The door locked from the outside when I heard the click. It was Elder Liu there.

“I’ll talk with you in the morning,” she said. “Try not to think too badly of your mother tonight.”

Try not to think too badly of her? She assaulted me! Hello! Shouldn’t you be scolding her instead of telling me not to think badly of her? It’s not like I had a choice in this when she’s one of the most powerful beings on the continent and I’m nothing more than a mortal.

I was so angry I kicked my bed.

The bed flew up to the ceiling, smashing itself into several pieces. The blanket, the feathered mattress and the wooden frame were all broken. I stood there looking at what I had done in shock.


Was I always that strong? No… this must be a bad dream. I should just go to sleep. It’s dark and I might be getting delusional. Yes. I need to sleep.

Risless was embarrassed and despondent with herself. She had done what she set out to do but now she couldn’t bring herself to accept what was done. She drank the Yang energy from her son. Under the moonlight she felt the Yin driving her mad into it. There was nothing she could do now. She had assaulted her son in a way that she never thought she would.

“Calm yourself,” Elder Liu said, appearing. “Dong Chen is safe and in his room. Calm yourself now!”

“Calm myself? How can I calm myself when I assaulted my son?”

“It wasn’t you, it was the excess Yin energy from the moon. It’s only a half moon, but much of it drives into you and makes you do things you normally wouldn’t do. The cultivation curse makes you lust after him, remember?”

“Still…” Risless was in tears. “Still… I could harm my son…”

“He’s not injured. Shocked, but not injured. Even in that state you wouldn’t kill him. That is something I know of you… Risless, you need to calm down now. Your son won’t die. You are alive. As long as you’re alive there is always a way to go forward even if you can’t see him for a while.”

Elder Liu was still not sure about the contents divulged at the meeting. Risless was now a mess, thinking about how she gave into her own feelings far too much. The next morning was something she had to prepare for. She couldn’t imagine how this would affect Dong Chen, who ran to his room most likely in fear.

“Risless, you need to think this through,” Elder Liu said. “I’ll see Dong Chen tomorrow morning. Remember, he also went through the forced involuntary actions at the Red Wood Sect. You mustn’t let yourself be too overwhelmed.”

“Cancel everything I’m going to do tomorrow,” Risless said. “Tell them I’m going into seclusion and won’t come out until I’ve made a breakthrough.”

Risless went out and into a room to hide herself. She was ashamed and frightened while Elder Liu tried to make sense of everything that happened. When Risless took Dong Chen to her room, she was nearby sensing and Risless could sense her as well.

Why did she not intervene?

No, I couldn’t intervene because I needed to follow the orders of the Progenitor. There was no reason to intervene. Even if Risless forced herself on him, as the Sect Master I would have to support her no matter how immoral or taboo it might be.

Elder Liu went to where the cook she hired was.

“Tomorrow morning for Dong Chen’s breakfast, can you make it something more special than usual?” Elder Liu asked. “Also is there any special stock of wine that mortals love to drink?”

“There is,” the chef said. “I have a special bottle I had been saving for a long time, however, for the right price I would part with it if you so desire Madam Liu.”

“Very well, name your price and we will pay it, but make sure the breakfast tomorrow is special and beyond the usual.”

“Yes.” The Chef smiled.

Risless had shut herself away from the world, and Elder Liu did not feel she could get her out. She went to the council of elders to let them know that the Sect Master has now gone into seclusion and will not come out as she felt inspiration. Elder Liu did not mention what kind of inspiration it was, simply that it was some instruction given to her by the Progenitor from the Ancestral Chamber.

After that she went to Dong Chen’s room, which was still locked. The key in her hand.

Dong Chen, I’m sorry you are going through this. I don’t know what I can do for you. Your birth was always going to be nothing more than as a cultivation tool… poor you and poor Risless.

Sensing through the room, Dong Chen was restless and pacing back and forth. The bed had been smashed.

Did he smash the bed? The bed is supposed to be sturdy, but he is a mortal… he shouldn’t have been able too… no… he feels stronger. Did they do a form of dual cultivation? Risless was so startled and afraid…

She scanned in once more and examined Dong Chen. His physique was still that of a mortal but the meridians had changed slightly.

This shouldn’t be possible. He had a mortal fate and had never cultivated yet he has the beginnings of a cultivator that should appear before the age of five. The progenitor, what she said was true?

Elder Liu’s eyes brightened up. There was now a clear path, and at least Dong Chen would get benefits from this as well.

If Dong Chen understands, then maybe he will be granted a new life in cultivation as well. Cultivators are those who wish to defy the heavens. Defiance by taboo is still defiance.

Elder Liu went to the guards and posted a notice for them not to go near the hallway where Dong Chen would be in the morning. Instead, there were going to be important topics to discuss with him. There was more at stake now than before because there was indeed a solution.

When it was all done and the night was reaching, its darkest Elder Liu sighed as she retired, watching the half moon in the sky. Moonlight always let out Yin. If it could be daylight all the time, then there would be less suffering.


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