Mom-con – Ch. 83

Chapter 83

I got myself mentally prepared to leave. Part of it was focusing on controlling the urges because I wouldn’t be able to get on everyone once I reached the Venezuela Clan. It was strange to think that there was a Hispanic themed clan in a world of cultivation but I would not question it. There were already a lot of weird things in the world.

“Take care of yourself, son,” Mom said as she kissed me goodbye. “I have to stay here so no one discovers me and only HouXiang is out there to be the face. Once everything is in line lets go somewhere far away and enjoy ourselves.”

I’m sure enjoyment was something that included intercourse. I’ve probably thought this a million times already, but I really don’t think a mother and son should do this… but… I already knocked her up so how was I going to reject her after?

“Okay, mom,” I said.

She kissed me with tongue in front of everyone and wouldn’t stop. Then looked at them.

“He’s mine and I’m just loaning him out to you, understand?”

They didn’t argue with her as I left. I mean, this is going to be my life… and it’s going to go until the end of the world. I wish it wasn’t like this and I wish I could bring Hou Jian back sooner, but right now bringing her back might complicate things. Most of the Elders continued to disguise themselves as old women despite becoming young and voluptuous.

It’s hard to believe, but every elder had a pretty booming body and delicate face as they got younger. I was basically a harem master now.

“Master Dong Chen, please board the flying lizard,” a young woman says to me. “We will be your body guards on this trip, and if you wish to play with us, we would be more than happy too.”

There were smiles on their charming faces, and they wore revealing clothing to entice me. I can already feel the eggplant rising.

Word had gotten out about my miraculous ability to dual cultivate for those who were going to be involved with me, but they had to swear and oath to keep it secret from those who were not approved to know of it.

Because of the time spent with the both of them, the trip felt much shorter than it actually was. When you are doing a three way with two young beautiful girls, you lose track of time. True story. The two of them broke through into several realms and were far stronger than they had been before. They were so happy with the development they laid with me throughout the entire period I was there with them.

“Dong Chen, you’ve changed our lives forever,” they said as they dressed into their body guard clothing.

We arrived, and the flying lizard settled down. I got off and there was the matriarch of the Venezuela Clan standing as a tall woman with her dark hair and latina milf features. She had no smile towards me, but seemed to look into my soul.

The others who were standing around attended to her, and then attended to me, and the two bodyguards around me had assumed their professional stances. When she scanned the two with spiritual energy, she seemed a bit surprised. That was because their current realm was now close to hers, despite being mere guards.

“Welcome to our home,” Josephine said. “I am deeply sorry for losing your mother and your wish to leave the Sect for a short period to recoup will hopefully bring healing to you. While you are here, I will be your host, but for tonight I invite you to rest after a long and weary journey.”

She had an air of confidence that wouldn’t be seen in young women and a sort of mystery about her. Her breasts were each larger than her head, milkers would probably be a better word. As for her abdomen? She wore a dress that hugged her skin and it appeared both flat and concave to where it appeared she never had children.

It was hard to understand, but this was reality and I could tell she had a gaze upon me. Instead of talking with her more, the only thing I could do is to be polite.

“Thank you, Matriarch,” I said. “I will retire for now and await a tour of the Sect. Thank you for hosting me.”

I took a bow, and they led me away to my lodgings.

Josephine went back to her study and had a few of her assistants with her as she browsed through the logs and tried to figure out what the strange feeling she had when she looked over Dong Chen. There was something strange about him that allured him.

I felt like I’d be able to have a proper heir if he seeds me. My instincts tell me that, but I cannot be sure.

“Matriarch, what is the matter,” an assistant asked. “You seem bothered.”

“Do I?” Josephine asked. “Did you not feel that strange presence the boy from the Blossoming Flowers had? HouXiang asked me to look after him as the death of his mother was hard. She asked me to mother him for a few months as I have many children whom I raised. Do you not find it strange or that there is perhaps a ruse in all this?”

“Matriarch, this little one does not know such difficult things, I am only here to serve you and give my life to whatever decision it is you make.”

“I know, but you’re also a cultivator,” Josephine said. “I have many mortal children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. They are enough to run the entire business of this clan, yet none among them have been born with the fate of cultivation. The many husbands that I’ve had children with have all died as their cultivation was lower than mine, so I should know that such a thing can be hopeless, yet I feel that tingling sensation from him.”

“Matriarch, if you wish to engage with him and make him your next husband, perhaps we can write a letter to HouXiang about it. If Dong Chen is a boy who misses his mother, you can manipulate him by filling that void.”

Manipulate a young man by filling that void as his mother? What kind of woman would I be when there is an entire clan of thousands who look up to me? Not to mention my grandchildren who are older than him by many decades.

“I can’t do that and you know it!” Josephine said.

The Assistant chuckled.

“It would make all the clan shocked if you were to pursue that young man,” the Assistant said. “None of them would oppose you. Some of your grandchildren as mortals are now old men and would support your pursuit of Dong Chen since he is young and will live longer. You’ve already experienced the death of many of your own children and husbands, so going with someone younger who would live longer is preferable. Your children are grateful for you and want you to live happily.”

Josephine sighed, thinking about how her children all wanted her to be happy. She felt sad because they lived such short lives, but instead of lamenting that they had less time as she did; they were saddened by the fact they would have to leave her. The child she held in her arms would likely grow old and die since her lifespan as a powerful cultivator was so much longer.

“Maybe when I see him tomorrow, perhaps I will try to understand if I have feelings for him or what that strange feeling for him was,” Josephine said. “He’s a young man, so as long as he is interested in my breasts it won’t be hard.”

The assistant chuckled as Josephine looked at the large lumps of fat hanging from her chest. They were full and she could fill them with milk if she wanted too. Treating him like a child might be fun, and it wouldn’t be the first time she seduced a man by acting as a mother figure.

“I will help you succeed in any way I can,” the assistant said. “Matriarch, we will all help you. If he can truly produce an heir, then you would know in your wisdom.”

The assistant bowed to her and then left the room as Josephine stared at herself in a mirror. Her natural look was that of a beautiful middle-aged woman.

Dong Chen… I will surely explore that feeling that I have seemed to have lost hundreds of years ago. Maybe you are my destiny.


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