Mom-con – Ch. 57

Chapter 57

“I want to know what happens next,” I said. “There are so many things that are going to happen, and I want to know what happens next.”

I exhale deeply as her fingers go up and down on me. It feels good, but I know after I let it out the first time everything will become too sensitive to concentrate.

“What happens next? Do you mean next hour? Next week? Next year? Please quantify it.”

HouXiang had a teasing voice as she continued to smile at me.

“After I impregnate mom, will I be able to save Hou Jian? Is that real?”

“Yes,” HouXiang said. “Your body will undergo another change when you plant your seeds in your mother. After she is pregnant, you’ll have the universal body for dual cultivating. There are many special circumstances that come with it as well, most of which that your physical body will look better even if your actual power doesn’t improve. You’ll be harder and harder to kill so you can survive mating with more and more powerful cultivators who can’t control their strength.”

“So I can save Hou Jian as soon as that’s done?”

“No,” HouXiang said. “In order for the plan to work, you have to first get all of us previous Sect Master’s pregnant. After Risless, that will be your second task.”

“Why?” I asked. “I want to save her because she was my friend.”

“You won’t be able to keep saving her if this Sect doesn’t have the foundation to stand up against the other three sects who are the top in the world,” HouXiang said. “Even if we are a powerful Sect, the most powerful in the world, their numbers could spell trouble for our foundation if we are not careful. Hou Jian is a virgin, if you dual cultivate with a someone of her low level before you finish the other task. It’ll make the other tasks extremely difficult.”

I grab her fingers with my hands to stop her from continuing so I could concentrate a bit more.

“Please, this is something I want to know about and it’s too distracting when you keep playing with me that way,” I said. “I need to know this, so I know what to expect.”

Her lips planted on mine and her tongue forced its way into my mouth. HouXiang often stole kisses like this.

“Fine, I’ll answer what you need to now and then you’ll know why training is important. Actually, it’ll be much faster if I just tell you the plan.”

I nod. I felt like I was feeling less embarrassed being naked and sitting on her lap. I wasn’t feeling the need to cover up as much anymore.

“I’m glad you’re still making progress against your anxiety,” HouXiang said. “You’re still a virgin, so something like this is going to be embarrassing. The plan starts with you dual cultivating and impregnating Risless. Once your Yang has injected itself into her and new life forms, the intermixing will change your body into a universal Dual Cultivator. I believe this much you already knew.”

“Yes,” I said.

It means I’m going to have a lot of sex in the future. What bothered me a bit was what Jordan said about the writer making this a novel where those who like older, more experienced women would enjoy. Does this mean that I won’t be able to be anyone’s first? I mean… well… I guess worrying about something like that when HouXiang is talking about me “dual cultivating” with my daughters is probably a stupid thing.

“When you become the Universal Dual Cultivator, every female cultivator can advance themselves simply by being with you,” HouXiang said. “I’ve already felt like my potential has increased as well as my power just from drinking your love fluids. There is a kind of Yang Life force that grew in you after your Risless pushed all of it onto you while you were still in her womb. That Yang energy grew on its own and its manifestation has given you a new fate that hasn’t been named, however the quality of your aura from that yang will change if do it with a someone who is below a certain level of cultivation, or a virgin.”

“What do you mean?”

“Hou Jian is younger than you, and as such she is very young as a cultivator. Most men love younger woman, it’s simply how most forms of attraction work for most people so I understand why you wish to be with her, but you remember that there is very little a young girl can do for you.”

“It’s not about what she can do for me,” I said. “It’s about her feelings.”

HouXiang laughed.

“Feelings… yes, we all have them. Don’t let your feelings cloud your judgement, Dong Chen. Hou Jian will have to to share you if she wishes to be with you. Your body is one that can’t be kept to just one person, and if you don’t dual cultivate with us, there might be another Sect or Clan that could become more powerful in the future and steal you away to make their females stronger if they learn of you. I can guarantee none of the females in those other clans or sects will be as beautiful as the women here.”

“Are you telling me I have to have a harem?”

Not that I’m opposed to it.

“Yes, you Dong Chen must have a harem or the dual cultivating body of yours will go to waste. Now let me explain why you have to hold off on saving Hou Jian. I can promise you that she will be safe in suspended animation while you do your second task after getting each of us pregnant.”

“My second task?”

“I said there are four sects including our Blossoming Flowers Sect that stand at the top of the world. The other three are Sects that are headed by powerful men who look down on us despite us being equal to them. They are always looking for an opportunity to attack. While Risless can fight them off, and with our help for short periods of time we can stop them, their Sects are massive and will cause us to lose much of our roots if they attack all at the same time. We simply do not have enough bodies to guard every portion of our Sect and their method of recruitment causes us to be outnumbered even if we have more powerful disciples.”

Sect politics. I read about them, so I suppose the books are pretty old.

“While all six of us would no longer need to hibernate, those other three sects have seven to eight leaders each that are near our level. If they found out we committed the ultimate taboo of having you have a child with your own mother, there will be many groups trying to rally the entire continent to exterminate us. If three powerful sects come together with their leaders at the pinnacle of the current cultivation world, our Sect can’t fight against everyone.”

“So I need to cultivate and learn how to fight to protect our sect?” I asked.

So this is going to be a typical story where I come to another world, cultivate and then go off to war. It sort of took a while to get here though, but with my ability to dual cultivate I shouldn’t have too much trouble. I have read many of the cultivation novels before, so I’ll just have to separate my feelings from what I do and spare absolutely no one when I fight and kill.

“No… you have no offensive capabilities for cultivation, so something like that is completely useless for you,” HouXiang said. “Didn’t I tell you we’re training right now?”

Wait… What?

“We’re training your stamina and your ability to dual cultivate for long periods of time. Be able to last on your second task. Compared to us who are going to take it slow with you, your partners after us will not be as easygoing in the bedroom, thus you have to able to satisfy them. This training I’m doing with you serves to release your anxiety and also help build stamina. Your body changes as well when you unleash the yang into my mouth.”

That sounded so dirty… and I felt my yang stick twitch.

“Ho ho ho, you really get excited at the simplest words, don’t you Dong Chen?”

So what if I do? I’m still a virgin, aren’t I?

“After the four major sects, there are three others underneath that have leaders who are on the cusp of a breakthrough. They are strong women who, if you help, will be forever grateful to the Blossoming Flowers, and with the combined might we can easily wipe out the other three Sects from the face of the Continent. Such a world will be one where every female cultivator would bow at your feet to dual cultivate with them.”


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