Mom-con – Ch. 73

Chapter 73

It was morning when I woke up. The strength in my lower abdomen felt different as the morning wood felt stiffer than before. I waited in bed for it to calm down, but it took much longer than I expected. When I thought of Grandma Xi, it instantly shot up again.

Everything about it felt different and I couldn’t understand what was different except any thought of a beautiful woman now made it stick up on end. It felt painful, and I wanted to rub one out myself.

I felt like my body changed and I could feel energy flowing all around me, but I found most of it focused on my crotch and I didn’t know how to react. Brimming with energy and wanting to let it out. Grandma Xi was nowhere to be found.

There was a knock on the door and Elder Liu came in with food to put it on the table. She bowed and I could only stare. Elder Liu was definitely an older looking woman but I felt like I wanted to…

What’s with this gray fever suddenly?!?

I looked away and Elder Liu left.

A few moments later Grandma Xi came in and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I felt my lower abdomen raging, as if I wanted to just force it all out into her. I got up out of bed and almost involuntarily I grabbed her.

“Little Dong, I guess you just aren’t used to the changes I did to your body,” she said.

“Changes? What changes?”

I try desperately to pull off her clothes but with her small arms she easily stops me then pins me to the bed with unseen spiritual energy. It hardened my sword to the point it hurts. All that was running through my mind was I wanted to relieve myself.

“You altered my body? Is this… is this extreme desire part of it?”

“It is,” Grandma Xi said without hesitation. “Little Dong, I hope you don’t resent me, but there were two reasons for it.”

“I don’t care about the reason! Help me!” I was screaming. “I need it now! Help me!”

“Fine! I’ll take care of you first!”

Grandma Xi quickly shoved it in her mouth and kept going up and down. The literal touch of her tongue was already more than enough to force it out of me. Feeling the large stream of white gooey fluid coming out felt strangely satisfying as I heard the gulps coming out of her throat.

More and more gushed out. It was more than I thought possible. Seconds turned into minutes as all I could do was moan while I involuntarily expelled load after load into grandma’s mouth. The fact she was my grandma no longer bothered me, I needed help, and she was there satiating my intense need.

Morning turned to afternoon before I finally stopped. I was out of breath and it finally calmed down. Clarity of thought returned, and I realized something happened to me while I was sleeping.

“What did you do to me grandma?” I demanded an answer. “You can’t just change my body without telling me!”

Grandma Xi’s face turned to a sad look at the scolding. The small body of hers bowed to the floor with her head.

“Little Dong, Grandma is sorry for what she did, but please believe me when I say that I did it for you more than anyone else.”

“Did it for me?” I’ve heard that line in terrible movies much too often. “Please explain.”

The least I could do is hear her out so there wouldn’t be any misunderstandings. I’ve gone through a lot of craziness since I’ve been here. The rules, norms and morals of my previous life do not apply here and I can understand that, but it would still be better if they could tell me what will happen so it could mentally prepare me for it.

Grandma Xi cowered in front of me. Despite being my great grandmother, she looked like a very young little girl. Sometimes I wondered what the appeal of those centuries old loli vampires in anime were… now I know.

“Grandma Xi, I promise I’ll forgive you for it, but I want to know what you did and I want you to tell me next time,” I said. “I know you did something to my body since I felt lust towards Elder Liu this morning and I had never ever been attracted to women who look like her before.”

“You… forgive me?” Grandma Xi asked.

“Yes, but I still need to know what you did and next time tell me before doing something even if you’re going to force it on me. It’s not like I can stop you anyway since you’re all pinnacle cultivators.”

Grandma Xi leaped into my chest and started rubbing her cheek against my skin.

“Dong Chen! My Little Dong! Grandma is so happy! Grandma is so happy you’re so easygoing and nice!” She was smiling. “Grandma was indeed wrong not to tell you, but Grandma felt it was best to do it, however it couldn’t be done when you were awake and you had to be asleep.”

“I had to be asleep for what?”

Grandma Xi looked up into my eyes.

“Grandma cleared out the meridians in your crotch so you can be more in touch with your yang, but the side effects is you’ll have a higher attraction to Yin energy as well.”

She unclogged my yang.

“You mean my increased desire for intercourse is because of that?”

“Yes,” Grandma Xi said. “I did it so you could let go easier and do it with Risless more.”

A grandmother encouraging her granddaughter and her direct son to get it on and be lustful of each other. I know I keep regurgitating this, but partially it’s because I can’t get over it. Normally people would say there is something wrong with it, or there is some moral fiber in society that prevents it. Perhaps a bunch of people might find it all disgusting, but in reality if the rules of the world are different… or if the circumstances are what they are, then I can only do the best with the cards it dealt me.

“I understand, Grandma Xi,” I said. “Please tell me next time so I can be better mentally prepared.”

“I promise,” she said, curling up in my arms.

It was only the afternoon, and I had let out so much, but I strangely wasn’t tired. Instead, I felt refreshed. She continued to lick the balls in the sack despite being hair on them. It was kind of disgusting to think about, but I didn’t want her to stop despite us having a serious talk.

“I’m going to focus hard on dual cultivating with you since I have released your Qi,” Grandma Xi said. “With your new libido it shouldn’t be hard to make gains, and it should help me with reaction speed to get out first before Iora does. Even then you need to push Risless cultivation up before you impregnate her.”

“I… I understand…”

It was hard to focus as she kept her tongue all over my second self. As I watched, Grandma Xi’s body shrank until she was about the same size as the erected wood attached to my lower abdomen… I..

“Grandma Xi, what’re you doing?”

“I’m making sure an accident doesn’t happen,” she said. “If I’m this small, it’s impossible for you to put it in any of my holes if I go to sleep by accident. At this size I can also continue to move my body to stimulate your yang to come out while drinking it. Don’t worry, if this is too strange for you it’ll only be for this week and once Risless awakens next week, everything will be back to normal.”

“I… I see…”

She went up and down on me in her miniature form and the white fluid completely drenched her small body from head to toe as she continued to hug my shaft like a large body pillow. The small arms and mask only made me feel like she had a larger up close and personal view of the place where the sun normally doesn’t shine upon.

The rest of the week went by quickly. It was almost time for mom’s treatment to finish and she would wake up soon. On the final day, Grandma Xi came to me and needed to explain a few things. We couldn’t do much except for me spewing all of it into her mouth, and I was bored with only receiving oral for five weeks.

Not only that, the idea of putting it into the place that can impregnate Grandma Xi made me extremely hard every day. Yes… I’ve developed a Grandma Complex, but it’s not my fault Grandma Xi was a very enticing loli.

It wasn’t my proudest… moments… but I enjoyed them very much.


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