Mom-con – Ch. 51

Chapter 51

HouXiang then brought the conversation back as Elder Liu watched them with distress on her face. Risless and Hou Jian were now in crystal encasements. This put them in suspended hibernation. For Risless, as her fate was the same as their own, the hibernation would gradually heal her over a month. Hou Jian’s body would remain poisoned until Dong Chen dual cultivates with her.

“This body for universal dual cultivation should let Dong Chen experience pleasures no other man in history would ever experience,” HouXiang said. “Unfortunately, Risless did not make a child with him yet, but we can still dual cultivate with him, though the only entrance of our bodies he can use is the mouth.”

Elder Liu said nothing. Such conversation for her was already shocking, but she was a servant who could only calmly accept the whims of the Sect Masters.

“So he can only put his yang stick in the holes he has entered with his mom?” Sana asked. “Wasn’t he already born out of his mom? Didn’t that yang stick come out the womb that way already?”

“That doesn’t count,” Xisleth said. “It only counts once he’s past puberty. My grandchild Risless failed me… and now her injury prevents her from progressing forward. At least we can come out and have fun.”

“I’ll be going first,” HouXiang said. “It will take five weeks for her to expel the poison, so each of us has one week to play with Dong Chen.”

Hearing everything they were saying, Elder Liu felt she had to interrupt.

“Excuse me, Honorable Sect Masters,” Elder Liu said. “I must ask if you have any concern for Dong Chen’s state of mind. He had just lost his mother to hibernation, and no longer has the safety of the room. He is sad and distraught. Is there not a better time?”

“His state of mind will improve when we give him the news his mother will improve,” HouXiang said. “Also, who better to protect him than his mother’s predecessors.”

“Honorable Sect Masters, I must inform you Sect Master Risless assaulted Dong Chen. This might give him trauma of which he may not respond well.”

“Don’t worry,” HouXiang said. “I’m going first, so I’ll train him well for the others. By the time his mother comes back, he’ll be more than ready to have his first child with her. These five weeks will be for his education.”

Elder Liu stood there flabbergasted at everything said. The crystal encasement over HouXiang came off, and she grew in size, towering over Elder Liu. The dragons truly grew taller.

HouXiang had her mask hiding her face, but her body had very large mounds that were three times the size of the average human had. When she walked, her body jiggled despite having some scales and the silver dragon wings on her back glistened against the soft lights within the chamber.

“I will go first,” HouXiang said. “Each of us gets a week and we can play with him, but remember we cannot go further than what Risless has. Our goal is to get Dong Chen addicted to beauty and pleasurable sensations so he won’t be able to keep his hands off Risless when she comes out of her coma.”

“Very well, oldest to youngest,” Sana said.

“This isn’t fair!” Xisleth yelled.

“What can do? What can we do…” Iora sighed. “I still get to go before you do, but you’re his great grandmother. You really have such thoughts of your great grandson?”

“It’s the fact he’s my great grandson that it makes me want him even more.” Xisleth had a smile on her face.

Elder Liu shuddered.

Dong Chen with Risless was already enough, but these Sect Masters… no, she was always loyal to the Sect. No matter what all this was, it was to benefit the Sect. She what also pushed Risless to do this, so if they were going to help Dong Chen be more open it would be a good thing.

HouXiang stepped out and stood over Elder Liu.

“Introduce me to Dong Chen,” HouXiang said.

“Yes, Grand Sect Master,” Elder Liu said. “I have him staying in a more luxurious room since we have lost the key to the safe room.”

“I’ll forge another one,” HouXiang said. “I’ll do it by the end of the week. For now, I want to meet this cursed boy.”

I was in an unfamiliar room, no longer the safe room. There were women attendants at the doorway who kept their physical distance from me. They brought me what I needed to wash myself. People covered in cloth from head to toe were the ones delivering my meals. All of this only made me feel more lonely, even if I wasn’t in a room where I was safe.

I couldn’t see mom because of her injuries. I wasn’t sure whether it was my fault when I considered everything that led to me being taken away. I didn’t think there were spies like that in the inner sect. Now, I was stuck once again by myself with the books.

Regret was the only thing on my mind. Mom was beautiful. If only I had known sooner and we could do it together. Then this curse wouldn’t be here. We would keep the child a secret and keep moving forward in our lives. Now there had to be a period of waiting to see if that was still possible.

Hou Jian was also injured.

Maybe it’s better I died then no one would have to take care of me anymore.

I heard a knock at the door, and Elder Liu opened it. Following her was a very tall woman with long blue hair that curled all around her shoulders. She had some beautiful silver scales on her neck and her breasts were… they were… beach balls…

I couldn’t tell her exact height, but she was at least twice as tall as I was. Elder Liu was nothing but a small child standing next o her.

“Dong Chen, this is the first Sect Master and founder of the Blossoming Flowers. Her name is HouXiang, and she is here to see you about your mother. Now I will excuse myself.”

Elder Liu seemed like she was in a rush to leave. The door closed behind her and I was there with HouXiang. I could tell she was a dragon woman. A powerful and tall dragon woman with a slim waist but thick hips that showed off all that was woman in front of me.

“I am HouXiang,” she said.

There was a lustful gaze in her eyes. Her facial features and everything were humanoid except for the silver scales and wings. Her eyes seemed to turn from normal to heart shapes and there was a long forked tongue coming from her mouth.

Despite the inhuman features, and despite the mask covering her face, I could tell she was an enchanting beauty.

“Why not tell me your name, young boy,” HouXiang said. “I’m going to be spending a week with you, so relax tonight alright?”

Relax? She’s the founder. How old is she?

“I’m over 1 million years old,” She said.

“You… you can read my mind?”

“I’m a dragon, I can read the minds of everyone close to me. Only the surface thoughts though, so I can only read what you’re thinking about at the moment. To answer your concern, yes, I have a sexual interest in you. Also, I’m here to help you be more comfortable when you try to do it with your mother later.”

“You… what?”

“I’m the progenitor, I made the technique and know the theoretical paths that come from it,” HouXiang said. “Dong Chen, just relax and let Mama HouXiang take care of you.”

She slowly walks towards me with a height that makes me look as nothing but a child. I wonder if Dong Chen knew about this when he switched places with me… no wait.. she can read my thoughts!

HouXiang’s expression changed. She had a perplexed look on her mouth.

“It seems you can hide some thoughts from me,” HouXiang said. “All I heard from your thoughts just now were I wonder… no wait… she can read my thoughts. What did you think of in between? It was as though those words were completely blocked from me.”

Blocked? Those thoughts are blocked?

“Yes, those thoughts are blocked, try thinking about it again.”

Dong Chen and I switched places, and I am in his body in this world and he is in my body in the other world.

“I know you’re thinking something, but I can’t sense it,” HouXiang said. “It as though the heavens block that from me completely.”

“I…” I pause. “I am…”

“You are?” HouXiang stared at me.

I can’t say it. Something stops me from saying it completely. I’m Dong Chen, I guess I am Dong Chen.

“Yes, of course you are Dong Chen. Who else could you be? Is it the beauty of my body that has you so alluded you question your own identity?”

Staring at her, I don’t know what to say. The heavens will only accept the revelation that I am Dong Chen. I have declared myself Dong Chen before, so I suppose I should remain that way.

Still, this dragon woman is over 1 million years old. I wonder what sticking my little dragon into a 1 million year old hole feels like.


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