Mom-con – Ch. 41

Chapter 41

In seclusion, Risless was shut away from the world and circulating her Qi back and forth around her meridians. There was more power than there was before, an increase she had realized.

Was the drinking of Yang from my son the reason? I have never had this much power before, and it happened right after. I can fortify it into my foundation and now I’m definitely the strongest in the world… if I kept getting more than perhaps I’ll be able to completely crush the other sects on my own… but that requires drinking more… and more… but his body produces it naturally now and…

Risless shuddered.

No… I already assaulted him… I’ve done too much to him… I can’t anymore. I mustn’t. I need to stay here until I can get a hold of myself.

Outside her door, Elder Liu would walk by and check on it daily. There hadn’t been movement, but she couldn’t do anything about Risless seclusion. Interrupting her could cause large fluctuations in Qi that could devastate the sect if they were not careful.

Risless kept meditating.

Time… it takes time to heal wounds. If I give it a bit more time, at least until after the full moon. I’ll go and talk to him after the full moon. I’ll tell him that to get rid of the evil spirit we have to do something… but… would he hate it? I… want to do it more… why am I wanting to do it with my son?

The feelings that Elder Liu warned her about were still there and were not going away. There was too much to unpack, and the absence of her son only made the heart grow fonder. Perhaps it was fonder in ways that were taboo.

Elder Liu sighed as she looked at Risless door.

“If only the two of them could simply understand,” Elder Liu said. “This world is cruel and will constantly force others into uncomfortable situations.”

Hou Jian was moving around the Sect with Qin Zheng. The two girls darted around the sect with their hiding technique, and even the palace guards could not detect them. The abilities taught to the other girl were not in vain, and Hou Jian found it was almost too effective.

“This is a heaven defying art,” Hou Jian said to Qin Zheng. “I have never heard of such an art like this and for you to give it upon me, are you sure the Sect gave it to you?”

“It was given by Third Elder,” Qin Zheng said. “You must never teach a second person without my permission. It is a forbidden art that can cause problems if others casually learn of you knowing it.”

“I… I see!” Hou Jian said. “Thank you for such an art.”

Qin Zheng looked at the sky and saw the moon in the horizon. It was day time but the moon was getting larger as it circled over the sky. It would only be a few days more before the full moon arrived.

“Remember, the palace is cleared out on a full moon because there is an evil spirit that dwells and searches for the Sect Master’s son,” Qin Zheng said. “In order to kill this spirit, we must hide from it when it goes to his room and observe it so we can kill it. I will bring a recording jade with me so that we can see what it looks like and show others.”

“How do you know all this big sister?” Hou Jian asked curiously.

“I have been introduced to the inner workings of the Sect because of my abilities,” Qin Zheng said. “Isn’t the special hiding technique I’ve shown you proof of these things?”

“Yes, I believe you sister!” Hou Jian said.

“Good.” Qin Zheng hugged her. “This is a very important task given to us by the higher ups. This evil spirit has plagued the Sect Master’s son for a long time. This curse must be dealt with or he will always remain trapped as he is and never able to live out his life freely. As loyal followers of the Sect Master, we must always help the innocent whenever we can.”

“Well spoken, big sister!” Hou Jian said. “I will help however I can.”

With that, they made plans to scope out the entire inner palace on their own. Qin Zheng convinced Hou Jian that such measures were needed to improve security if such a technique could easily get inside. They went all over the palace, and at night there was no one guarding Dong Chen’s room.

“Should we say hello to the Sect Master’s son?” Qin Zheng asked.

“Is it okay to do that?” Hou Jian was confused. “Weren’t we supposed to infiltrate on a mission? Saying hello to him might not be a good thing.”

“It’ll be fine,” Qin Zheng said. “It should be fine. I mean there are many things we’re going to be doing for the Sect in the future and the Sect Master surely would need someone to guard her son from the shadows. There were those who guarded him from the shadows when he was living with his father in the mortal world.”

“He lived with his father in the mortal world?”

“Oh, you don’t know too much, but only those in the inner sect and who are regarded highly know this!” Qin Zheng said with a hint of pride. “It is a highly regarded secret, but I am training the shadow guards for him to return to a mortal life after his stay here.”

“Mortal life?”

“It’s an honored position,” Qin Zheng said. “It’s a position that many will covet because it is to take care of the family of  the Sect Master.”

“I see,” Hou Jian said.

“Let’s scout the palace and in a few nights if we are familiar we should secretly talk to with the son of the Sect Master.”

Qin Zheng gave Hou Jian a warm smile as she spoke, which made Hou Jian feel that there was something important to all of this.

“Yes!” Hou Jian said.

In the room I hadn’t left for a few days. Except for Elder Liu, I had no interaction with other humans. It had me staring at the wall sometimes wishing I was dead. It’s really lonely like this.

I thought about banging my head on the wall since I had nowhere to go and the books I had were just not that interesting. Sure the world was large and there were many things in it, but if I couldn’t go out and see it then what was the point of it all?

It was nighttime again, and I had lost count. If I left this room then that cursed spirit would come after me, wouldn’t it? They literally trapped here me. If I died then mom, the mom who assaulted me would be sad.

I just didn’t know if it was worth it to go through with all of this. I would definitely be assaulted by mom if I continued to live and her carnal desire for my body continued… it’s not like she isn’t beautiful but the more I thought about it the more difficult it was to think of doing it with my mom.

Her having my children? I mean… I guess it’s technically not a problem if there are no biological issues, but just the thought of it was too weird. It’s not like I have moral qualms about it, it’s more as though I can’t wrap my head around how weird it would really be.

I heard voices outside my door.

“Hello. Greetings, are you the son of the Sect Master?”

It was a voice of a seemingly young girl.

“Yes, I am,” I answered. “Who are you?”

I just felt good talking to someone after being stuck in here with hardly anything else.

“If I tell you my name, you mustn’t tell anyone else,” the voice said. “In fact, don’t tell anyone I was here. I’m secretly training to become your bodyguard in the future, so when you leave I have to be on your shadow.”

Secretly training? I mean, it’s plausible when all the guards from the Sect would follow me around when I was in the mortal world and going around town. I mean Dong Che, my father had them around him and they weren’t noticed by anyone.

“Why is it a secret?” I was curious.


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