Mom-con – Ch. 79

Chapter 79

I’m not that interested in world domination, but the fact remained that those who are strong and those in power are the ones who will control everything. Everyone who is weak will have no way to control their own destiny, and that’s simply the fact of life on this continent. There were no other things we could do besides this.

“Mom, you know I don’t want to rule over anyone,” I said. “I just want to live peacefully with you and whoever else wants to have my children. I just want family and don’t care for that. Ruling is responsibility and I don’t want that responsibility.”

There were enough corrupt politicians all around the world in my previous life. Their only goal was to further their own agenda, and the liberty and freedom of others were not something they ever cared about. This was simply the way the powerful controlled others.

The difference between that world and this one I’m currently in is the way power is distributed. In that world, power was obtained through the manipulation of the masses. By controlling media and corporate sponsorships they could sway public opinion and make them angry and attack everyone they wanted. It was downright silly all the mixed messages I remember coming out that didn’t make logical sense and yet there were those screaming buffoons who kept crying that they were the victim.

In this world, power isn’t solely based by manipulation but cultivation. Those who could cultivate would hold the power over others who could not, and those with the resources to recruit others into their fold could beat on those who were weaker. If I became the universal dual cultivator, I could bring everyone who wishes to join me to the pinnacle and thus rule over the continent that way.

It wasn’t something that would be extremely difficult, plus I learned that my dual cultivation would help others maintain their youth and my own. It was like I was transmigrated here to become the god of a new world.

Thinking about all of this. I can finally say I don’t regret switching places with the original Dong Chen and coming here. Yes, there was still a lot of work to do, but if my only job is to have intercourse, impregnate and squirt it into the mouth of beautiful women, then I really can’t complain about it being a bad job.

Who would complain about that? I think that guy who was in a movie who died as soon as he opened a door then had to play a corpse the rest of the scene might. I mean… he said everyone else was a degenerate except himself, even though he was the translator. Okay… I keep reminiscing about my past life and those online web novels.

“I understand,” Mom said. “You don’t have to rule, just support us. The continent is large and I’m sure there will be many seeking you out once the world finds out. We must make sure that we can handle the onslaught first before we make ourselves public.”

“I know mom, I know.”

“Ready to make your first child?”

“Yes mom, I’m ready.”

We laid in the grass and did what we had been doing the last few days, only this time I pushed out the proper seeds. The melding of our Yin and Yang within the flesh burst forth with power and as the essences mixed I could finally feel that there was another life inside her womb.

I was going to be a father.”

In the chamber where the five of them were waiting for conception, they heightened their senses.

“Get ready,” HouXiang said. “Iora, I’m telling you to let one of us come out first.”

“No, I want Dong Chen,” Iora said. “Dong Chen is going to be mine and I will do what I please.”

“You will ruin him!” Gora yelled.

“Don’t touch my little Dong!” Xisleth said angrily. “You made him upset the first time with your unbridled behavior and you think you may continue bullying him.”

“The strong do as they please,” Iora said.

The other four transmitted words to each other, preparing to leave as quickly as possible. Iora had the best reflexes and instincts, but there was always a chance to seize the freedom as long as they prepared themselves. Eying the first spot to get pregnant, they wanted to go out. The understanding was if one of them could leave first, they could team up with Risless to take out Iora.

The plan was a sloppy one and required several factors, but Xisleth had understood that Dong chen did not want to have a child and then be forced to kill that child. Conception was also something sacred, and there were superstitious curses when parents willingly let their own children be killed.

They felt fluctuations within their fates as it came out of the portal. As Dong Chen and Risless conceived, and the movement of Yin and Yang creating a new life was present.

“This is a sacred thing,” HouXiang said. “If you cause problems, it’ll be a curse upon you.”

“Curses are meaningless,” Iora said. “I do not think of curses. I had many children and they have all died before me. What curse is worse than that?”

There was silence among them. They were fearful of what she would do to Dong Chen. If his mind were to be broken through torture or other means, then his use as a Universal Dual Cultivator would not benefit the Sect or ensure the safety of every one of them.

An aura came out of the portal, and immediately the latches upon their hibernation unleashed. All five of them rushed forward, but it was Iora who got out.

“It’s my turn now,” Iora said.

When the conception was complete, I felt my body change. It seemed there were laws under the heavens that helped me to understand the way it’s supposed to work. Everything was underneath me and I could see all the women around whom I could dual cultivate with. Mom was at the pinnacle, but she had a child within her that would become my daughter.

I could also read mom’s thoughts.

Our child, our child. My son and I… a daughter we can raise together.

Mom was full of bliss and it felt wonderful, but something else was coming. Iora was on her way here as she came through the portal. Mom stood up and went up to her read to fight.

I must protect my son. I can’t let him suffer anymore. I can’t!

“Mom, stop,” I said to her. “I can handle this and you don’t have too.”

“You can’t fight her! Don’t you know her cultivation?” Mom said. “I’m at seventy percent of my strength… listen, son… run away. Hide from her and find those you can trust and raise them. I’ll stop her… I don’t want to see you suffer!”

“No mom! Back down now!”

Sorry son but I won’t… what wait why?

Mom’s body obeyed my commands. I understood it now. As the universal dual cultivator, I had full power over women. My ability compels them to fall for me and listen to me. HouXiang never told me anything about this. Perhaps she missed it.

“Iora, you are going to obey me right?” I said.

(Iora): Weak Dong Chen, I will not…

“Yes, I will obey,” Iora said. “Whatever you command of me, I shall do.”

Mom was shocked, I could tell.

“Son… how? You can also force me and control me?”

“I’m not sure how this came to be as well,” I said to mom. “I just realized I can easily control women forcefully like this.”

This also means I can easily be the degenerate who can force a woman to do something and no one can prove it. In fact, they’d have to spend all day in court trying to figure out why they did all those things for me. It’s kind of mean thing, but man… I wish I could have abilities like this back… now why would I wish that when I have lots of smokin’ hot women here I can now use this on?

“Iora, take off your mask,” I said.

“I don’t want too!” Iora yelled.

She took off her mask, and I saw a small little beast girl. Iora had a beautiful face, and I couldn’t imagine such an innocent-looking face with cute ears basically tried to force hundreds of males to stick it into her. This world is what it is, though. There is nothing to say about it.

“Iora, you are going to obey me from now on,” I said. “Even if you don’t want too I’m going to give you orders that you have to fulfill. The first is that you can’t have any other man in my presence, and the second is that you are not to conceive or have children with anyone else but me. Third, you will harm no one in the Blossoming Flowers Sect, and you will obey the other Sect Masters as long as it is not something that will harm yourself.”


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