Mom-con – Ch. 07

Chapter 07

I was in the room with Jade. Even though we were husband and wife, I still hadn’t touched her at all.

She kept delaying me from undressing her as she continued to look over in the cabinets and around the bed.

“If you don’t want to do this, we can just go to sleep,” I said. “I know this is probably sudden for you and you’ve never been with a man before.”

I was trying to comfort her. I didn’t want to lose her or make her upset at me. She was a beauty, a precious beauty. A young flower I wished to pluck.

“No, I just lost a pin,” she said. “It was a hairpin, and I wanted to wear it because it will help me conceive a child better.”

I see… Well, I guess there is no helping it. I also want my own children, but I also want a happy marriage where she wouldn’t feel as though I forced her to do everything I wanted. I like it most when women are relaxed and playful, so I have to bring her to that point.

She kept looking around and even under the bed. I’m not sure how a hair pin could go there. She kept fidgeting nervously. This had taken over an hour. I wasn’t sure what to do, but I wanted her to be comfortable.

“It’s fine, if you can’t find it now we can do it later,” I said. “Is it because you’re nervous about this? I’m a little nervous too, but I want to love you as your husband.”

She stopped moving near the window next to the furniture. I wasn’t sure what to think. I mean, was I supposed to push her in bed and just push her down? I really wanted to do it but it just seemed wrong even if it might be permissible in this culture.

“I think I found it, but my arms aren’t long enough to reach it,” Jade said to me. “Can you please come and help me?”

“Yes,” I said, walking over.

“It’s under that cabinet, just bend down and look.”

I got down on the floor and looked, but there was nothing there. I saw nothing to reach for. What’s this girl playing at?

A stabbing pain through my back.


I let out a scream.


I turned around, and a dagger went through my stomach. I coughed up blood.

“Who! What?!”

Jade had a dagger in her hand and haughty look on her face.

“Why?” I gasped. “Why?”

The pain was everywhere, and I felt spikes of numbness coming and going as my body went into shock. The blood was coming out of my abdomen. I don’t know what happened… no, I know what happened… I just can’t accept what happened…

“You were supposed to throw off the engagement so I could marry Shi Kun!” Jade yelled. “Because of you! Because of you, I had to make a fake vow! I had to make a fake vow to be with Shi Kun!”

“What?” I gasped. “If you… didn’t like me… you should have just told me… Why kill me? I would have broken it off… I never want to make a girl… do what she… doesn’t want…”

“You stupid dog!” Jade yelled.

I felt my face being kicked now. I felt my consciousness fade. I couldn’t do this… this trade… I didn’t think it would… end this way…


Jade stood over the body of Dong Chen as she watched him lose consciousness. She tossed the dagger on the ground and then went to the corner to act as though she was just attacked. It was a play to make everyone think it was an assassin that killed the man she just married before they could consummate.

After that, playing the traumatized victim would make Shi Kun have a better reputation among the lords and nobles of the city. Dong Che should have been poisoned by her father to make it look like he had a heart attack. It would be simple after that.

Dong Chen’s breathing slowed as Jade watched, still nervous over it. She had killed no one before and normally she would hesitate if not for her anger and indignation of being in a room alone with that man.

“My son!” A woman’s cry was heard as the doors burst open. “My son! No, you’re still alive!”

A woman appeared in front of Dong Chen and placed her hand on him. A light illuminated the place. The woman was a cultivator. Jade was staring in shock and fear.

Dong Chen’s breathing steadied under the care of the woman and then she turned to Jade, who should be her daughter-in-law. There was a rage in her eyes as the masked woman stood up in front of her, standing taller.

“You’re supposed to be my daughter-in-law, yet you tried to kill him!”

Jade was struck with fear. The woman wasn’t just brimming with power, she was also a superior beauty under the mask. Something Jade felt she could never measure up to.

“You’re… you’re his mother?” She said meekly. “I… I… he wanted to force me!”

“You’re his wife! He didn’t force you to get married. Your father did when he took the dowry! If you didn’t want to be with him, then you should have broken off your engagement! You tried to kill him! You tried to kill him!”

The masked woman was Risless, and Risless waved her hand. In the next moment, Jade was nothing more than a mist of blood completely erased from all existence. Some female cultivators appeared beside Risless.

“Kill the entire Sing Clan, and kill the entire Shi clan as well,” Risless said angrily. “They plotted against my son and killed his father. His fate is now cursed. I’m taking him home. Also, those who guarded his father, have them kill themselves.”

Risless carried her son in her arms as the cultivators vanished to follow her orders. They would show no mercy to those ordered dead by the Sect Master, even if she had recently been appointed she was still the Master.

“My son… my poor son… mommy is going to take care of you now… I’m sorry son… all of your suffering is my fault…”

Tears fell down the mask, and in the next moment she vanished with him.

Sing Ho saw some cultivators appear in front of him, and in the next moment he felt his head was no longer attached to his body. The head rolled on the floor with blood spilling from the neck as the heart continued to pump everything it could through the large artery normally connected to his head for a few seconds.

A female cultivator stood over the corpse, wiped off her sword, then look to the others who were walking in. They had the heads of the Shi family and the other business owners. There were no other cultivators who showed up.

“Was there any evidence pointing to another sect?” The first cultivator asked.

“No, we could find nothing. Everything starts and ends with the Shi family. If there is anything more, it won’t matter as the Sect Master has taken her son and he will no longer be a part of the world of mortals.”

The female cultivators gathered together and then cleaned up the corpses on the ground. They used a technique to wipe away the blood and gathered the body to be placed into a pyre to burn it all.

“Make sure there is no trace of us for others,” the first cultivator said. “Even if mortals pose no threat to us, we don’t want any annoyances.”


The women who were there all gathered and dispersed quickly. They moved at a speed mortals would not be able to keep up with. The Blossoming Flowers Sect was a place that only took female disciples. The master had to be someone who possessed the Fate of Extreme Beauty, but the others who joined had suitable cultivation techniques. It was not forbidden for them to take husbands, but they were only allowed to have relations with mortals.

Often they were centuries old while a mortal man was much younger, so most of them eventually grew tired of the immaturity they would run across. Only the younger in the Sect would take a husband, and only if they had a daughter could she join the sect and cultivate. As cultivators had full control over their bodies and pregnancy, they always had daughters so that the child may have a future.

It was only the Sect Master as an apprentice who would have her first child be a son.


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