Mom-con – Ch. 05

Chapter 05

I finally got to meet Jade in person. She was even more beautiful in person. Compared to Lisa, she has a different kind of beauty. Lisa would be a European beauty, but Jade was an East Asian beauty, one that I never thought possible. Her face was perfect and without flaw.

I could only imagine how life would be like married to her and trying to conceive a child. Consummation with her was something I was really looking forward towards. How many days now? I think it’s three more days before the wedding. I can hardly wait.

Reaching home, the guards and maids are still with me.

“You won’t forget about me when you’re married, will you Young Master?”

It was the same maid that had been with me since I first switched places and became Dong Chen. She was such a cute maid, but I never learned her name. There were too many names to learn from all the staff around, so I guess I never bothered.

“I’ll definitely not forget you,” I tell her. “It’s just according to father I have to marry first before doing anything. Also, the cultivators watching will prevent it because it’s my mother’s will.”

“Your mother is so mysterious,” the maid whispered.

“Indeed, she is.”

That woman always wore a mask, and even with the brief visits with her by Dong Chen in my memories she never removed it. I remember one memory where he tried to take the mask off, but she stopped him while smiling and told him she couldn’t let anyone see her face or a demon might possess them.

I’m not even sure if cultivators have strange rules like that but I don’t intend to be a cultivator.

I walk into the mansion and retire to my room since I was tired from walking around all day.

Jade went home to see her father in an angry mood. There had been a secret agreement between the Sing and the Shi clans to have their children wed, but since Dong Che had been giving out generous dowries to find a beautiful girl to marry him soon all the prominent families in the city took advantage.

“This Dong Chen suddenly wants to marry my daughter?” Sing Ho was screaming. “He refused everyone before coming up with reasons, so we thought it was safe and you told me to have the engagement. We don’t even have the dowry to return now!”

The advisor who stood by was sweating as Sing Ho was beating him with a stick.

“Father,” Jade walked into the room. “Father, I couldn’t convince him.”

“Don’t worry, my daughter,” Sing Ho said. “We’ll take care of this.”

“Father, they have cultivators as body guards. There is nothing I can do now. I have to marry him. He has his heart set on me and there is nothing I can do.”

Sing Ho seeing his daughter with a solemn attitude had a sad expression on his face. Forcing a child to marry someone they don’t want is a horrendous thing. No one thought Dong Chen would suddenly reverse course and like women again. The rumors say he was someone who preferred men, but his father tried his hardest to keep it a secret.

“What about Shi Kun?”

Jade broke down crying. “Shi Kun will simply have to live without me then unless we can pay back the dowry.”

“No, my daughter, there is another solution.” Sing Ho was determined. “The Blossoming Flowers Sect is the one behind Dong Che. There are other sects who are rivals to that sect they can fight them and get rid of Dong Chen and Dong Che. Go through with the wedding as the joyous occasion is when they’ll let their guard down the most.”

“Yes, father.” Jade left and went to her room.

I’ll play along for now, but I won’t let him touch me.

In her room a letter was delivered to her addressed from Shi Kun with his Shi family seal. She quickly opened and looked through it. The letter read:

Don’t worry. In your wedding room will be a poisoned dagger and a glove. Use the glove to stab him as he undresses, his father will be taken care of quietly as well. Burn the glove in the fireplace after using it and throw the dagger to the floor. When they investigate you will tell them an assassin hid in the room and left.

After reading the letter Jade had a relieved expression.

Shi Kun, you still love me and know what I’m going through.


The wedding day eventually arrived, and I was very excited. Tonight I get to lose my virginity. I know, many people probably had lost it by my age, but I never had much opportunity like I do now. It’s finally time something good came into my life, or rather I had opportunities in this life I didn’t previously.

I still had a father. I lost my parents too early the first time around. The original Dong Chen never really understood what it was like to have a parent who cared about you. Even though my mother in this world didn’t show up often, she visited every year on my birthday. Dong Che had told me it’s part of the sect issues, but my mother Risless might have loved me even more than he did.

In the morning the maids dressed me in flowing robes with rich silk and embroidered patterns. They bathed me, and there was nothing to get I was ashamed about because to them this was perfectly normal. Even if I got hard and exposed it to them, the young maids would just giggle softly in a charming way.

As a Young Master who treated them well, they also treated me well. There were many maids, so the workload was split up so they could have time to enjoy themselves. My dad wasn’t lacking in money after all. This is probably the equivalent life of a nouveau rich in the modern world.

Dong Che came to see me.

“Son, this is your wedding day and as your father I’m very happy,” he said. “I know growing up you were spoilt rotten by me and behaved in strange ways. I am happy to see you’ve finally grown up and are willing to become a husband. Even though you will begin to establish your own household, I will still be there to help you whenever you need, son.”

“Thanks father,” I tell him with a bow. “Heaven has blessed me with a father like you who was willing to wait and help me through the difficult phases I had in life. If it had been any other parent, I may have already been cast to the streets for my obscene behavior in the past.”

“It is good you know, and I look forward to your growth as a man,” Dong Che said.

Dong Che quietly went to his own chamber, thinking about how his son was now going to get married. In truth, he was extremely frustrated with his behavior and wished he had someone else instead as his son. Dong Chen should have been married years ago, but still Dong Che realized without Dong Chen he would not have the backing of the Blossoming Flowers.

A female cultivator appeared behind him.

“It’s his wedding day, Rislesss will come tomorrow.”

Dong Che turned around and bowed. A mortal does not compare to a cultivator on any grounds. One lives for a mere amount of decades, while the other can live thousands of years.

“Senior, it is my honor to accept the Sect Master in this humble abode. Will she come and speak to me at all during that time?”

“No, she only wishes to see her son.” The female cultivator said.

Dong Che was visibly disappointed. “I raised him in earnest for twenty-one years, I put up with all his bad behavior and took care of him. His actions humiliated me many times in front of others. Will she not thank me for taking care of our son?”

“You agreed you would not fall in love with Risless when conceiving Dong Chen,” the female cultivator said. “While he is alive and well, and while you live for fulfilling your promise the Sect and Sect master will take care of you and be your backing, however simply conceiving a child with the Sect Master does not mean she has a love for you.”

Dong Che was upset at hearing those words, yet it was true he was a mortal and now getting older while the Sect Master might still look as a youth in her prime. It was the difference between mortals and cultivators.

“I understand,” Dong Che said. “It’s just that even if I never saw her face, I’ll never forget the night I conceived Dong Chen with her.”

It was a night where he was blindfolded and Risless still wore her mask and opened only a small portion of her robes for them to conceive. She saw his entire body but showed nothing of her own, yet whenever Dong Che saw her there was a feeling as though that woman was beautiful even if he couldn’t see her.

“You have wealth, there are many mortal women who you could easily take as your own,” the female cultivator said. “The sect will be your backing even if you mistreat some of them.”

The female cultivator left and Dong Che sat down in a chair, staring at the wall. Any mortal woman was fine, some mortal women were more beautiful than cultivators, but no one had the beauty he could sense from Risless.


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