Mom-con – Ch. 60

Chapter 60

It was almost afternoon when I woke up. I wasn’t sure why I was so entranced last night, but everything Sana did was so alluring. It was as though she completely appealed to me toward being her man. She didn’t show me weakness, but she showed me confidence in her own feminity.

I had only read about such women in fiction. Sana is that perfect woman. Her behavior, movement, her voice… everything is what I imagined a perfect woman would be like.

“I have breakfast for you,” Elder Liu said, knocking at the door.

I cover myself with blankets.

“I’m not dressed so please drop off the food and I will dress after,” I called to her.

The door open and Elder Liu came in with food. She placed it on a table in the room. She bowed to me, then turned to leave.

“Call for me when you’re ready, the bath will be available.”

“Thank you,” I said.

Elder Liu closed the door behind her as the sun shined through the window and I felt the energy circulating within. I didn’t feel as though I became stronger, or that I could cultivate, instead I felt like there was more energy in my lower abdomen that could summon when needed.

HouXiang had said that the training was mostly to make me a better dual cultivator, and not necessarily to strengthen me. My body would naturally become more durable, and there was also a technique that could suspend my cultivation partner’s strength so I could be the dominant one in bed.

I ate because I was starving. I felt like my body needed to replace a lot of the energy I gave into the night before. Thoughts of Sana and her allure kept coming to my head. She was someone I couldn’t stop thinking about… it felt like I never wanted to lose her and I always wanted her near me to do those things.

Was this… what it felt like to be in love?

I spent the afternoon listlessly looking at the wall, thinking about all the things she said which were running through my head. Trying to read books and take my mind off of it didn’t help at all.

When the hours went by and she came up to the room, I was already too eager. I ran up to her and hugged her tightly as it startled her.

“Dong Chen, did you miss me that much?”

Her voice made turned me on. My dragon rose and poke her in the abdomen through my clothing.

“Oh, you really missed me that much,” she said giggling. “Dong Chen, why so affectionate with me.”

My mind was in shambles, I didn’t know what to say.

“Sect Master Sana I’m… I’m… I’m in love with you and I want you…”

Sana had a smile in her eyes as she stared at me.

“You’re too adorable for me,” Sana said. “I wish I could keep you all to myself as well, but the others will never allow it. You’re free to love me as much as you want in between, but you’re far too important for me not to share you.”

“I… I know…”

My mind kept being mush.

“I just don’t want you to be with anyone else anymore,” I said. “I know you have experience, I know you’ve been alive longer than all my ancestors put together… so I’m not naïve to think that you’ve never had fun… I’m sure you even had your own child because of the technique… right?”

“I had a son just like your mother did,” Sana said. “That was over 500,000 years ago. Sometime about 100,000 years ago the family under his name was wiped out, though there are many around who still share some of his blood. Mortal clans rise and fall, so do their names. I wished I could have seen more of my son, but once he married I cut off contact with him as he would have become my weakness. I instead watched him have children, my grandchildren, from afar.”

“I’m… I’m sorry…” I probably brought up a terrible memory for her.

“No need to be sorry, my sweet Dong Chen,” she said hugging me back and resting her head on my chest. “No need to be sorry. You already know that cultivators having children have no greater chance of their children having a fate to cultivate as well. Therefore most cultivators choose not to have children. We have long lives and watching our children grow old and die is not what we want. As such, many of us take in younger cultivators and adopt them as our children.”

For someone like me who always wanted his own family, I can relate to that. In the world of mortals, if you didn’t age while everyone around you got older, then you knew one day you would also be alone. Sana understood that thoroughly and cultivators do as well. Parents having to bury their children was something that felt terrible and could prevent cultivators who needed a clear mind from going further.

“You are special, Dong Chen.” Sana smiled as she put her arms around me. “You are special because every child you have will have a cultivation fate. Cultivators can choose the sex of their child, and so we will only give you daughters.”

Sana nuzzled me until I sat on the bed once more and she sat on my lap facing me with her mask still on. The green hair flowed down to the side, and I felt it tickle me as she kissed me.

“Dong Chen, I need you,” she said. “I will love you as long as you are with me. I need you for a happy family. Once you’ve made your sister with Risless, you can then make a complete daughter with me. Once our child is born and she grows up, then you can also give me grandchildren.”

That sounds so wrong… so… so wrong… but I don’t care… Sana is so crazily mesmerizing.

“Dong Chen… before I extract your yang tonight, I want to tell you about one woman you’ll be going to visit,” Sana said. “She is someone who is also near the pinnacle, but not there. By Dual-cultivating with her you will definitely help her sect become a rival to the four great sects, but she has many children and grandchildren.”

“Many children and grandchildren?”

“Yes, Dong Chen, she has many children and many grandchildren,” Sana said. “She’s been around over one hundred thousand years, and you don’t have to worry as she is beautiful, though it is more of a mature beauty. None of her children and none of the grandchildren that she has had with other cultivators has had a fate that allowed her to have the heir she desires. She does not want to adopt.”

“So, I need to give her a child with a fate?”

“Yes, you do,” Sana said. “I’ll even write a letter of introduction when we send you to her. At that time, however, in order to keep up her appearances she may not permit you to enter her chamber right away. She has many children much older than you are in mortal years who wouldn’t be able to stand you who aren’t a full cultivator going into their mother.”

Sana had a smile on her face.

“Oh… how I wish I could watch that. The young and sweet Dong Chen with the powerful matriarch who has had so many children! What a combination that would be!”

Sana was now saying some things that made me feel weird. It was as though she was a voyeur who wanted to watch. A Jade stone came out from her hands.

“This is a Recording Jade. When you meet that Matriarch, I would like to record you two. Such a pairing… oh my… although I am much older than her, I do not have that mature air about me as I am stuck with eternal youth. A beautiful mature woman with a young man has always been my fantasy!”

I was speechless. I didn’t know what to say. Sana was a woman of culture.

“I really want to see you going in and out of her,” Sana said. “I want to see the look on your face as someone mature and experienced takes you to places you never thought were possible. I can do that too, and HouXiang is probably better at it but HouXiang would never allow me to record her.”

“Tee hee hee…” Sana was staring out the window and giggling. “Actually, I’m good friends with her, so I should probably just take you there myself and explain the situation to her. Then she would more than likely let me watch as you impregnate her. She will be the first person you see. I’ll make sure HouXiang knows.”

I think there is something wrong here, but I can’t put my mind to it. I said I love Sana, but somehow those feelings of love have dissipated.

“Dong Chen? What’s wrong? You don’t seem as happy as you were a moment ago.”


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