Mom-con – Ch. 95

Chapter 95

After Madam Etero had been tamed, everything on the continent settled down. Word had got out that Dong Chen committed the taboo of impregnating his mother and grandmother, but it didn’t matter because the Blossoming Flowers was the most powerful sect and continued to produce extremely powerful female cultivators that were loyal. The influence of the Sect spread far through the continent over the next twenty years as more and more of those cultivators opened smaller Sects subservient to them.

Risless had found herself not only lusting after Dong Chen but also lusting after others as well. Her own daughter when she matured also couldn’t escape her clutches, as with all the other Sect Masters as Dong Chen couldn’t help but continue going down the path of degeneracy.

In a small room, Dong Chen was surrounded by his daughters.

“It’s the day we celebrate our father,” one girl said, a dragon woman who was much taller than Dong Chen. “We will each take turns milking him.”

Dong Chen sat there as each of his girls who just reached the age of maturity bounced on top of him. After twenty years of degeneracy, it was very difficult to understand what was going through his mind. Every day was one where he had to shoot his loads into women, and there wasn’t a day he had a break.

“Daddy, are you feeling okay?” Sonia asked.

Sonia was Dong Chen’s Grand Aunt/Daughter. She was a small little thing.

“I’m fine, dear,” Dong Chen said. “I’m fine. Let’s continue this celebration and then we can prepare for the next year.”

“Yes!’ Sonia said.

Risless’ daughter Purneth was also there, a blond-haired girl with a curvy body. She kissed Sana’s daughter Mana, and as they rubbed on top of Dong Chen. It was a familiar scene, but Dong Chen’s birthday belonged to his daughters, only there was one daughter he hadn’t seen whom he felt he wanted too.

Madam Etero had become quiet after Dong Chen impregnated her. While Dong Chen could go visit her, they promised not to bother each other, and Madam Etero said she would send their daughter to see him once she grew of age. The day was nearing and Dong Chen after twenty years of constant intercourse every day was weary.

After the orgy, he went to his room and quietly looked out the window. Risless was there, and she came to hug him from behind.

“Son, are you tired?”

“I am,” Dong Chen said. “I’m exhausted. I wish I could take a break from this.”

“Mommy wishes you can as well,” Risless said.

“You’re always going to use ‘Mommy’ as a pronoun for yourself, aren’t you?” Dong Chen asked. “Even though I’m over forty and have many kids?”

“You will always be Mommy’s boy,” Risless said. “Even if you turn one billion years old you’ll still be Mommy’s boy. Mommy loves you the most, but you can’t tell that to Purneth. Mommy now has many grandchildren, and it has made mommy happy.”

“There’s still one grandchild left mom, one I hadn’t seen yet, and I feel like I have to see her.”

“Mommy understands,” Risless said. “Don’t worry, she will come. That girl will definitely want to see her father.”

A few weeks go on by and the day of adulthood comes for the child that Madam Etero bore. Her name would be Madam Otium, and she was a new Eternal, born from Dong Chen’s seed. She bows before her mother as she prepares to leave.

“Mother, was there a reason you separated from my father?” Madam Otium asked.

“I couldn’t bare to see him with other women,” Madam Etero said. “He felt like both a son and a lover to me, which was strange. I had a hard time grasping it, but he will not age and I will visit him when I age… but I am young once more and it’ll be hundreds of millions of years before I must see him again.”

“That is a time I cannot imagine,” Madam Otium said.

“You’ll get used to it as you live longer,” Madam Etero said. “This is the way the world works and how living things develop. In time I will see Dong Chen again, and in time perhaps I can consider him my husband, but that time is not yet come. You, however, need to see your father. Live with him for a time and say hello to your grandmother as well.”

“My grandmother?” Madam Otium was a bit surprised.

“Yes, Dong Chen’s mother,” Madam Etero said. “Remember, you can reach your potential after a month of dual cultivation and you can keep him inside you during that time. I’m sure it’ll also give him a break.”

“A break?” Madam Otium asked.

“The way we mate gives our partner a nice gentle break from life,” Madam Etero said. “When I did it with him, it was quite pleasing to him, though he will rest well once he comes out.”

“I see,” Madam Otium said. “I will leave now, mother. I will be back after I have reached the Pinnacle.”

Madam Etero smiled as she bid her daughter farewell for the short term. She watched the skies as she now could walk in the sun and no longer felt that aging was a difficult thing so long as she could continually regain her youth. The prosperity of the continent had also grown higher than more and more population came to be, though the continent and world were so large that not even an octillionth of it was settled upon.

Dong Chen… my daughter… no, our daughter will fall in love with you and produce grand children…

Madam Otium went to the Blossoming Flowers Sect and her arrival sparked a lot of commotion because of her gigantic size. She was a giant among the cultivators, and many who saw her envied her and her beauty. While she did not have the same effect as those born with the Fate of Extreme Beauty and did not need a mask, it was still enough for many who saw her to fall in love with her without hesitation.

Her long red hair seemed to burn with fire underneath the bright sun, and she walked with hips that swayed the eyes of anyone who caught a glimpse. This was the beauty of an eternal.

Dong Chen had just finished impregnating all the daughters who lived with him, as well as helping Yamato and Sunder with their grandchildren as well. It was exhausting work, and Dong Chen now wanted a break. Doing it all night and every day made one question life sometimes. Was intercourse all there was to life? Mating like a prime stud?

Dong Chen had scoffed at the idea of someone rejecting a life like this, but now that he was living it, he was bored with intercourse. He wished he could hide somewhere for a month or two where he could take a vacation.

“Madam Otium, your daughter has arrived,” Elder Liu announced to him as he got out of bed.

As Dong Chen was getting dressed, Elder Liu started slurping a little from his yang stick. The shamelessness of the old woman who now looked middle-aged and voluptuous was also his fault. Shooting a load quickly, he left her satisfied.

Dong Chen went out to the courtyard where he saw his daughter for the first time. She was over eight meters tall and each breast was larger than his entire body and more. He could easily fit maybe two of himself inside each one.

“Father?” Madam Otium said as she walked forward and hugged him deep in between the ravines of her chest. “I am so glad to finally meet you father.”

“You’re here, and your name is Otium?”

“Yes,” she said. “I’m glad to see you finally.”

“Are you here to dual cultivate with me too?” Dong Chen asked.

“Yes. Mother said you promised you would take care of me. She says it will be at least two months for me to reach the pinnacle and you can have another child with me as well if you’d like.”

“Two months?” Dong Chen asked. “How about we make sure and make it a year and I’ll impregnate you at the end of the year!”

“Father?” Madam Otium now had a questioning voice.

This was unexpected. Wouldn’t being stuck inside her be a large inconvenience? Madam Etero had her inside for a few hours and it left him exhausted. Two months meant.

“Please,” Dong Chen asked. “Just tell everyone it’s something that will take one year. It’ll give me a break from this and let me relax. I just need one year.”

Madam Otium looked at Dong Chen’s forlorn expression. This was her father whom she just met today. This was a man who would have to go inside into her womb to mate and fertilize her, or even just to dual cultivate. Could she really say no to him? Rather, she should say now to him because until this point in history it was always taboo for a parent and child to have such relations… but for him to be inside her…


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