Mom-con – Ch. 26

Chapter 26

Elder Liu continued to look intently towards me as I continued to eat. It was as though she wasn’t sure if she should go on. Maybe my attention to eating might seem rude to her.

“I’m listening,” I told her.

“Your mother never loved your father,” she said. “She also never kissed him once. Your father also never saw her face and when they conceived you, and she blindfolded him during the process. Your mother only had a small opening in her clothing so that your father could deposit it. Them conceiving in that was is a requirement because during intercourse your mother was rewiring not only the Yin and Yang energy between them but also towards you as well.”

Elder Liu took a breath.

“As such, your mother had no desire to continue relations with your father even though she wanted to continue relations with you,” Elder Liu stated. “The amount of contact required to conceive you was minimal, and she spent more time holding you and feeding you with her breasts than she did with your father. Except that one night she never touched your father after that.”

“Wait… why do I need to know the kind of relations between them?” I was a little perplexed at this. “I’m not sure what you’re getting at here.”

“It is just information I think you should know,” she said. “Your mother has not been intimate or loved anyone except you, as she didn’t even love your father.”

This is bizarre. Why is Elder Liu mentioning this?

“I guess you’re telling me that she doesn’t at all feel sorry for the loss of my father then?”

“She does not,” Elder Liu said.

“I see.”

I have no other words to say because I really don’t know what else to say at this point.  This caused a pause in the conversation and it became awkward. I wanted to tell her she’s giving me too much information. Even if she’s my mother, and my father was with my mother once, there is a zero reason for me to know the relationship between them. If they didn’t get together, then Dong Chen doesn’t exist. Shouldn’t that be a matter of fact, regardless?

“Shall I tell your mother that you wish to get to know her?” Elder Liu now asked. “I’ll have her come visit you for now and perhaps you can start over and get to know each other as she wasn’t around much when you were growing up.”

“That’ll be fine,” I said. “I’ll stay in this room for now and follow the rules for now. As long as I’m not lying to, or I don’t feel like I’m being lied to, I’ll stay quiet. While I don’t know my mother and I can’t say I love her, I still know she is my family and I want to know her. As her child I do want to get along with her, even if it’s going to be like this for now.”

“For now?” Elder Liu seemed to notice the last words.

“If the solution is viable and if one day my mother can tell me, then it won’t be like this forever, right?”

“What if the solution is something horrible and forbidden?” Elder Liu asked. “Would you cross taboos to break free of the curse?”

“You mean of that evil spirit? If it’ll make sure she doesn’t go mad upon my death, and if it is something that might let me live a normal life with neither of us dying, then it’s something to consider,” I told her. “I just don’t want to leave anything off the table if it can be done.”

“I see,” Elder Liu said.

She seemed a bit relieved, and I saw a hint of a smile on her face. Do I know what she was thinking? I’m not sure. Even if the solution was me having to drink the blood of ten thousand virgins, I might do it if it meant I could get out of it. She was also talking about Yin and Yang energy. So if I have to perform g** s** I might be willing to do it once or twice to live a normal life.

It’s just something that has to be on the table, but I want to know what’s so horrible about it that mom thinks I might hate her. Well, I’ll have to get her to trust me then, won’t I?

“I’m curious about the evil spirit though,” I now brought it up. “I mean, it sounds familiar when it calls to me at night when it comes. I don’t feel as afraid as I was the first time. What is the spirit, and can it be killed?”

“I know little about the spirit,” Elder Liu said. “We clear the halls of disciples that night and evacuate from your area so that no one can come into contact with it. It’s not a power anyone in the Sect can contend with, and it’s something our Progenitor who came up with the cultivation technique for the Fate of Extreme Beauty warned us about. That’s why the Progenitor also made this room with one key.”

I see. Well, it’s something that I’ll have to wait and do more observations on then. It only comes once a month, so it’s not like I can see it often.

“I will go now and inform the Sect Master,” Elder Liu said. “When she comes by this evening, I hope you both can get along. She’s still your mother, and she loves you, it’s just she doesn’t know how to talk to someone who isn’t her subordinate or disciple so she doesn’t know how to act as a mother even if she wants to be one to you.”

“Let her know we can let bygones be bygones,” I said. “I just want her to tell the truth and if she’s afraid of telling me something to say, she can’t because of whatever reason rather than lying to me. If she wants to have a good parent and child relationship with me, then there has to be a level of trust where we aren’t lying to each other.”

Elder Liu smiled at my words. I also kind of feel like a lot was done today, and it wasn’t so bad. I guess I can rest now that I’ve eaten. Sleeping should be easier.

Elder Liu found Risless conducting lessons for the disciples she took under her wing. She was going over their cultivation and giving pointers on what they needed to fortify their foundation. There were many rules and theories she memorized as she found that her reading speed and comprehension got better as she moved further in her cultivation.

She finished with the last disciple, beautiful elf girl who was given pointers about her physical ability. The girl bowed once it was done before Elder Liu once again pulled Risless away to report on her son.

“Dong Chen has opened up a lot,” Elder Liu said. “His main anger towards you was not that you didn’t want to tell him about the forbidden solution which he has guessed, but that you were not even willing to acknowledge that he figured out something was going on.”

“I see…” Risless said.

“You should go talk to him this evening as he says he wishes to talk with you too, he is hoping to start a familial relationship between mother and son with you and I’ve told him that the reason you won’t tell him the solution is because you’re afraid. He was understanding of it.”

“He was understanding of that?” Risless was surprised. “I thought he wanted to know everything.”

“He seems to understand that there are emotions involved and seems to know that not everything can be told at once,” Elder Liu said smiling. “If I had to guess, it seemed like he was the one with more experience in life than you.”

“What?” Risless asked.

“He will speak with you so this evening you should bring him his dinner,” Elder Liu said, handing Risless the key. “He gave this to me without fighting. You mustn’t lie to him anymore. If it is something you don’t want to tell him, then make sure you say you’re afraid.”

“Afraid?” Risless was a bit surprised. “As his mother who is supposed to protect him, how can I tell him I’m afraid?”

“As his mother you have to be honest with him, otherwise how can he trust you?” Elder Liu admonished her for thinking that way. “If you want him to trust you, then you have to earn it. He is not someone who came seeking you to take him in, nor is he someone who cares about your history or reputation as a cultivator. The only thing he cares about right now is that you’re supposed to be his mother and in order to have that relationship he has to trust you.”

“I… I see… it’s just I’m at a loss of what to do,” Risless said. “I’ve never been in this situation since coming to the Sect.”

“Go and talk with him.” Elder Liu folded her hands. “Talk with him tonight.”


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