Mom-con – Ch. 67

Chapter 67

“Then how do I make him?” Iora asked.

The beast woman did not want to give up and continued to press on. There was still a glare in her eyes, and Elder Liu kept thinking about how Dong Chen might be injured in that room after it fell from such a tall height. Rather than arguing, she had to make sure he was still alright.

“You can’t force him to do that,” Elder Liu said. “Matter such as dual cultivating has to be done willingly or you won’t benefit as much. If you keep trying to force him, he will end up killing himself and you won’t be able to do anything with him.”

“If I can’t force him, then how do I get him to do it?”

“Beg him,” Elder Liu said.

“He’s weaker than me, he should beg me instead.”

Elder Liu slapped her forehead as talking to a beast woman like this was going nowhere. Still, Dong Chen was inside and she wanted to make sure he was fine. Elder Liu walked to the room and knocked on it.

“Dong Chen, it’s Elder Liu, if you’re inside and still alive please let me know,” she yelled.

“Yes, I’m still alive and not injured, but I’m still in shock. I won’t come out until Iora goes back into hibernation. I don’t care even if I die.”

“You come out because I tell you,” Iora said. “I will make you do as I say because I am stronger!”

“You stupid b****! You can’t make me do anything!” Dong Chen yelled from within. “You think you can just control me because you’re stronger? Is that what all stronger cultivators say to others? Because I am stronger I can control you? What if I just decided I wanted to die? What if I decided that death was preferable to being nothing more than a puppet? What would you say to that? I will starve to death inside her or die when you crack it open because the amount of force required to open this will kill me in the process. The reason people cower in fear in front of you is because they fear death too much, that crippling fear means they can do nothing. I don’t fear my death because I will be free to live the life I choose.”

Elder Liu saw Iora wouldn’t leave. The other disciples were stirred by Dong Chen’s rant, and many of them around seemed to have a new glint in their eyes.

This boy has charisma… but where does a mortal get such charisma from?

“You don’t fear death?” Iora asked. “You are weak and pathetic. You fear death or you would leave that room.”

Dong Chen laughed from inside.

“If you’re going to kill me, then of course I would be afraid of dying, that’s why I’m in this damn room!” Dong Chen yelled. “Of course I fear death, and maybe I misspoke in saying I don’t fear it. It still doesn’t mean there are things I am not willing to die for. What does a person get to do in this world? Most get to choose from the options in front of them, but the basic choice is whether one chooses the path that lets them live of the path that might kill them. Defying someone stronger than me might kill me, but this path is something I will choose because I have the freedom to defy even if I die. Will I try not to die? Of course I will try not to die, because there is no sense in dying uselessly… but if I must choose between going through with your perversions or die, I will choose death even if I fear it. Fear is something that is natural, but bravery is the ability to choose despite that fear.”

Even more of the disciples stood up and listen more intently as Iora stood there still unmoved.

“You do not know the world, it is about power,” Iora said.

“Says the beast woman who won’t be able to get my power,” Dong Chen responds. “I’m not going to ever dual cultivate with you so forget about it. Go have you time with the large p***s males you love so much. Satiate your lust with them and warmonger with the idiots who will follow you. I’m done. If you want to break the room and kill me then do so and you’ll never be able to escape hibernation.”

Elder Liu smiled. Dong Chen seemed to understand what HouXiang told him, and he could make argument son his feet.

“I mean you only have five days left, shouldn’t you go find all those large males and have your fun? You don’t need me! You love that being stuck in your p***y. So f*** you!”

It surprised the ladies that there was someone speaking to the Sect Master that way.

“Elder Liu,” a young beautiful disciple of the Sect approached with many others behind her. “Who is it in that room? Is it the Sect Master Risless’ son?”

“Yes,” Elder Liu said. “He’s the one that cannot be touched, but perhaps if he can survive this ordeal he might bless you with his touch in the future, but for now it’s a secret. Leave this area, all of you. While Iora continues this, no one is safe.”

“Yes, Elder Liu,” she said.

“Third Elder!” Elder Liu called. “Use the military and set up a perimeter around here. No one is to approach until I have determined it’s safe.”

Those of the Sect followed Elder Liu’s orders, and they formed a perimeter that prevented the weaker disciples from coming anywhere within the shock wave distances when Iora pounded on the box. When everything was set, Elder Liu walked off.

“Where are you going?” Third Elder asked.

“I need to go to the chamber and report this,” Elder Liu said. “I need guidance on this.”

Third Elder bowed as Elder Liu left for the chamber. In the depths of the underground, she once again knocked on the chamber door and walked in where there were four of them.

“Grand Sect Masters, I have to report that Sect Master Iora is not behaving and has only got wilder as time went on,” Elder Liu said. “She is currently smashing her fists into the safe room and trying to break Dong Chen out so she can forcefully suck the yang out of him.”

“That putrid woman,” Gora said.

“She’s attacking my great grandson?!” Xisleth was livid.

“Calm down, both of you!” HouXiang said. “It’s true that Iora is now going too far. Hibernating in here with us might have made her less likely to act out when she couldn’t act out, but now that she can leave she seems to be unfettered and ready to do whatever she wants. This could pose a problem if we free her from hibernation.”

“We have to deal with her somehow,” Xisleth said. “If she had killed my beloved grandson, then I’ll rip out her entrails and feed them to pigs!”

“We’ll have to think of a plan for her then,” HouXiang said. “A different plan. If she goes down, then another one with the Fate of Extreme Beauty can be born.”

“The problem is that we can’t guarantee one of us won’t be the first out of hibernation once Dong Chen impregnates Risless,” Sana explained. “With her current state and attitude towards Dong Chen there isn’t a chance she will agree and it will probably go by reflexes on who gets out first. Her instincts are sharpest amongst us and she has that advantage.”

“Then what can we do?” Xisleth said. “How do we stop that b****?”

“We’ll have to come up with a way,” HouXiang said. “I don’t know if it’ll work, but we have to get accurate measurements. Iora is now an added obstacle to the plan we talked about. Elder Liu, go about your business and make sure Dong Chen is okay. As long as he is still not dead keep there is no need to bring up this matter or report it to us lest Iora picks up wind of it and get suspicious. Keep this a secret.”

Elder Liu left the chamber and monitored Iora still striking the room. She continued until nightfall and when the moon rose into the sky, her strikes got even stronger. Iora was like a howling dog who wouldn’t give up, and the body she had as a cultivator meant she could go weeks or even months without eating due to all the stored up Qi that could nourish her body.

Pinnacle cultivators in this world were terrifying existences that could not be trifled with. Angering one meant death unless you had a backing of equal strength. Like Risless, if Iora wanted to do something in the Sect, then refusal meant death.

She never should have been given a turn. She should just go play with her beastly males instead and leave Dong Chen alone.


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