Mom-con – Ch. 91

Chapter 91

“Why are you trying to hide if you are innocent, if you have done nothing wrong then you have nothing to fear!” Fablio tried to say.

This was met with laughter from HouXiang, who looked over the middle-aged looking man with dark skin. Fablio was clearly brainwashed into following Madam Etero, and she was an existence that HouXiang knew too well in her brush with her hundreds of thousands of years ago.

“Investigating us takes away our privacy and forces us to take action in complying with all of your requests,” HouXiang said. “If you investigate us and find that there is nothing to be found, then how will you compensate our Sect? To force us to reveal our secret grounds and everything there is something that must at least cost your life.”

Fablio upon hearing that kept a stiff face. There were very few on the continent that could threaten him, even if he was nothing but a mere pawn. Madam Etero was the true terror and she was backing him.

“Very well, I will wager my life,” Fablio said. “Show me everything.”

“No,” HouXiang answered. “You cannot be the sole judge, if you who are accusing us and your allies are the only ones to see our Sect, you can go out and report whatever you want. There needs to be some who are neutral who can mediate or else it will just devolve into lies once more.”

Fablio grew frustrated at all the retorts that seemed to come his way. As a Sect Master of one of the most powerful Sects, he always had everyone doing their best to please him. Now when he was outwitted and made to look foolish on every accusation he threw out, he could only lash out angrily.

“You wouldn’t be putting up so many excuses if you were innocent,” Fablio said. “Only the guilty would do this.”

“Oh, then we should be able to investigate Space River for undermining and destroying two of the other Great Sects through underhanded means shouldn’t we? The two Sect Masters disappeared and what’s left was pressed into your own Sect. Space River grew bigger, isn’t that cause for investigation? We need to overlook very record and every letter to see if there was foul play involved.”

Those words from HouXiang caused Fablio’s spine to tingle. The thought of all the investigation pointing to three of the four great sects being under a hidden power would cause an uproar, and everyone would try to figure out who the ring leader truly was. Madam Etero would have no peace when the reason she establishes those Sects was to maintain control of the continent while hiding herself away. The consequences to him might be dire if that was found out, as he had not kept such things secret.

“You have no grounds to investigate me!”

“If you have nothing to hide, what are you afraid of?” HouXiang asked.

With this, Fablio became angry and stormed out with his group angrily. The difference in age and experience between the both of them was too much and even HouXiang as a dragon had a race advantage in power. There was nothing he could do in the moment but to find those in the neutral camp.

Sitting in her room, Madam Etero received a message from Fablio hearing about HouXiang and the arguments she used. Fablio could come up with that would push him to the advantage without exposing Madam Etero’s existence. Such a situation was not easily navigated, and she cursed with her assistant nearby.

“That dragon wench! I should have killed her when she was still young! Instead, I let her form her own Sect because I never believed it would amount to anything.”

Madam Etero had only allowed the existence of the Blossoming Flowers because she was curious if a Sect that only contained women could survive. As time went on, she noticed HouXiang didn’t agree with her views and often will fight her and thus she made Cloud Glacier, Space River and Harsh Waves to counter them offering a multitude of cultivation techniques for the many fates.

HouXiang might have been around a million years, but Madam Etero had been about for over a billion and the end of her lifespan still had millions more years to go. There was a gap between the both of them that Fablio wanted to believe in.

“I will show them! Tell Fablio to gather all the males under his command and launch an attack on the Blossoming Flowers, tell them not to stop attacking until Dong Chen is dead, then once he is gone I’ll make a move.”

“Yes, Madam,” the assistant answered.

From what I could tell, Hou Jian was already dead. I know that something like that seems ominous, but I couldn’t feel her life signature anymore. Dual cultivating with someone lets me put an imprint on them and I can tell whether they are a live or dead. It’s a peculiar ability, but somehow I don’t feel sad that she’s dead.

Normally the main character would be so shaken and then there would be forced growth in his mentality or he would spout about the virtues of his way of life. I don’t have a particular way of life. I’m just enjoying my life pounding it into the hot and beautiful women who want me to pound it into them.

If it were my past self, I’d call this a somewhat sad and meaningless existence, and yet I’m enjoying every moment. The thrill of conquering a new hole several times a day and knowing that I’m allowed into the intimate parts of so many women just made me happy. I mean… there are always people who want harem endings… this is a kind of one of them.

As I sat there, I received word from HouXiang as she came in to the small realm where there were now several mansions and rooms. None of them seemed to mind walking in on me, making love to the young disciples of the Sect.

“Dong Chen,” HouXiang said. “There are two visitors for you. They want to speak with you and are very important.”

“I’ll be right out just let me finish,” I said.

“Master Dong, are you not going to give me the time you promised me?” The disciple asked.

This girl was of the succubus race. She loved intercourse and kept going with me for several hours now. Breaking through several realms was easy, and she seemed to want more.

“I have someone important I have to see,” I said. “I’m sorry, but there are things that are important.”

“I understand,” she said with a pout.

I shot the load into her as hard as I could, causing her to spasm while wrapping her legs around me. Her face went up and down.

“Dong Chen,” she said. “I feel so good and I can feel it, I’ll rest and then fortify the cultivation you gave me. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” I said before leaving.

Going out into the reception hall where HouXiang leads me and there are two men standing there who seem to have a lot of power. I could tell they were once important figures in the world. They looked middle-aged.

“Greetings Dong Chen,” the first one said. “My name is Sunder, and this is Yamato. We were the previous leaders of Cloud Glacier and Harsh waves. I’ve come here with a proposition for you I don’t think you should refuse.”

Might as well hear them out.

“Okay, what’s the proposition.”

“Each of us want a cultivator for our successor, so we would like you to impregnate our wives and make sure we can have that successor.”

Okay… what the hell? This is so screwed up!

“It would be easier to raise a cultivator from birth and knowing your ability it would help us greatly,” Sunder said. “My wife isn’t bad looking after all.”

“Wait,” I had to interrupt. “You wouldn’t be jealous at all? I mean, from what I can tell the effect of dual cultivation gives those I sleep with a pleasure they can’t have with others.”

“We have reached a height in which we don’t crave lusts of the flesh anymore,” Sunder explained. “There comes a point where physical manifestation does not work. All cultivators come to that conclusion eventually which is why many Sects have cultivators who remain unmarried for thousand of years. Friendships are more important. For us, our wives were taken because we were exceptions and happened to fall in love. Fablio the Sect Master of Space River does not have a wife of his own and doesn’t care for the bonding of companionship.”

“Couldn’t you just be friendly with others without that kind of marriage then?”

“I suppose we could,” Sunder said.

“No,” Yamato said. “It is different. The reason we are not the same as Space River is because we decided we wanted to keep those emotional bonds that he will discard in loyalty to Madam Etero.”

“Oh, you said her name with no hesitation.” HouXiang was clearly startled. “You’ve both decided to completely break it off from her.”

“We did,” Sunder said. “Those disciples of ours were loyal to us and not to the Sect, and so most of the powerful ones left with us. Space River still has their own disciples however, but his sect runs more on tradition than on the emotional bonds.”

“Dong Chen, please impregnate our wives,” Yamato said. “You can take both at the same time so it will be less awkward.”



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