Mom-con – Ch. 82

Chapter 82

“So what you’re telling me is that I need to go over there and walk around her and let her figure out my ability herself?”

“Yes, let her be attracted to you first, and then let yourself get swept up by her,” HouXiang said. “That’s the best outcome. If she forces you to be with her as she is extremely powerful, it makes it easier to negotiate for her to be an ally later on. Be an innocent boy in front of her.”

Act as an innocent boy? For some reason, I don’t feel like this could end well. I don’t even know Josephine or what she is like, I just know she looks like a middle-aged woman. I guess I could roleplay.

“Don’t think about it too much,” HouXiang said. “As long as you don’t make the first move, everything should be fine. They’ll come to bring you over to that Sect in a few days and I’ll have a transport arranged as well as a few bodyguards. Since you can touch others now without incurring the curse of jealousy from your mother, there shouldn’t be much stopping you from using it as a weapon in the future.”

“There are a few things I want to take care of before I go,” I said. “First, can I see Elder Liu?”

“Certainly,” HouXiang said. “I’ll call for her.”

A few minutes later Elder Liu arrived and bowed in front of me. It was something completely different than the scene I had when I first arrived and she looked like a strict older woman who was to take care fo me.

“Master Dong Chen, you called for me?”

“Elder Liu, there is something I need to do with you in private,” I said.

HouXiang smiled and left the room, closing the door. What happened next was uncomfortable and not fun at first, but as I kept pumping into Elder Liu, her body seemed to get younger and younger. The waist got thinner and her breasts became very full and voluptuous once more. She still looked middle-aged, but she was a stunning black haired beauty.

I was happy seeing her more vibrant than before as she turned to me.

“Dong Chen,” she said with a sweeter voice. “I didn’t know this could affect me this way. I thought you were a pervert who liked old ladies.”

“No, I only did this for you because I didn’t want you to remain an old lady. I can always return you to this and you won’t get old as long as we do this before you die.”

“This is heaven defying,” Elder Liu said. “If the world finds out about this, there will be Sects that will try to kidnap you and force you into only serving them.”

“That would be impossible since this only works on women. The only thing that might happen is a sect held by men would want to kill me so I don’t keep producing powerful female cultivators.”

Elder Liu kissed me, and I didn’t stop her

“Dong Chen, thank you for returning my beauty to me,” she said.

“You can thank me by going to Sana and giving her whatever she wants.”

I stayed with Elder Liu for a few more minutes before it was over and HouXiang was there once again.

“Looks like you returned her beauty to her and also extended her lifespan,” HouXiang said. “It is completely unfair for you to have these abilities so you have to keep them a secret.”

“Won’t I be exposed if I go to Josephine?” I asked.

“You will, but while you’re there, I’ll find more who can be loyal so we have more allies. We are going to make sure no one can destroy our Sect and create a paradise for the world where order and peace can be established. Beauty can only flourish in peace after all.”

“I suppose so.”

“You should dual cultivate with the other Elders as well before you leave.”

“Wait? What?”

I don’t really want too…

“They’ll all become young again, and by doing so you’re strengthening the sect,” HouXiang said. “Think of this as an investment and you’ll never have to do it with elders again.”


I didn’t want to argue, and besides… I had to be rational and think logically. It would benefit us facing the rest of the world if all the elders that were loyal to the Sect would also reach the pinnacle of cultivation.

Elder Liu looked in the mirror and admired her face. It had been thousands of years since she had seen this face. The years made her old, but now her body felt vibrant and young and her cultivation had soared through that session with Dong Chen. She couldn’t help but smile as she looked through it.

I’m young again and as long as I sleep with him, I can maintain this appearance forever. The others will be so surprised!

She changed her clothing to something that flattered her body more, than made her way down to the chamber and entered the portal. Elder Liu had wanted to show herself to Xisleth and Risless as she felt that her new appearance would surprise them and she could remain serving them as a caretaker for a much longer period of her life.

As she entered the portal, Risless, and Xisleth sensed her.

“Elder Liu! You’re young again!” Risless said. “Wait… that means! How dare you!”

Risless immediately charged towards Elder Liu but was stopped by the others.

“Stop Risless,” Xisleth said. “Little Liu would never be the one who forced Dong Chen into doing something he doesn’t want to. You know that better than anyone.”

“We agreed!” Risless yelled. “We agreed he would only be for us and for Hou Jian and maybe a few other Sect Masters to have enough to fight the world. We didn’t agree on the Elders as well.”

Elder Liu bowed down with her head to the ground.

“Sect Master Risless I apologize, I could have stopped Dong Chen, but I chose not too when he offered it to me,” Elder Liu said. “I had wanted to regain my youth, I had only wanted to serve you longer. Even though you are not my child and you are the Sect Master I care deeply for you and if I have offended you, then I will take my own life.”

Risless stared for a moment, then took a few breaths and relented.

“Elder Liu, I apologize for my outburst,” Risless said. “I have not fully subdued the jealousy that comes from the curse. I am still very possessive of Dong Chen when in reality as his mother I should be happy when he finds others who will love him as well.”

Risless hugged Elder Liu, and they made up. Xisleth was happy, but Sana came out. Sana stared at Elder Liu and her body. Elder Liu’s breasts were bigger than Risless.

“You are indeed a woman worth savoring,” Sana said.

“Sect Master Sana,” Elder Liu bowed.

“You’re going to come with me, little Liu,” Sana said.

The Elf woman grabbed Elder Liu’s hand and put up a building. The others heard their voices in the field.

“Sect Master Sana, why are you undoing my robe,” they heard Elder Liu saying. “Sect Master… Sect Master…. This isn’t appropriate… no… Sect Master!”

Sana didn’t listen as she kept stripping Elder Liu out of her robes. Elder Liu had gained in cultivation and strength since she had done the deed with Dong Chen, but she wasn’t yet at the point where she could resist any of the Sect Masters.

Pulling out those breasts that were white as snow, Sana could only smile as she fondled them. Elder Liu’s face blushed pink as her body heated. Sana took off her mask, only causing Elder Liu to become far more excited.

“You can give me a drink! Just focus your Qi on your breasts!” Sana said.

“That’s… but you’re not a baby!”

Sana was too beautiful as her lips suckled. Elder Liu started concentrating and thinking about how she would need to use her Qi to form the colloids.

Should I make it sweet? Sour? No, with her it has to be sweet… should I really do this? But she’s so beautiful. She’s so beautiful. Even if there is no benefit, I want to do it with her… even… since when have women been…

“I want to be, and isn’t that what matters? Respect your elders!” Sana smiled. “Feed me now!”

With that Elder Liu focused and milk swelled her breasts and gush out.

If she wants it then I’ll give it to her. I’ll give all of it to her!

The slurping and swallowing sounds got louder from Sana as she enthusiastically drank.

Moans were heard outside as the women stared at the building. They could see everything that was happening with their spiritual senses.

“Should we intervene?” Risless asked. “Will Elder Liu be fine?”

“Don’t intervene,” Gora said. “Let them be. I think Liu and Sana will at least become lovers after this. It’ll be less competition for Dong Chen’s attention if they’re willing to go at it together more often.”


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