Mom-con – Ch. 49

Chapter 49

There was a whirlwind of killing intent and rage that filled the air. Surprisingly, I could feel it. There was this connection I had with mom that I never thought would be possible, and a deep jealousy emanating from her core. The rage was directed to the Qin Zheng, the tiny dwarf girl I slapped.

On the ground, Hou Jian was writhing in pain and anguish from that poison. F*** Qin Zheng… seriously. Even if the rules of this world is rule by the strong, destroying someone else’s life when you still have a path to survival because of envy is no f***ing way to live. They remind me of all those people who make excuses about finding work and live on the support of others, and who try to make the government take money from those who work hard through the use of force.

The problem was, I didn’t have any ability that could help in this situation. I might now be strong among mortals, but among cultivators I was nothing but an insect.

This world pisses me off so much sometimes.

Hou Jian… her life was stable, but her condition wasn’t a good one.

“You dare take my son, you dare touch him!” Risless was screaming as she moved towards Qin Zheng.

“No, Sect Master. It was all Hou Jian! She was the one who kidnapped him.” Qin Zheng pleaded.

Words didn’t matter. The curse marked her and the other five had run away when the Sect Master arrives. Mom recognizes, them instantly. Qin Zheng was dead with a wave of her hand and movements I couldn’t see. There was no fight. Mom looked scary with her glowing eyes behind the mask.

After that, she dropped to her knees, crying.

“Son, I’m sorry,” she said.

I walk up to her and hugged her.

“It’s alright mom,” I said. “I know what we have to do. I’m going to do the solution with you, we have to do our best.”

It was corny, but it was the only words I could bring out.

“Son? You… you aren’t afraid of me?”

“Why would I be, you’re my mom… and you’re very beautiful?”

“Son…” she was sobbing with tears. “Son… I’m so sorry, son… I’m so sorry your life has to be this way. I never wanted this to happen to you.”

I noticed Hou Jian off to the side. As a cursed individual, I couldn’t touch her.

“Mom, please can you save her?”

Mom looked over at Hou Jian, who was writhing on the ground in pain.

“Why would I save her?” Mom questioned sternly. “She is part of their group, isn’t she? She tried to take you away! Do you like her son? Are you in love with her? Why do you look at her? Is mommy not pretty enough that you have to go see other women? Do you need mommy to lock you in a cage with her for a month so you can see how beautiful mommy is?”




“Mommy will take you right here! Mommy will prove! Mommy will… prove…”

Mom lost steam with her last few words. I guess the curse really does affect the way she behaves. It really isn’t her fault, but she is still in there.

“Mom, she tried to protect me, please save her. She was manipulated by Qin Zheng. She thought she was helping me because she didn’t know about the secret in the Sect… she knows you’re the one banging on my door on a full moon and I know it too.”

“You know!?” Mom became horrified. “Son please, mommy never wants to hurt you. The full moon… it causes mommy’s emotions to swell up… it’s the condition of mommy’s body and mommy can’t control… mommy can’t control—”

I interrupted her with a kiss.

I know… I’m kissing my mom on the lips.

I had never been kissed before, so I pushed my tongue in… but I don’t even know if I’m doing it right. I at least tried to mimic the movies I watched… or some comics on some websites I wouldn’t care to mention to anyone in my past life because it would force me to admit I was a degenerate… which I’m not.

Though I’m sure those who would want to listen to this story, should I ever tell it are prime degenerates… especially if anyone decides to host it on a web page. I mean, what kind of degenerate would get off on a man doing it with his mom?

“Son…” Mom said.

Immediately she pulled me into her embrace and started kissing passionately as though she was incredibly starved and the only thing which could satiate that hunger was my saliva. Was it a good kiss? I don’t know… but our tongues kept swirling with each other back and forth.

“My son…” Mom said. “My most beloved son and the one I love the most.”

Mom seemed to have come to her senses a bit more. Her eyes were more clear, and I felt she was now the mom that made the rational decisions. Perhaps the events in the Red Wood Sect were because of her starved emotions as well.

“Mom, please save her…” I said.

“Dong Chen, tell me what she means to you before I decide on saving her.”

“She is someone who will be very important to me in the future mom,” I said. “She’s the first woman other than you to care about me more than herself. She preferred death to me be kidnapped and suffering.”

Even though I told her to just join up and work with me, she refused because she was stubborn her feelings were genuine. I can’t throw them away when she wants to do those things for me. I wouldn’t be able to call myself a man if I didn’t do everything.

“You don’t need her, I’m enough for you,” Mom said. “I can also be your wife, you know.”

Also, be my wife? I wanted to resist that thought… but I realize mom’s state of mind perhaps isn’t at its best right now. Loving her to the point of making a love child though… it has to be done to be free of the curse…

It is going to be weird.

“Even if I’m not romantically interested in her, she still tried to save me and repent from mistakes. I can’t let that go mom. I can’t let her die if I can still plead for her.”

Watching her writhing on the ground.

“Saving her won’t be easy,” Mom told me. “She’s inflicted by a poison from the Burning Embers. The reason their sect is named that is that of this signature poison they can produce with their Qi. Once the poison afflicts, it attaches to her soul and will eat at her slowly, draining every bit of spiritual energy from her while torturing her as though her body burned from embers constantly day and night. I can put her to sleep, but she will need to hibernate until there is an appropriate treatment.”

Mom channeled energy and seemed to force Hou Jian into a sort of hibernation state. The pain and agony stopped and mom encased her in a crystal box. Mom assured me she was fine.

“An appropriate treatment?” I know I’m not in any position to ask for anything since I’m a freeloader, but I still wanted to know. “There is only one way to get rid of the poison and its if she can find a dual cultivation partner.”

A dual cultivation partner? That means someone compatible with her that can strengthen her by plugging away at night with her? I was supposed to ‘dual cultivate’ with my mom and… I hate the thought of some other guy plugging away at her if I’m going to be the one who wants to be with her.

Yes… I’m aware I’m a hypocrite saying this if I’m the guy who will do it with someone else before her… even if that someone else is my mom… but then again why do I feel like she’d be easy to win over.

Had I been reading too many of these harem novels in my previous life?

“How can we find someone compatible?” I asked.

I’m stuck with my mom, anyway. I don’t know how mom would do with cheating when she’s already this crazy and jealous when someone touches me. I guess I’ll only be able to have one sexual partner in this life. I don’t know if I should consider that a blessing or curse when I consider all the mixed messages about love the modern world gave me growing up.

Mom looked at me. I could tell there was a blush under her mask.

“The progenitor said if you can have a love child… with… me… your body will be universally compatible with all women… you can help rid her soul of poison and you will also become immune to that poison.”

“Thanks mom,” I said.

“Elder Liu will be here soon,” Mom said. “Go back with her and I’ll have her put Hou Jian into hibernation. I still have something I need to do.”

“Mom… what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to destroy the Glowing Embers Sect to their roots.”


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