Mom-con – Ch. 33

Chapter 33

“Dual cultivation, but doesn’t that involve a certain intimacy between a man and a woman?” Risless was startled and troubled. “How can any of you do that with him? He is not even a mature adult yet, and all of you have been alive for eons.”

“Did you just tell me I’m old?” Xisleth barked angrily. “I might be older than you but I am much younger looking than you my granddaughter!”

“I meant no offense, grandmother. I was simply having difficulty accepting this. I don’t want Dong Chen used as a tool, even though I… want… him, I do not want to force him into it.”

“You wouldn’t be able to force him into it,” HouXiong explained. “Dual cultivation involves a spiritual connection and both sides must want it. For Dong Chen to dual cultivate with you, he must love you in that way and want it. As for whether we will also be able to dual cultivate, we can only go as far as you. If you use your mouth to cultivate, then the five of us could only do the same.”

“There is such a rule in place?” Risless was surprised. “How does that work?”

“It is an instinct that comes with the Fate,” HouXiang said. “As holders of the same fate but from different generations, we instinctually cannot intrude on what you’ve claimed. You have claimed your son and we will only be able to go as far as you have with him.”

Elder Liu hearing this conversation remained speechless. The concepts within cultivation were those which were beyond her thousands of years of understanding. As for the other Sect Masters, rather than being stunned, they were intrigued.

“Why is it that none of you are as shocked at this as I am?” Risless now asked.

“I’ve been alive for thousands of years,” Xisleth said. “My Grandchild, you know that with so many years looking after the Blossoming Flowers there are many evil and horrifying things that can happen. Sect Disciples killing each other, torturing each other, and even selling each other’s bodies for small gains to those in the secular world after crippling them. Even if we do our best to keep the Sect clean, there are always evils lurking in the shadows because of how large the sect is. It is impossible to keep tabs on everyone.”

Xisleth paused for a moment before a smile crept on her face.

“Something like making love to my own great grandchild is rather tame in comparison as long as I can seduce him. In fact… I want you to make love to him and have him fall in love with you so I can go just as far. It would be nice finally having a man, even if it’s my great grandson.”

Elder Liu’s kept her calm expression, but on the inside she was shocked. While she had known about the curse for Risless, and she had tried to have her dual cultivation with her son… it was to be met with resistance that was normal for a mother who did not want to go against the norms of society. The Sect Masters however took the idea of going against the heavens further than she ever imagined.

A great grandmother wanting to make love with her great grandson?

“Grandmother!” Risless now said, a bit flustered. “I… I don’t feel jealous… yet if it were any girl from the Sect, even my own prized disciple, I would rip her apart!”

“That’s because we are all sisters of this fate,” HouXiong said. “As sisters in this fate, we cannot be jealous of each other. Rather… even I have been feeling a similar longing for this Dong Chen, even though I have not yet met him. Risless, you owe it to the Sect to complete the solution. It isn’t enough simply to bear his child, you must first have him fall in love with you so he can become a vessel for dual cultivation. If my calculations are correct, the Sect will truly Blossom into a new Era.”

“I want to meet your son as well,” Iora said after remaining quiet the whole time. “I feel… longing…”

Hearing the Beast Woman of the wolf tribe speak entire room became silent as she hardly spoke.

“It’s settled then,” HouXiong said. “Risless, you must make your son fall in love with you. Do it subtly or he might resist and put up a mental block. You do not need to lie to him, but our full intention must not be known. This is not just for the two of you to escape the curse, but also for the sect to prosper.”

“What bout the risks?” Elder Liu now interjected.

The room once again became silent as it was unexpected a servant would speak up at the meeting between the Sect Masters past and present.

“Risks?” Houxiong was a bit surprised. “I don’t believe there are risks involved if the mixture of Yin and Yang balancing themselves out are involved. The reason Dong Chen doesn’t have the same animalistic urges Risless has for him is because he doesn’t use his Yang energy in cultivation. Instead, it is just sitting inside him waiting to be taken and it will continually replenish itself there.”

“So is having a love child with him the only way?” Elder Liu asked. “Will that take away the need for Sect Master to always be pining for him?”

“If Risless and Dong Chen fall in love, get married and have a child it will not only take away the curse and stabilize all of Risless moods, it will allow us to also dual cultivate with him and break through the barrier,” HouXiong said. “The only actual risk involved is if other Sects discover him and hold him hostage because dual cultivating with him will make us fall in love. However, if Risless can kiss him the effects of a full moon will be lessened and there will be fewer problems with the evil spirit.”

“There will be fewer problems with the evil spirit?”

Risless wanted to know, as she always seemed to sleep on full moon nights when the Yin energy poured into her. She could never remember what happened the next morning.

“The evil spirit might be gone for good if you at least can drink the Yang energy from its source.” HouXiang had a smile.

“Oh… from its source… I like that…” Gora said. “I think I’d love to taste it, I’ll taste a lot. Risless, make sure you taste it so if we ever come out of hibernation we will do so as well.”

Gora licked her lips as she whispered. Iora still had that face but some drool came down her mouth, and Xisleth was quietly contemplating it all.

“I have eaten nothing for thousands of years, something like that sounds like a delicacy now,” Sana said. “Well Risless, we’re counting on you. If you can’t see yourself being bold, then do the little things to seduce him. You might not get enough to prevent the curse on this upcoming full moon, but at least get some of it to verify the effects. If you need, put him to sleep at night and extract it while he slumbers.”

“I… I will try…” Risless said. “I will try…”

“Risless,” Xisleth called. “Don’t push yourself too much. You need to stabilize your mood. What you’re going through now is new territory none of us went through before. Don’t push yourself grandchild.”

Risless nodded.

“We are all going back into full hibernation,” HouXiong said. “We will all be keeping our spirits around the Sect and watching you. You are our hope, Risless.”

The five previous Sect Masters returned to a motionless state now in their boxes as Risless kept trying to process everything that was just said.

Risless and Elder Liu leave the chamber and talk privately as they leave the underground. Elder Liu tried to process everything she had heard.

“You should try to seduce Dong Chen,” Elder Liu said. “It isn’t just me who is saying it now, but also the Progenitor and your predecessors.”

“You were telling me to talk with him about the solution,” Risless said. “I was thinking of telling him.”

“I agree with the Second Sect Master, seduce him.”

Elder Liu felt her previous approach might have had too many problems. If Risless had told Dong Chen about the solution, it might have made him scoff at the idea. Instead, it might be better to see if they can make him to want his mother in that way before he is told anything.

One with the Fate of Extreme Beauty was alluring even when completely covered and wearing a mask. Her feminine charms exuded themselves despite the loose robes covering her completely.

“It… must be done,” Risless said. “Tonight I will… put him to sleep and try drinking Yang from the source…. The progenitor HouXiong… wouldn’t lie, would she?”


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