Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 23

Chapter 23

The entire space began to fade away and when I seem to have come back a sword was flying towards me. Before I knew it I felt my consciousness hit the ground and couldn’t feel my body. I … Read more

Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 22

Chapter 22

The question of Zhu Liangzhe’s memories being used in the second timeline was being answered by Inard:

“Don’t you remember volume 20? That part of the novel didn’t happen in the erased timeline but I could see his … Read more

Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 21

Chapter 21

Did I actually die? No, I feel my heart beating so I’m definitely alive.

An elf was nearby floating and transparant like a ghost, a male elf who looked just like I did but with somewhat different hair … Read more

Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 20

Chapter 20

After all that was settled the days seemed to pass by faster. I accomplished what Zhu/Troy never accomplished because he was too closed minded and didn’t understand the women around him very well. It’s kind of sad when … Read more

Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 19

Chapter 19

It was late at night. Nier was asleep with me in her arms. We’d taken care of business earlier. She was just as described in the novel, wanting to go over and over again until she was satisfied. … Read more

Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 18

Chapter 18

The night of the birthday celebration came quickly and Nier was in a dress with her mask on. We go to the inner court together telling the Valkyries in the front that we are there to see Elizabeth. … Read more

Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 16

Chapter 16

We were still in bed as I told her the 5 women I would be with and of course Vyvyan wasn’t happy. She was happy I wanted to do this with her often but she wasn’t happy about … Read more

Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 15

Chapter 15

I reach the Daurgana and Lucia is already there to escort me.

“Welcome back your highness.”

Lucia’s smile was so sweet, innocent and bright. I still have this constant inner monologue going while she is there in my … Read more

Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 14

Chapter 14

“You don’t need a dragon egg,” a voice seemed to echo in the darkness. “Don’t go for the dragon egg… you can have Dragon Mom with you but the egg is pointless… don’t become a dragon hybrid.. It’s … Read more