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Hello, this fanfiction was written for Wu Jizun’s completed translation of “Son-Con” a novel I’m sure with which a lot of us were frustrated with the decisions of the main character. While I know there were many reviews disparaging this, the fact is I still found it very enjoyable to read and I’m sure many of you did as well, otherwise you wouldn’t be interested in this fanfiction.

I took my own creative liberties with both the direction of the story and the rules that are not fully explained, and I came up with an ending that will definitely be far different than the one the author wrote. An ending I would have much rather preferred happened.

I in no way feel the author wrote badly, and any criticism the main character has of the author or Troy is more in friendly jest than actual ridicule. Writing is hard and being able to write over 1000 chapters is already amazing.

Please support Wu Jizun and the original writer.

Also I recommend reading the entirety of the original before reading this fanfiction because there will be SPOILERS, and I will not go into detail describing things the author already described unless I deem it creatively necessary. :^)

Please support Wu Jizun and the author.

Thank you.

– Anonymous

Disclaimer: Son-con’s author and I (Wu Jizun) am only hosting this work as per the author’s wishes. We were not involved in its creation in any shape or form, so it does not represent our views. That said, this was written with consent from Son-con’s author.


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