Mom-con – Ch. 61

Chapter 61

Sana wanted to see me do it with an older middle-aged woman. It was difficult to understand why… While the previous Sect Masters all looked youthful, a woman from another Sect without the Fate of Extreme Beauty, would be older and more mature, right?

“Oh, I’ve slept with many men before,” Sana said. “Only you humans seem to have qualms about freely loving others. Xisleth your great grandmother and Risless seem to be the same.”

“I don’t want you with others,” I said. “If you want to be with others, then I don’t want you to have my child.”

I don’t even know why I’m talking this way. If I’m going to be impregnating all of them, then keeping them to myself is actually very unfair. Imagining Sana making a smiling face for someone else… imagining her happy when someone else is pounding into her after I have a child with her… I just don’t know.

“My line of children would all be old enough to be ancestors of your ancestors,” Sana said to me while kissing me softly. “I’ve already been with so many others, you know… I even want to watch you with someone else. Don’t you think you’re being unreasonable to demand all of us only be with you when you’re going to be freely impregnating each of us?”

“I know! I know! But I’m just a possessive person, okay?” I sighed. “Okay… I understand… you can do whatever you want… there is only one me after all, and it might not be enough to go around. It’s just the way you’re telling me how you want to see me impregnate this middle-aged looking woman from another Sect makes me feel you only see me as an object, or a stud to be mated around. I felt similar to HouXiang…”

“I thought men loved to conquer new holes from women,” Sana said. “Maybe you feel this way because you’re an inexperienced virgin. Come Dong Chen, I’ll let you conquer my mouth tonight and then you sleep and we’ll talk about it more tomorrow, okay? If you’re in love with me, then I still have to respond to your feelings respectfully.”

With that Sana kissed me, stripped me and then sucked me off with an unrelenting vigor. Even after the first load she kept going and took several more from me to where I wasn’t sure if it was pleasurable anymore, but I kept pushing out more. In the end… I blacked out and fell asleep.

It was early morning, and Sana was still in bed where Dong Chen lay sleeping.

In love with me, huh? A young puppy like him?

Sana pulled off the covers to see Dong Chen’s complete body. She ran her fingers up and down his chest, licked the pepperonis and started sucking a bit while slobbering to lubricate it while the young man slept. She looked at the hair growing from under his arms and used her Qi to cut it so it became baby smooth before rubbing her fingers in and as she put even more of his male pepperoni in her mouth.

I wonder what he’d think of me if he knew about this kind of fetish I had. I prefer sucking on mature looking women in this way, but I suppose a young man like him isn’t so bad. Just there isn’t any milk from a man. If I can get HouXiang to produce milk, that would be the best to suck from… those massive mounds…

Dong Chen stirred himself awake a bit, so she quickly stopped and left after putting the covers on him once more. Outside in the hallway, Elder Liu was overseeing the grounds and maintaining the palace for them. She had been a good caretaker that had served the Sect for thousands of years, yet compared to Sana she was barely the age of an ant.

“Greetings Second Sect Master,” Elder Liu bowed. “Is Dong Chen awake and have you made gains?”

Circulating the energy she had gained over the ingesting of Yang energy last night, Sana smiled.

“I have great gains, once more,” she said. “There is nothing more mysterious in the world than dual cultivation. It’s like getting something from nothing.”

“Is it?” Elder Liu asked. “I am but a junior who has little understanding.”

“It’s simple to explain, but hard to understand,” Sana said. “If you know of my history, then you’ll know that I had many relationships with both men and women. Until Xisleth who suppressed her urges, we freely took in and bedded whoever we wanted. Xisleth thought she could be above that and now out of the five of us she is the one who craves Dong Chen’s young flesh the most.”

“Yes, I know your history, but Xisleth suppressed her desires as she believed bedding many men would be bad for the Sect,” Elder Liu said.

“You humans and your human sensibilities… but Dong Chen is human so I suppose that’s why when he said he loved me he couldn’t stand the thought of me being with someone else. It’s a human trait to be possessive, which is why that possessiveness hit both Xisleth and Risless much harder than the rest of us. Still… I can’t say he hasn’t pulled a bit on my heartstrings. I’ll have to come clean with that young puppy tonight before I enjoy myself.”

Sana walked off as Elder Liu watched. She quietly stared at Sana’s back and thought about the next three weeks. What would Iora be like? What about Gora? She already understood Xisleth was going to unleash her own suppressed desires… but how far could she go with her clothing on? Xisleth and Risless were very similar in suppressing themselves, but if Dong Chen’s situation had instead applied to Sana wouldn’t she just bed her own son with no hesitation?

Elder Liu went down to the chamber and knocked for permission to enter. She was granted it and she walked once again into the room where the tiny bodies of hibernation were in glass boxes.

“Is something the matter?” HouXiang asked.

“This humble one only seeks to have her question answered,” Elder Liu said. “It is about Dong Chen and the fate in which he will need to have a child with his mother.”

“Speak,” HouXiang said. “I will answer since we trust you.”

“Why did you not have a child with your son at the founding of the Sect instead?” Elder Liu asked.

“That answer is simple,” HouXiang said. “Only the last one of the six could produce a child with a universal body, however it was also only a theory. If Dong Chen had married and completed the ritual this generation, then we would have continued as usual and only if a Sect Master dies would it have to be done again. Since they almost killed Dong Chen, which caused the ritual to fail, we must therefore take the opportunity in front of us.”

“I… see…” Elder Liu said. “Thank you for answering me Grand Sect Master.”

Elder Liu left, still somewhat surprised by everything. Fortune and the heavens do whatever they want. Regardless of her own lot in life, she was still grateful that she got to live in this Sect and watch it grow for thousands of years. Her own disciples were like her children, and now she saw Dong Chen as her grandson, even if the Sect Masters planned to have him impregnate his mother and great grandmother.

Fate was cruel.

I woke up a bit earlier today. It was strange last night, and I didn’t quite understand my feelings at all. The afternoon passed, Elder Liu dropped off my meals and then in the afternoon I visited by Sana once again, but this time she had a Jade with her.

“Dong Chen, I feel I should at least attempt to explain myself to you,” she said. “I want to be one of your wives, but since there is only one of you there has to be a balance.”

“I… understand…”

She takes out a jade that shows a hologram of a woman. She looked like a human woman who was middle-aged latina with extreme curves and a very thin waist. She had breasts that were comparable in size in proportion to HouXiang, but the actual size might differ considering we didn’t know her exact height. Her skin was a brown color along with her black hair that just screamed hot latina mom to me.

“She’s about a head taller than you,” Sana said. “This is the woman I wanted to record you having intercourse and fun with. This is the human woman I’m also most attracted too and her name is Josefina Venezuela. You see Dong Chen, I’m not only interested in men, I like both.”

Spanish name? There are latina women here?! What did she just say?

“You like… both?”

I’m shocked.

“With men I like them like you: Young, naïve and ready to be eaten. With women I like them mature, large around the chest, more so than mine… and ready to let me drink milk! If you can develop breasts then I would not desire women but if you can’t then forcing me to only be with you when there are so many beautiful large-breasted women… even young ones are nice… to give me milk… I can’t help it…”


Okay… What?

“Dong Chen… you know males can give milk if they’re sucked for long enough too, right?”


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