Mom-con – Ch. 62

Chapter 62

I don’t think I can continue this conversation with Sana about males producing milk for her to drink. I mean… it’s just uncomfortable. What the heck is Sana thinking? Do people just get more degenerate naturally as they get older?

“I guess I won’t be jealous if it’s with another woman… but with another man… I don’t…”

“Silly Dong Chen, there are no other males in the Blossoming Flowers Sect except you,” Sana said. “Perhaps I will also want to drink from Josephine, but you need to entice her to become our ally. I know you can do it. There are two more others, but it’ll be better for you to only think about them after.”

Sana made love to me with her hands and mouth that night. The mucous membranes and tongue were especially warm, almost hot as I felt the seeds squeezed out of me once again.

This is basically what my life has become… a squeeze toy for older women… hot older women… who don’t look that old… but Josephine still looks hot despite looking middle-aged… I mean… those curves…

“You’re still awake?” Sana said. “I guess putting you out by intense stimulation should stop for now.”

I hug her, trying to cuddle.

“Aww… you’re so adorable.” Sana smiled as she put her arms around me. “You know… the fact is you’re not exactly a cultivator. Josephine has had many husbands and has tried to have a cultivator child to be her heir. We’ll probably send you to her Sect under the Guise of a marriage request for one of her youngest daughters.”

“I thought you said you wouldn’t give me details.”

“I thought about waiting for it, but now that I think about it, you hate we hide things from you and would prefer that everything is out in the open. I think we all learned from the lesson from Risless. We won’t lie or keep things from you if you want to know.”

“I see, thank you.”

“You don’t sound thrilled,” Sana said.

Well, I’m not happy. Everything that’s happening is just confusing me. I’m… getting a lot of touch with these hot older women who are all older than my mom… but it just feels like it’s not genuine love.

“Tell me,” Sana said. “Tell me what’s bothering you.”

Sana held my face in her heads and stared at me with her glowing green eyes which matched her green hair. Although I only met her within the last three days, it felt like I could trust her.

“I’m just not sure this is all what I want.”

“We all know this isn’t what you really want,” Sana smiled. “What you really want is love, right? It’s just love is something that everyone interprets differently, so it’s hard to find someone who has the same idea of love as you do. Love is quite the strange thing, and I think HouXiang talks about love being value.”

“If we go by Grand Sect Master HouXiang’s definition then yes, you all love me because you value me, but I’m not sure that kind of value is the kind I want or like.” I take a deep breath. “I just don’t know.”

“It’s the difference between expectation and reality,” Sana said softly as she kissed me. “I must still correct you however, you need to call HouXiang by her name and call me by mine as well. You’re going to be our husband, and you’ll be the only male in our lives.”

“I’m the only male in your lives?”

“Well, only male from now on. We won’t take any other male lovers unless you die, so if you don’t want us to be with someone else now then you’ll have to stay alive.”

I feel like we’ve steered off from what was initially concerning me. What was mostly concerning me was how Sana was so freely able to send me off to Josephine Venezuela… Like there was no jealousy there, aren’t women supposed to be jealous? If I died, then would she even be bothered? Value and feelings are two different things then, aren’t they?

“I don’t want to be sent off to Josephine, or to be forced to marry one of her daughters… and how is me going to be proposed for marriage to one of her daughters going to get her to dual cultivate with me? I mean… the only thing I don’t want is I don’t want to be seen as a tool. I want to be loved. I want to be valued. I want someone to be jealous over me.”

“Tee hee hee,” Sana said. “You’re such a hopeless romantic, Dong Chen, but that makes you so much more adorable.”

She hugged me and placed my face into her chest where I can feel how soft she is under the cloth. The globes were not very large, but they were there and if I could see them I’m sure they’d be beautiful and perky.

“Not that we wouldn’t be jealous,” Sana said. “It’s more like how we’ve all been alive so, so long. Even if one of us didn’t love you, we’d still need you to dual cultivate with us because it’s for the sect. When we became Sect Masters in the past, we swore to put the Sect before our own happiness. You dual cultivating with others is therefore, for the benefit of the Sect, and as long as you don’t refuse me when I really want it I won’t need to be jealous.”

I felt her fingers rubbing my chest. She ran her long slender index fingers on where my n****e’s stood and rubbed in a circular motion, making me feel somewhat emasculated. I felt a blush come to my face.

“As for Josephine’s daughter, that’s just an excuse to have her meet you,” Sana said. “As soon as she is near you, she’ll sense that you’re compatible with her cultivation and she’ll lust crazily after you. A young man like you should love having an older woman chase him.”

It was hard to concentrate on what Sana was saying. She was an enormous tease, and I just didn’t care anymore. I started rubbing my sword in between her legs, though it was still in the cloth.

“Seems you still have some energy, but let’s not let it go to waste,” Sana said. “Come, I’ll make sure you have a pleasant night.”

I came… a lot… like I was…

The week ended, and Sana bid Dong Chen goodbye for now, promising she will return. Down in the chamber she went into hibernation once more and Iora came out. Iora said little as she left the chamber.

“Do you think she will do okay?” Sana asked. “I mean, she doesn’t talk much.”

“I didn’t think you would do well,” HouXiang said. “But seeing as he was completely mesmerized by you there is no telling how he will react.”

“You are all taking liberties with my great grandson,” Xisleth said. “It’s unfair that I go last.”

“Patience, my Junior,” Gora said. “Good things come to those who wait, does it not? Unlike the rest of us, Iora was the only Sect Master who didn’t take any disciples of her own. From what I remember when I was taking her place, I had to rebuild the personal disciples’ unit.”

“What was she known for?”

“She was the most promiscuous Sect Master,” HouXiang said. “Iora was only in charge because of her fate she even used her face to entice males into pushing her down.”

“Will Dong Chen be fine?” Sana asked.

“I don’t know, but because of the Fate of Extreme beauty that we all share, it’s impossible for her to have intercourse with him and only her mouth and hands can be used. She will instinctively know that as well.”

Elder Liu saw Iora walking about the Sect. Iora spoke little, but when she spoke it was usually sharp and to the point. The beast men were usually at odds and enemies with the other races because of their unrelenting and defiant nature.

“Greetings 3rd Sect Master,” Elder Liu bowed with cupped hands.

Iora stared at her and then walked out. Dong Chen was in his room reading, and Iora stared at him for a moment before. Then she left. Elder Liu could only watch in curiosity.

Iora was the Sect Master Elder Liu knew the least about. There were no branches of disciples that were taught by her, and there were very few servants who wrote about how they served her. Rumors said she would bring males with large organs in between their legs with her every night. With her looks, it was easy to convince anyone should she remove her mask for them. Male or female would fall for the charms of extreme beauty and lust intensely.

Iora stretched her arms and legs, which were still covered by the robes. Flying in the sky, she took off into the distance.


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