Mom-con – Ch. 47

Chapter 47

“You’re taking him back? Even with the risk of his mother ravaging him and turning him into nothing more than a slab of meat for her own carnal desires?” Qin Zheng mocked Hou Jian. “You think they will let you live? Hahaha. You are such a naive girl it’s so much trouble to deal with you. That room was the only thing that could hold back the Sect Master. So tell me what happens if the key to that room is lost?”

Qin Zheng takes out the key used to unlock the door, then with spiritual Qi copies it before hurling them out in every direction. The raining keys fly out in thousands of miles from where she launched them. Only the illusions would disappear and the original would be difficult to find. Similar to searching for a needle in a haystack.

“Now what will you do? If he goes back, then she will come to ravage him on a full moon night! You won’t help or save him! I am your sister Qin Zheng, and listen to your older sister.”

Qin Zheng cornered Hou Jian with her words. There were very little options now in her mind as it seemed like no matter what she decided, Dong Chen would not meet a good end. She merely wanted to help him.

“You’re all idiots.” It was Dong Chen’s voice. “If the key is lost and you don’t have a chamber similar to that one, how are you going to stop my mom from coming and destroying your Sect on a full moon while looking for me?”

“We will set up a trap for her,” Qin Zheng said.

The sack itself rips open, surprising the girls.

This was a strong sack and without my enhanced strength after what I did with mom, I wouldn’t have been able to break out. Granted, those who had captured me were not opponents I could face, that I could come out meant I could argue with them.

“A trap?” I spoke with a mocking tone. “If you trap her and harm her, then what good is holding me hostage for the Sect? The question you have to ask yourself is whether your Sect Master can fight against the elders of the Blossoming Flowers because after the Sect Master goes mad they won’t easily fall for the traps as she would. Not to mention having a trap that could stop her is already incredibly difficult in it of itself.”

I had researched the surrounding Sects, including the Vassals of the Blossoming Flowers. Since I was bored, I read up on them. They were a second rate Sect even below the Red Wood Sect, which was why they were vassals and needed the help of the Blossoming flowers to take care of issues around their lands. Instead of focusing on raising a good younger generation, they focused on spying techniques and hiding and trying to use information that other Sects had against them. They were good at reporting on the weaknesses of the enemies of the Blossoming Flowers.

“We have our ways,” Qin Zheng said.

“Do you really? Then what if I just kill myself now? What then? You’ve got a lot of information about the forbidden technique that causes my birth, don’t you?”

They could very well kill me, but at this point I’m not even sure I care about dying. Mom might go mad and would be sad, but at least I won’t die a flippin’ coward. Not having to conceive a child with my mother was a plus. I know I think she’s hot and if she weren’t my mom, I’d totally want to tear up that behind of hers… but since she’s my mom I won’t have to do something taboo if I die now.

“Look, there is no point in arguing about this,” I said. “If you’re going to kill me, then do so. I don’t care. I really don’t care. I had no life to begin with since I was stuck in that stupid cell, and thanks for getting rid of that key. If I die to my mom ravaging me, then so be it, at least I could say the most beautiful woman in the world had lusted after me even though I was her own son.”

I laughed in their faces.

“Such a legacy isn’t so bad for a mortal, now is it?”

“Shut him up,” Qin Zheng ordered. “Hou Jian, make your decision now. Come with me or die.”

Hou Jian looked at me. She was indeed a pretty girl. I would say even more beautiful than Jade. She wasn’t a human, but an elf. An elf with long blue hair and lavender eyes. The long ears only increased her charm and her body was thin despite her breasts being large.

“Hou Jian, do you have any relatives by the name of Vyvyan, Vera, Lucia or Lucilia?” I casually asked.

“No!” She said. “And why would you ask me such a question while they are trying to kill me and kidnap you?”

Those were the names of some elves from well… ah… never mind. Only degenerates from my old world would know who they are.

“Hou Jian, join them.” I didn’t want her to die,, and I was certain she would love me. “Join them, they’ve already invited you and it’s better not to throw your life away.”

My words paused the advances of the other cultivators under Qin Zheng. They looked at me with a somewhat puzzled expression. I suppose someone being kidnapped normally wouldn’t act this way, but at this point I had to choose between doing it with my mom and death.

I didn’t want to say death was preferable, but I kept finding it hard accepting those dreams I had of sticking my manhood in my mom and then having a child. What would I call that child? Would it be my sister or my daughter?

“I’m trying to protect you and you’re telling me to join your enemy?” Hou Jian wasn’t able to grasp my meaning.

“I just think that’s your best move right now,” I said. “Also, I’m not resisting going with you. It’s true I don’t care if I die, but it’s not like I’m happy being in the Blossoming Flowers and being stuck in that room. The reason I called you idiots for getting rid of that key is because you now created a different problem. You won’t be able to negotiate with my mother now. When the full moon comes again she’s no longer going to be rational.”

“This is true,” Qin Zheng said. “What I don’t understand is why you’re suddenly so willing to come with us.”

“The situation has changed, now that the key isn’t available there is no safety from my mother and the evil curse in my own Sect.” Logically, being near the one who wants to ravage me isn’t exactly safe. “The only thing I ask in return is that you don’t torture me and you let me go if my mom ends up dying because you won’t have any need of me anymore. I don’t need anything, you can just let me leave. If that happens and Hou Jian is still alive then would you mind letting her go as well?”

“You’re very calculative, aren’t you? Even your mother isn’t moving your heart.”

“I can’t do anything about my situation,” I said. “I can only act in the best interest. Besides, now that I’ve been kidnapped, there’s really nothing I can do except go with the flow. I’m a mortal in a world of cultivators. I have no ability to do anything by myself. Also, knowing my mother, she would prefer I betray her and live happily than to suffer uselessly.”

Qin Zheng looked at the others in surprise.

“Hou Jian, is someone whose feelings had reached me,” I said. “I’d prefer she live even if she doesn’t want to go with you.”

“I won’t go with you,” Hou Jian said. “I am going to take Dong Chen back.”

Stubborn girl… but at least I know she thinks of my wellbeing more than her own. She’s definitely Waifu material. Yes… I can’t let anything bad happen to her.

“Dong Chen, we can’t accept what you want,” Qin Zheng said. “You’re a mortal and have no power to do anything, even if you are slightly strong for a human male. We are going to kill Hou Jian, then we are going to take you.”

They had already surrounded us…

“Okay okay… fine… let me get out of the way.”

“What are you doing?” Hou Jian cried. “You can’t just go with them!”

“Listen Hou Jian, they need me alive, and I’m sure you’re a cultivator so you have many attacks, right? If you’re trying to protect me, then you won’t be able to unleash everything you have during the fight. That would hinder you. It’d be better if you fought them first while I wait somewhere. I can’t move as fast as any of you so even if I run it won’t matter, so just fight and if you can win, we’ll go back. If you lose it’s true, they’ll take me, but there is really nothing you’d be able to do in that case after being tricked and manipulated to this point.”


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