Mom-con – Ch. 42

Chapter 42

“My big sister in this Sect told me it was, because if they found me out then I can no longer guard you,” the voice said. “I have to become someone you can trust if I want to be your guard after this, so I came to talk to you to see what kind of person you are. I was curious about who my future assignment would be.”

Honestly, it was suspicious, but I didn’t want to say much. In fact, it would be better I didn’t know her name. Also, it’s not like they could come in here and break through the door and get me. The key was with Risless or Elder Liu, and if anyone was strong enough to take the key from them, then they would become the Sect Master.

“You shouldn’t tell me your name then,” I said. “I might spill it to Elder Liu, but I’m tired and I’m bored with being alone.”

“bored with being alone?”

“I mean if you’re my bodyguard you are going to be following me everywhere right? It might not be so bad to get to know you ahead of time.”

I felt this was good to talk with someone. I didn’t like being alone, and the main reason I came to this world was because I didn’t want to remain alone. I want to college to start my family. Apparently that helped the original Dong Chen and not me.

“That sounds nice,” the voice said.

“So what are you wearing?” I asked casually.

Yeah, I know… cliche.

“I’m wearing inner Sect Disciple robes.”

“Oh, so you’re an inner Sect Disciple… Nice!”

I don’t even know where I’m going with this. I just want to try acting like a sleazy guy for a change. Does it work on the women in this world?

“I don’t understand your weird way of speaking,” the voice said.

“It’s fine, I don’t expect a cultivator to understand the words of a mortal. I mean I doubt you’d ever let a mortal push you down, would you?”

The voice on the outside went silent. Did I go too far?

“If… that is what you want then as a body guard serving you… I… I…”

“It’s a joke!” I said. “It’s a joke. That isn’t something you should do with anyone unless you love them.”

“Love? I do not know what love is,” she said. “I only know that I came her to escape the love that others tried to force on me.”

“I’m sorry… maybe I was insensitive with such a joke.”

“No… no… it’s fine! It’s fine.. It’s just I never talked to a man like this before. Usually I was weaker than him and was always afraid that he would try to take advantage of me. Since I’ve come here and learned cultivation, it is different. I would have to let you push me…”

“Look it’s fine!” I said. “I’m just happy to talk to someone so I wanted to joke because I like making jokes.”

The voice had some laughter.

“I think it is funny,” it said. “For a mortal to say they want to push down a cultivator. I mean, if it were serious, it would be funny. Still, since you are the son of the Sect Master, such a request must be taken seriously.”

“So my position lets me take advantage of nice girls like you?”

“It would, that I will not deny. My Big Sister and I would have to hear it even if we may refuse.”

“I see. Well, as you can see, I’m stuck in here because of a curse. I won’t be able to leave, especially on full moons. The rest of my life is going to be like this, even if I wanted it to be different. It isn’t something I have much choice in, or to do.”

“That sounds horrible,” she said. “I remember when I was living in the mortal world. I was sold to others by my parents and they kept me trapped in a cage until someone bought me. I was lucky I had a fate but when I saw the other young children there in cages, I wonder what my life would have been if I was not a cultivator.”

“So you know what it’s like to be trapped then?” She could relate to me. “I can’t say it’s the same situation because I know my mom loves me and I’m given good food, but the curse doesn’t let me leave and the curse itself doesn’t let me do anything. The curse also affects everyone who touches me that isn’t my mom. It’s jut the life I was given.”

“I see… that is certainly a lonely life. Anyway, I must go but perhaps I will come and talk to you again?”

“I’d like that,” I said. “Maybe you can tell me about how life is in the sect as an inner disciple. It is something mortals can’t do, anyway.”

“I shall.”

There were footsteps heard outside, and the person had disappeared. It wasn’t a long conversation, but it felt nice to talk to someone after all this time. I was stuck here for days on end doing nothing.

Hou Jian made her way back. After having a conversation with the man in the boxed cage, she was eager to ask Qin Zheng about it. Qin Zheng was in her room cultivating when Hou Jian returned.

“Ah, did it go well? Did you make contact?” Qin Zheng asked.

“I did! I spoke with the Sect Master’s son. I did not get his name though, and I did not give him mine as you said.”

“His name is Dong Chen,” Qin Zheng said. “As for your name, it’s better not to give it to him for now. Don’t give it to him until you’ve received a call from the third elder to be promoted.”

“Yes, I understand big sister.”

Hou Jian made her way out of the room, retired for the night. It was late and Cultivators did not need to sleep, however keeping up to daily habits prevented them from crashing and burning away from the Circadian Rhythm.

“That girl,” Qin Zheng said. “Maybe she can do it.”

Several days and nights went by and it was soon going to be the full moon again. The girl with the sweet voice would continue to come and talk to me at night, however Elder Liu came today once again to give me breakfast and wanted to talk more.

“Dong Chen,” she called to me. “Have you been bothered at all?”

“No, not at all,” I said.

I wasn’t sure I should tell her about the person talking to me. If that person was being tested, then I didn’t want them to know about the test.

“I see, I was worrying that you were feeling isolated, but I cannot take you out of this room,” Elder Liu said. “Only Sect Master can do that and she is still in seclusion and I’m not sure when she is coming out. I want to know your thoughts.”

“It’s hard to think,” I said. “It’s been a few weeks now and the full moon is coming up again. Does my mother really need me to do that with her?”

“You need genuine love with her to lift the curse,” Elder Liu said. “To where you wish for her to become your wife.”

“Become my wife?”

It’s different from what I thought then.

“I know it is difficult and a very taboo thing to do, especially in the world of mortals,” Elder Liu said. “I understand it’s difficult for you to accept, but your mother will also become more and more aggressive towards you until its solved.”

Mom will want to ravage me more and more. This was the reason she went into seclusion. I mean if she can’t help it then what could I actually do? This room could protect me… so I have to fall in love with her and get her pregnant with an incest baby?

“Elder Liu, the truth is I kept trying to accept it,” I answered honestly. “I kept trying to accept the idea of falling in love and every perhaps marrying my mother.”

I remember the story of Oedipus and how he killed his father and married his mother, then had children with her. Women in that time period had babies as young teenagers, so a 13-14 year difference between him and his mother… I’m not Oedipus because I didn’t kill my father.

“You have?” Elder Liu wasn’t surprised. “I know you had mentioned trying to be open to the idea before.”

“It’s just a very hard idea to be open too,” I said. “I know at first the idea made me giddy, but when I think about actually going through with it, it gets harder and harder. Still, when mom comes out, tell her to come and see me. I will try to fall in love with her and end the curse.”

Truthfully, it’ll be hard. First, I have to get over the idea that I will do it with my mom, and second, I have to accept that if I fall in love, I might have no one else. Even that nice girl who comes to talk to me at night might not be available anymore, since such a taboo is frowned upon. I didn’t see her face, but her voice tells me she’s pretty.

It’s just not something I will think about right now. If I’m tied to my mom, then what else was I supposed to do?

“I am glad for your cooperation,” Elder Liu said. “I’m sorry you have to go through this. I know the Sect Master is also having a tough time accepting all of this as well.”

Yeah, if I’d have known Dong Chen’s life would have been this way, I wouldn’t have traded places. I wonder how that bastard is doing.


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