Mom-con – Ch. 48

Chapter 48

Hou Jian was suddenly in distress.

“How can you say this to me when I am fighting to protect you now?” Hou Jian yelled.

“This is a battle between cultivators, I’m useless and I’d only get in the way,” I said. “I appreciate you are admitting your mistake of taking me here but I can’t help you in the fight, don’t you understand?”

“I… I understand.”

“Okay, so I’m not abandoning your side but making the most rational decision,” I said to her.

“If you were a cultivator, we might have welcomed you to our sect,” Qin Zheng said. “There are not very many who will do as you do. Most are very emotional and cannot act appropriately. There are too many idealists.”

“Thanks for the compliment. As you can see, I’m obviously not an idealist. I don’t even like ideals. I think they’re stupid and are not objective or rational. Idealists don’t deal in the actual world, they deal in a fictional world where everything simply works out and they ignore the evil nature of human beings.”

If I was in an ideal world, I would never be in the situation to think about doing it with my mom. I mean seriously. I’d like to grab Hou Jian right now, put her on the ground and start pumping away. I mean considering the fact she’s probably going to die anyway… well I don’t want her to die. It’ll hurt if she dies… but it feels like such a waste that a beautiful blue haired elf would have this happen to her.

“Alright you can talk to each other, just let me know what happens when you guys are done with what you’re doing,” I say to them. “I’m going to take a nap, should I hide behind a rock or something to prevent shock waves from killing me?”

“Use this as a barrier,” Qin Zheng threw me something. “This should be able to keep you safe as long as no direct attacks hit you.”

“Ah, thank you Qin Zheng. Well, if you win, there are a few things I’d like to tell you about to try to contain my mother. I’m sure you’ll listen to me, right? As long as I’m not suffering, everything is okay.”

Qin Zheng stared at me for a moment as I put up the barrier, then she once again focused on Hou Jian.

“Hou Jian, little sister, this is your last chance. Join us, and we will take care of you.”

Hou Jian looked towards me, and I shook my head while putting my arms out. I already told her to join them. It’ll let her live and after all this is over hopefully she can survive. It was better than everything that’s going on right now. The situation doesn’t permit her to fight against them.

“No, I made the mistake of being fooled by you,” Hou Jian said. “Since I was fooled if my life must be lost, then so be it.”

Fighting on my behalf despite me acting like a jerk. She’s definitely waifu material. Man… it’s like seeing and talking to a pretty girl in person and seeing her do her best just makes me feel good. I haven’t felt this way since I first came here and was surrounded by those pretty maids. If only I just married one of them instead of Jade, then I could spend my days in a nice harem impregnating every one of them.

My seed would have spread across the mortal world and all my children would be raised into part of a business empire. It’s hard to believe I used to be Jordan Lin… I guess life always gives the unexpected.

“Hou Jian, you are giving us no choice but to kill you!” Qin Zheng said.

“Hold up… there’s always a choice you know?” I interrupted. “I mean, there are five of you so you could just disable her and let her be without killing her. She could witness you sure, but the fact is you’re taking me back to the Glowing Embers and they plan to use me as a bargaining chip for resources, so is there a point in whether she knows. In fact, if she goes back to the Blossoming Flowers they’d execute her for being a traitor, won’t they? So why put so much effort? Just take me with you and outrun her.”

“Shut up!” Qin Zheng yelled.


She’s a dwarf girl. Aside from the fact she could easily kill me, she’s pretty adorable. I’m not into loli’s but she’s pretty cute.


I’m thinking she’s cute when there is this entire battle going to happen because they’re trying to kidnap me. I guess being locked away for so long might have made be deranged. I had to think every day about possibly doing it with my own mom. If that wasn’t deranged enough, then I don’t know what else might be.

“I will take him back,” Hou Jian said. “If I can’t then I will die trying.”

“You’re forcing us to do this,” Qin Zheng said.

Qin Zheng made the first move, and Hou Jian did her best to block. They started throwing out techniques back and forth. Hou Jian kept going, controlling her breathing and trying to keep her defenses up. For several minutes she kept that up, preventing herself from being hit by a fatal blow.

The air seemed to get darker and lighter on its own. The amount of power released back and forth was something that could barely sense and though I felt sorry for Hou Jian, I had to be rational about it.

Going back and forth, Hou Jian did her best and had a valiant effort. She was injured and bled. I didn’t want her to die, but they finally cornered her. I stood up to do some pleading.

“You’ve one so please stop now,” I said walking up to them.

“Stop?” Qin Zheng turned to me.

Through the fight they had removed the cloth coverings they normally wore in order to better sense the area. I read something before about using their skin to sense if they were below a certain level. I don’t remember what I read.

“Yes, please, you’ve won. She can’t follow you.”

A beam of light came out of her hand and pierced through Hou Jian’s chest. Qin Zheng did it in a such a nonchalant manner I just didn’t know how to react. There was Hou Jian… now dying in front of me.

I slapped Qin Zheng across the face.

It was completely unexpected… I couldn’t believe I did it.

In the seclusion room, Risless suddenly felt a surge of anguish within her. There was this rage and jealousy that seemed to home in from the far off distance. It was still dawn outside; the sun hadn’t risen over the Sect. Unable to contain what was going on, she burst out of her doors and rushed off in the same direction that Dong Chen had been taken.

I need to kill! I need to kill! I need to kill!

Whoever tries to grow close with my son, I will kill! He belongs to me! His body belongs to me and only me! I will do with his body whatever I want because he belongs to me!

“How dare you!” Qin Zheng screamed as it suddenly blew me back. “A mere mortal slapping a cultivator? How dare you?”

“I’m sorry, it’s just you looked like a cute little kid throwing a tantrum… and you were beating up on another kid who is now dying!”

Those words didn’t help me, but I hated that woman now. Hou Jian could possibly be the first girl other than my mother who loved me and now she’s there dying… and there’s absolutely nothing I can do to help her.

If the curse is real and my mom is on the way, I’m certain my mom would end up killing her as well for being part of the plot. There wasn’t anything I could do, and this was just a terrible situation.

“You, I’ll kill you!” Qin Zheng said.

“No, stop!” Hou Jian yelled.

Hou Jian was bleeding out, she was flailing about and still trying to defend me in her horrible state. Screw this, why is she trying to defend me?

Qin Zheng smacked her to the ground again.

“Because of your distraction, I’m cursed now!” Qin Zheng yelled. “For this, I’m going to give you a poison that will be worse than dying. You can never get rid of this poison by normal means.”

A vial came out of Qin Zheng, and she threw it onto Hou Jian. A purple liquid came out and became a mist. Hou Jian started screaming incessantly. Foam came out of her mouth as I watched.

This was far too cruel. Qin Zheng deserves to die. I felt my mom’s presence… she was here…


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