Mom-con – Ch. 59

Chapter 59

Sana was a petite and very feminine-looking woman. She had soft features that made her long ears look even more alluring, and her soft yellow eyes only made me think about how they would compliment her green hair. I mean… she’s a very sexy lady. If I walked around with someone like her on campus, there would be so many jealous stares. Men would stare, wishing they could be with her and women would stare out of jealousy for her figure.

Her butt stood out and her slender arms and delicate fingers wrapped around me as she sniffed me in.

“Your smell so good,” Sana said. “Your hug is so warm. You’re a really gentle boy aren’t you?”

She snuggled into me and I naturally hugged her tighter as she buried her head into my neck and started kissing it.

“You’re such a good boy,” Sana said. “Dong Chen, such a cute boy. Come sit on the bed with me.”

I reluctantly let go of her as we both sat on the bed. The night before on this bed, I had ejected plenty of yang for HouXiang to swallow. When I thought about Sana who is now sitting down with me, I couldn’t help but feel excited.

I know… it’s over one woman, but I’ve already got expectations I’m going to have a harem after everything HouXiang had told me. Everything from being with each one of them, maybe doing it with over one at once. Would they do threesomes? I mean… shouldn’t they do foursomes? The thought of that many women at once… so what if they were older than my grandmothers back in my previous life… or older than my mother here… age doesn’t matter if they’re as hot and petite looking like Sana, right?

“You know Dong Chen, it’s been thousands of years since I last saw what men have,” she whispered. “I’d really like to see yours and touch it. I’d like to taste it if you would show it to me. I’d be thrilled to see everything.”

Sana had a seductive smile as her tongue licked her lips. Her eyes gazed into mine. I couldn’t resist her and so I took off my pants. I wasn’t nervous because I was afraid to show her what I had… I was nervous because I couldn’t wait to show her everything.

Sana’s demeanor and smile. The way she moved and spoke. All of it seemed to just feed into my ego and I wanted to give her everything.

“Dong Chen, you’re so cute down there,” Sana giggled. “I’m going to kiss you first, then I’m going to kiss your other self.”

She winked as she spoke and then she stood up. Standing on her toes I felt her kiss me while her hands reached under my shirt. Instinctively I took it off for her as she stared at me now with nothing on.

“Please relax,” Sana said. “I’m going to give you a soft massage.”

Sana guided me to sit on the bed as she got to her knees. Her face was near my yang stick looking into my eyes she looked back and forth a few times. Without touching me, I felt the blood rage into the rising dragon as I saw her drool a bit while staring.

It’s hard to describe it in words, but a beautiful woman lusting after me was something I had never experienced before. It wasn’t the same as HouXiang who teased me… Sana wasn’t teasing… she was enticing. Every thing from her hips, her thin waste noticeable through the robes and her alluring breasts kept entrancing me.

“Te he he,” she giggled.

Her tongue came out, it looked like a normal human tongue. I had grown so used to seeing the long fork tongue, but hers was small as it stretched out and went up and down from the sack to the tip. It seemed to explore the spots I had from side to side, then around until it found the places where I shuddered.

“So those are your spots,” Sana said. “I can’t read your mind like HouXiang, but I can feel it depending on how you react to my touches.”

“You can tell that easily?” I was a bit surprised.

“Oh, sweet, sweet, Dong Chen…” she said. “I love to be soft and make you feel good, because the more relaxed you are, the easier it for me to eat you.”

“Eat me—Ah!”

She immediately started sucking me off. I felt her tongue hitting the spot over and over. It wasn’t as intense as HouXiang, but it was much more comfortable. I laid back in the bed and relaxed as she continued on and eventually I came. I started letting it flow out.

The training I did with HouXiang actually let me stock plenty of seminal fluid to where a normal person probably would have trouble drinking it all, but I watched as Sana kept swallowing. Each gulp went down with a satisfying sound of fluids moving down her throat that made me want to push more through. The sound made me continue to eject more and more to where I felt my prostate continue push it out.

Sounds of swallowing kept going and I wanted to feed her more, but… I run out and I’m tired. I gave out too much as I found myself out of breath with Sana staring into my eyes intently.

She stopped sucking and started slowly licking again with a smile.

“Thanks for the meal,” she said. “I can feel the power coming from the yang you just gave me. Are you tired?”

“Yes, I’m tired.”

I was exhausted. Losing yang is exhausting and I want to rest.

Sana comes into the bed with me and hugs me.

“Let’s sleep until morning then, I’ll be here with you.”

Sana got up before the sun completely rose over the mountains. Dong Chen was still fast asleep in bed as she watched over him. Smiling, she concentrated on circulating the yang energy she received from her lower abdomen to the rest of her body. There was a very noticeable power boost even for someone at her level.

“This boy is a treasure,” she said. “He’s also very cute. I wish I could have him to myself.”

She chuckled.

“Risless would kill if I stole him away all to myself, but he’s so easy to have to do whatever I want. I can’t wait to have his child.”

Sana stretched out and then prepared herself to give lessons in place of Risless. The entire Sect didn’t know that she was in the underground chamber, only that she was in seclusion and the previous Sect Master’s were giving lessons in her place. The disciples under different instruction could gather new insights because of each master cultivator having a different path of their cultivation.

When she walked out Elder Liu was there asking if Dong Chen was awake.

“He’s still asleep,” Sana said. “I exhausted him last night.”

“How was he?”

“He’s a very sweet boy,” Sana said. “I can coax him into doing anything I want, simply being suggestive has him ready to dance to my hand.”

“I’m sure he’ll figure out you’re manipulating and seducing him,” Elder Liu said.

“Oh, he already knows I’m doing that, but he enjoys playing along. HouXiang has already told him everything he needs to know, so playing with him is quite easy. Dong Chen really loves putting it in the mouth. I wonder if he’d still feel the same way when he loses his virginity.”

Sana chuckled as she thought about it.

“I would rather not know the details,” Elder Liu said. “The six of you are the pillars of this Sect and the Grand Sect master… all of you want to marry a boy and bear his children.”

“Yes, compared to us, he is nothing but a young baby,” Sana said. “We all know that, but we still can’t resist his body. Being a sensible boy who doesn’t resist only makes it all the easier. I thought he would come up with as many excuses as he could find to not continue on with us.”

“Well, did you talk with him?” Elder Liu asked.

“No, I didn’t give him much of a chance to talk last night because I was too busy trying to taste his yang.” Sana had a smile. “I’ll attempt to talk with him tonight. I want to know more about this future husband of mind, even if he’s still lacking in experience. I wish I could have been the one to take his virginity, but I’m number three in line. Tee hee hee… I would open his world so wide if I was the first instead.”

“Risless doesn’t have much experience,” Elder Liu said. “She only did it once with a man to conceive Dong Chen, after that she hadn’t touched another man besides her son.”

“This only makes me more jealous of HouXiang,” Sana said. “You could say that Risless is very inexperienced and her conceiving him had nothing to do with lovemaking but simply raw fertilization. HouXiang, however… is going to really educate him. I wanted to do it, but being third shouldn’t be so bad since she can only do so much with Dong Chen in one night.”


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